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Once a group of students came from the town and wished to speak with the Master. He accepted them and in the conversation with them He expressed the following thoughts:


The hitherto existing sciences have many aberrations; so there is an incorrect refraction happening, and that is why things are not seen clearly. The way the world was created is excellent. We do not have a true notion of the world, and our scientists study it mechanically. The method has to change. What is being taught in contemporary science is good, however, the base material has to be reworked. The role of science is to gather material and each of you should know how to elaborate it.


There are principles, laws, forces, and forms. The forces guide the forms. The laws guide the forces, and the principles guide the laws. The ways have to be pointed out, in which the laws of Nature should be studied, the methods, by which this is achieved, and what we should be.


A student inquired: "What can you say about the relation between man and nature?"


By the condition of Nature we can tell what the human culture is. If the shore of a river is dilapidated, this shows that the people are not clean. The human thoughts and feelings exercise influence on the fruit. If the people are good, the fruit will be very good, there will be no stains. If you enter a garden and see that the fruit is good, know that this person is good. If a person is good, the trees will be properly branched as well.


A student inquired, "How is this dependence between the people and the environment explained?"


When a person thinks, he sends mental radio waves about, which are absorbed by the ethereal bodies of the surrounding plants, and if those thoughts were wrong, incorrect, they will influence the ethereal plant bodies accordingly, they will give rise to improper currents inside them, and this will reflect upon their outer forms. The upbringing of man reflects on the vegetable kingdom. If you examine the skin of the fruit with a microscope, you will read a lot of things written on it.


When you are feeling oppressed, when you are indisposed, when you have a big grief, find some century-old tree, lean on it with your back, and say, "Please, take my grief away, my oppression, and give me your tranquility!" Because the tree is tranquil, the storm and the hail do not worry it. A transfusion of magnetism, of life, is going to occur, from the tree into the man. And the tree copes with the human sorrow easily.


Another student inquired, "Is there a certain dependence between man and time?"


There is. If at a certain place the people become better, then the sky there becomes clear, the rains come on time, the wind blows on time. If the people become worse, the time starts to look like them too. The people, with their irregular feelings, thoughts, and deeds, create abnormal currents in Nature; will there not be a draught if the windows of a house get broken? A person who has destructive and negative thoughts, feelings and deeds, sends out into Nature destructive energies, which disturb the regular processes in it, and create irregularities.


This change in the weather now - storms, cyclones - is due to the events in Europe. Strong is the human thought in its positive or negative action. And man must have a sense, he must enter into a connection with Nature, must value what things the light, the air, the spring day are. So there is an inseparable connection between us and Nature. The breaking of the weather often depends on us. We think that since we are placed in the world, we can do mischief to someone. No, what we do will affect us above all else - individually and generally.


When in a village the people become very bad, their brain becomes very active and emits such energies that scatter the clouds, so that not even a drop of rain falls in the village. When people have bad thoughts, the rain is driven back. With their good thoughts, the people draw the rain, the moisture. Whatever we think happens accordingly. The breaking of the weather is due to the war between Russia and Germany. The two sides send enormous destructive energies to each other, and that, of course, influences the climate. When certain peace-making elements gain superiority, a small improvement in the barometer is due to that.


The Master showed the drum barometer that was placed on the table and said:


Here, around the cylinder, a band is wrapped, on which a needle marks every little fluctuation in the weather in a zigzag-shaped line that goes up and down. When the reasons are mechanical, these undulations in the barometer are written in one way; when the reasons are organic, they are written in another way; and when the reasons are rational, psychical - in a third way. Here belong the influences of the hard soil, of the waters, of the air, of the temperature, of the light, of the psychical states. There is a range of other reasons. They are from the invisible ones.


Man should not command the weather. He might say, "Please, can it be put off for a while?" If it cannot, you shall accept it. Rain is a weal, but the hail, sometimes as large as a tomato, is dangerous.


It is good if the wind blows on us from behind, so that we have luck in our feelings; this has a pleasant effect. It also reflects well on the spine. And when the wind blows from the front, against the chest, it is beneficial for the will. No matter where it blows from, the wind always has good influences, only man does not understand it. There is nothing surplus in Nature. Everything in it functions educationally.


A student inquired, "Is there a connection between the man and the earthquakes?"


For the earthquakes there are many reasons. Some of them are purely mechanical, tectonic, but behind them there are other rational reasons. Apart from those reasons, the human thought can influence it as well, especially if it is collective and if it has a negative destructive character. Then such thought, with its radio waves, creates in the atmosphere destructive electromagnetic energies, which can influence upon the earthquakes. The human thought can produce an entire catastrophe; it can disrupt the balance, the breathing of the Earth. There are quite a few hollows in the Earth, and then they can crumble. Geologists today examine earthquakes mainly from the mechanical side, and the Writ says in many places: "Live well, so that the earth does not spew you out".


When an earthquake is going to happen, you feel anxious; you cannot sleep, because a lot of electricity is being developed. Once the roosters cease to crow, it is a sign. Three or four days before the earthquake, the dogs gather in a pack outside of Sofia. The snakes come out of their holes and run. And those people, who have a keen sense of smell, perceive in the air a smell of sulphur. The Invisible world sometimes puts delays the earthquakes.


A student inquired, "What is the purpose of the positive human thought?"


Whatever you invest in Nature, it becomes realized. An empty word should be avoided, a full word is needed. Forget words like: "I cannot", "I am poor", "I do not know it". You say, "This is not the way it is going to be" and this way it works. You say, "Apparently, this is how I am going to spend my life" and you spend it this way. Therefore, avoid the negative thoughts. When they call you "nutty", tell them that you are nutty wheat, which costs money, and that you are not straw.


We see only the wrong side. You are indignant that a car is raising the dust on its way, but that it is going to achieve something good, you do not see. A true philosophy is always finding something good even in the most negative things. Then, people can influence each other with their thoughts, and they are responsible because of that. In this respect they represent interconnected vessels. When you are up to something or when you do something, your thought gets transmitted to many other people, and they can do the same thing; and if your thought or deed is bad, you are responsible. When you have learned your lesson well, you have helped thousands of people this day. If you do not learn it, many others are not going to learn it either. Each deed in Nature has a relation to the whole. And the whole has a relation to its parts. Sometimes you set the cards upright next to each other. If you shove one out, all of them fall down.


So when you make a mistake, many others will fall. You are connected with quite a few others. You pass by a garden, abundant with fruit, and say, "If only I could gather some", but you refrain. After you, somebody else passes, but with a weaker will, he accepts your thought and steals. So when somebody commits a theft, the others are responsible as well.


A man will commit a crime, because you are his debtor and do not repay him. Give the money to the person who has to take, and save that man. Because when you give, you will influence the others to do good as well. Should you want to have an influence in the world, do a good turn.


When a person corrects a mistake of his, he helps the entire humanity, because many will correct their mistakes. And when he makes a mistake, he causes harm to all who are connected with him. That is why we always have to cling onto the right track.


When you love somebody, all virtues from the entire world come into him and give him worth. If the others were not good, he would not have been good.


There is an inner law: whatever you do, you affect the entire organism of the Animate Nature. That is why when you are tormenting a person, this reflects upon the consciousness of God, for which you will also have retribution.


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