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The Master was in the reception room among young people, and a conversation opened up, in which He emphasized that Nature has to be studied.


All manifestations of Nature are always a result of the Rational creatures, who work. We must not look for the Rational creatures outside of God, but inside of Him, and we have to look for God in the Rational creatures, because all good thoughts and feelings of ours are depending on the common thought, which prevails in the Cosmos, and which is carried around everywhere. We have always been in connection with it, but have not been aware of that. For instance, when we read the Gospel and all holy books, we enter a communion with the Spiritual world, with its stages. When the Creatures speak to us, we have to be responsive. When the Sun is rising, let us welcome it, let us perceive that, which it sends us. Let us benefit from the thoughts and feelings that come into us during contemplation of the sunrise.


The Rational creatures in Nature, who help us, are Servant spirits, who have been sent to serve those who will inherit the Kingdom of God.


When an Angel appeared before John, he fell down and bowed and was left without strength. The Angel told him, 'You should not bow before me, but before God". Without reverence, with human methods, man cannot enter a communion with the Spiritual world. The Rational creatures have to know the condition we are in, in order to help. Life is great music, and all processes, which happen in Nature, are conducted by the Rational creatures. They are the great musicians.


What has to be understood by the phrase "Animate nature"? The Animate nature is a totality of all the living, rational souls. The forces, with which Nature moves, are Rational creatures. The irrational has derived from the Rational. In Nature there is a regularity, which is rational, not mechanical. The Rational controls everything and is absolutely free. The outer side of Nature is mechanical, irrational, but there are Rational forces behind it. If you put a dry stick next to a bean plant, it wraps around it; there is consciousness inside the bean. The Rational Nature envelops the irrational. The matter is only an outer expression of the Spirit. The Rational is outside the matter, as the Rational is not in the wheels of a machine.


All things are defined and are in their place. Those who have created the world were smart. The weather changes, clouds come, wind, thunder, and we think that the weather is bad, yet it is good. In the clouds there are Rational forces at work. Upper and lower clouds have to be distinguished. Particularly important are the high clouds at a height of 12-14-15 kilometers. They express more clearly the action of the Creatures that work inside them. Servant spirits operate inside the clouds, who are not Angels, but are above the man in evolution. Observation of the clouds is beneficial in the physical respect, above all things. Each thing has to be examined in three respects: physical, spiritual, and Divine. When the changes of the clouds in relation with the weather are studied, meteorological knowledge will be gained. In the northern parts there are people who know by the clouds and by other signs what the weather is going to be five months ahead.


It was recently found that at a large height above the Earth there is an ozone layer, which lets only long ultraviolet rays through, and does not let any short ultraviolet rays through, because they would destroy everything with their power. What rationality, what advisability reigns in Nature! So there is a Rational force, which watches over everything.


Contemporary scientists are wrong if they think they can conquer Nature. It does not allow you to control it. Only the rational person can harness the forces of Nature, because he conforms with its laws. No one can subjugate Nature; one has to learn from it instead.


We are in an organized world and we think that we are factors and that we arrange matters, and as a result of that, great delusions come. Nature punishes the lazy and gives good conditions to those who have worked. It makes millions of experiments and leaves the best. Even today it makes its experiments. For instance, it has given many pairs of legs to the centipede, to the spider - eight, to the mammals - four, to the human - two. Nature gives subjects for meditation. A river flows out, it connects with another one, and together they flow into the sea. Always translate the things in Nature. When perceiving the light you concentrate on the Divine world, the light will speak to you. It is alive. Unless everything comes to life in you, you will not be on the Right track yet. The Rational creatures create everything in the world. On Earth we shall examine the methods for application. In order for the Earth to be created, thought was required. In order for the air to be created, thought was required. In order for the Sun to send light and warmth, thought was required. People deny that and reckon that we are the only creatures who think.


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