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After that, a joint conversation was carried on, which elevated to ideological heights. In the conversation, the Master said:


There is no point in looking for the Love. We are living inside it, and therefore we must open our consciousness, in order for it to enter into us. Take for example a dog, which is so simple, but when it loves you, it is ready to make all sacrifices for you, and when it does not love you, it bites you. It is preferable for a dog to love you than a man to hate you.


There is a misunderstanding of the Love. We are afraid of being told that we love or that we are loved. First of all, if you love somebody in the new way, he will reform, he will become like an Angel, he will be ready to make all sacrifices for you.


When the Love comes, you will grow wings. If you are an 85- year-old granny, you will become a 19-year-old damsel. And you will never grow old - should you come to the age of 33, you will stop there. People are afraid not to burn with Love.


Yes, this is a transitional period, because man is not yet adapted to its vibrations. Man has to live for a long time in the law of the Love in order to perceive its vibrations and to adapt to it. A great school is built for the Love, the best and most experienced school - the Life. There will not be anyone of you left that will not kindle. You will burn, you will burn! In this human life, in some rebirth here, on Earth, will be, without any difference, after one, two or ten rebirths.


You have to form a society of people, instruments of the Love. And to have experience now. And you now grieve that there is no one to love you. The only thing you are lacking is that you do not love. That you are loved I know for sure, but do you love? Now you shall love, in order to live. If are not ready to sacrifice everything in order to receive the Eternal life, the Love of God, the Rational, then what will you achieve? Man has to leave this life of lovelessness and to come to the life of the Love. A life without Love has no meaning. When man has despaired, he has understood that a life without Love has no worth. And therefore, let him leave this life of desperation and enter the life of Hope.


When I say that you have not loved, here is what I mean particularly: do we not say to a little child, "You still do not understand what it is for a student in the fourth course. You might have been in the lower departments, but you have not been in the university". When I say that you have not loved, I mean that contemporary people have not been in the university of Love. There is love of the departments, there is junior high and high school love, and there is university love. I am now talking about the university love. A lot is needed, but it will be too!


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