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At Izgreva, the roses were reigning in peace and serenity. They had a magical appearance and aroma. We were silent and watched them open up under the sunrays. Unnoticeably a conversation was broached. In the conversation, the Master said:
The esoteric disciple must be silent. If man is carrying fish and the cats sense it, then a train of cats will start after him. So we have to protect some things, for which humanity is not yet ready. Hide the precious stone, so that you do not lose it. And everything, which humanity is ready for, should be told to it.
There is another reason, for which some things should not be talked about. Only things that are not said happen. Things that are said never happen. That is a rule. Out of a hundred things said, one happens, and out of a hundred unsaid - ninety-nine happen. This law is very natural. If you plant a hundred walnuts and nobody knows of them, ninety-nine will grow up, but if you plant a hundred walnuts and say it, how many would grow up I wonder? The children will go there, unearth them one by one, and eat them. Put things in their place, use them properly, because otherwise they will be taken. Once an Advanced creature sees that you have put a talent not in place, i.e. you are not using it well, it is taken away from you.
Do not worry about what you have because nobody can take it away from you. If they take it away, it will come back in one way or another, if you have Love.
We have good wishes and let us give them circumstances to manifest. We can contribute to the mending of the world. A third depends on us, a third - on the Angels, and a third - on God.
The bad man cannot bother you, since he goes down; he moves away from you. If you think constantly about his badness, then you will be going down with him as well.
A sister inquired, "Why is our Gathering taking place in August?"
The beginning of the physical year is on January the 1st, the beginning of the Spiritual year is on March the 22nd, and the beginning of the Divine year is in August. Then a Gathering of the Sun happens with representatives from all planets, that is why we make our Gathering during August, since there are the most favourable conditions for it then.
A brother inquired, "You had given a task in the Youth class to choose some stars and to observe them each clear night. What spiritual purpose does watching the stars have?"
In Nature there are Creatures who can illuminate the world all around. There are many kinds of rays. It could have been made so that we could perceive some other kinds of rays, with which during the night it would be bright for us, however, the Providence ordered that there should be day and night, and during the night it should be dark, so that we can see the stars, because that functions educationally. By watching the stars, we connect with the Eternal, with a world of great harmony and beauty, with the thoughts of the Bright creatures, who inhabit them. And that elevates and ennobles us. That gives us an impulse to live for something sublime.
The earthquakes came into question.
Europe is moving towards the equator, and as a result of that, upheavals, earthquakes happen. The Sun will start rising from a different place, which will happen after a long time. All people are very afraid of earthquakes, because they have been frightened thousands of times. Another reason for the earthquake is the gradual rising of the bottom of the Great ocean, where a new continent of the Sixth race is being formed.
A brother inquired, "What is the influence of coal?" One of the reasons for the war is the force, which is emitted by the coal.
The creation of the world came into question. In the periwinkle is shown the way, in which the world was created. The solution of things is not in the circle or the ellipse, but in the spiral. In the open circles, spirally wound, there is already a solution - the beginning is A, the end is B (see Figure 1). The beginning and the end will connect. Once we enter the metageometry, the astral  geometry, there the figures are more. The forms are all segments of the upper bodies.



Figure l


A brother asked about the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the world, which the A people go through and out and enter the Spiritual world. The fourth dimension is in an unceasing movement. Often those who are Figure l clairvoyants see Creatures that can
be seen, but not in this air. That is the fourth dimension. One who lives in the world of the tessaract becomes visible and invisible in the world of the third dimension.
Why does man drink water? - Not only to receive the material, liquid water, but to also receive through it electricity and magnetism.
As Marconi lit the electric bulbs in Italy and Sydney - in Australia, so can the suns be lit only by turning a switch. Some Advanced creature, by sending energy, can make our planet shine like a sun.
When the sound comes to the ear, it transforms into electric waves. After that, in the brain there occurs a transformation another two times - initially in electric, short waves, then - in magnetic, long waves, and after that they transform into tones. The contraction of the heart also depends on the electricity. The installation is electric.
The search for underground waters came into question.
For this purpose, plants can be observed. The plant can sense the moisture that is 20-30 meters underneath it. Wherever there is underground water, there the grass is more exuberant, the trees are more branchy. Observance of the strata, studying of geology can help in the search for water. The science called radiesthesia deals with the search for water even with a stick.
What great advisability there is in Nature! Notice, the impure water, no matter how much it gets purified, even if through distillation, still retains certain fluids, which cannot be ascertained chemically. In order to get ideally pure water, Nature turns to the following: when the water goes to the upper atmospheric layers, it dissolves chemically into its components, and then, when it goes down, it becomes water again.
A brother inquired: "How is the nestinarstvo explained?"
When you put your foot into the fire, it will unpleasant to you, but should you raise the vibrations of your organism - to be more powerful than those of the fire, you will not burn. That is the explanation of the nestinarstvo. The nestinari's body vibrates more strongly than the vibrations of the fire, and that is why it does not burn them.
Everything in Nature is polarized. The right hemisphere of the brain is positive, and the left one - negative. The North Pole of the Earth corresponds to the right hand, and the South - to the left one. Put a person to your left side and put the same person to your right side, and you will have different results. Let us say that you are nervous and he is nervous; if you go to his right side, you will have negative results, but if you go to his left side, since it is a soft side, you will have positive results.
A sister inquired, "How can I improve my memory?" Remove from your consciousness all anxieties and unrest, all fears, all bad thoughts and feelings. They cause a weakening of the memory. Do exercises for deep breathing and it will increase the memory. Never overeat and do not take opposing foods that are difficult to digest. Make attempts for concentration. When you read books, meditate upon what you have read, without letting the thought divert.
There is a law: when you are describing the ugliness of somebody, you gain it. Do not describe the ugliness of anybody. The man has to be careful of corrupt women. The woman has to be careful of corrupt men. Because they are like vampires, who suck out the human energies, and man becomes enervated, falls ill, degenerates even in the spiritual respect.
I will give you a rule: rejoice at the achievements of others, their acquisitions and erudition and abilities as your own. If you rejoice at the weal of others, you will gain it as well.
A brother asked, "What will you say about the spirit and the matter?" Materialists take matter for granted and build upon that. The others take God for granted. Both are on the wrong side. God and matter do not exist in the way we think they do. The outer manifestations of the matter are not matter. For instance, if you screw a light bulb, a light circle is formed, but it does not exist.
We are for the fraternization between idealism and materialism. There is a material, a Spiritual, and Divine world. Christianity is a harmonious combination between the physical and the spiritual laws.
They asked the Master to say something in more detail on the matter. When the causative body of man is organized, he will move to live up in his head. When the causative body of man is awake and developed, man starts to live more in his brain. And if man is standing on a chair, he yields it. Such a man sacrifices for the others. Today you will yield, tomorrow you will yield, you will make room for somebody else, and thus you gradually educate the causative body. This is a good way for development. Once our causative body develops, the Supreme creatures will come to help us.
This is collective work. If you do not live for yourself, but for the others, those Supreme creatures will help you. The causative body has new strengths at its disposal. If you live for your personality, whatever you think of, does not happen - you can think for ten times in a row, but nothing happens. When man lives in the causative body, whatever he thinks happens.
The organization of the causative and the more supreme bodies in man is called "organization of the spiritual body". This happens first through contemplation, concentration, and prayer every day, at least for half an hour, with full concentration of the consciousness; second, in the display of Love and third, through service of God, of the Whole.
A sister inquired, "Master, say something about the realization of our wishes."
There is not a thing, which man has wished for, that has not been fulfilled. Whatever man wishes, he will be given, but not immediately. It might be realized when he is already elevated spiritually and has outgrown it; then it might even cause him suffering. A man was a passionate smoker, and wanted to accumulate a lot of tobacco in his house, but that was impossible.
When he turned 80, he was already a total abstainer, and they brought him bales of tobacco. Why? Only because he once wished for it. That is why man has to be careful of his unreasonable wishes, so that they do not weigh down on him later.
Be careful of one thing - that not all of your wishes get fulfilled; then man grows ugly and coarse. A tenth of the attained wishes is enough, and let the rest be left unattained. We will aspire to the unattained.
A brother asked, "What shall we do so that the people have faith in us?"
I will tell you one of the ways: a good man went into the forest and met a bandit. He had trust in everyone, and that is why he felt he could trust the bandit as well. As a good man he was aware that in the bandit lives the Divine, and then that good manifested, and the bandit did not even touch him, he saw him off, and he even gave him money on hand. So when you have trust in a person, and when you are aware of the good, the Divine in him, he believes in you as well. Until man learns this art, he has to make attempts.
The formula, which the Master gave that morning in the lecture, came into question.
"I want to be honest, just, rational, and noble". I will give you a practical way of applying that formula. You can use the hair on the head. During its pronunciation three times a day, you will run your fingers through your hair from front to back with both hands. The energy, which you send through the fingers, will be perceived by the hair, and from there it will be passed on inwards.
A brother inquired, "How can we transform the indisposition into disposition?"
When you are indisposed, go out, go amongst the people, and when you come back, you will be disposed. Nature likes variety. For this purpose you can go amongst the trees, and amongst the flowers, which functions educationally.
A brother said, "Some esotericists point out that one should not go out into the world, so that he does not become stained".
They are from the simple esotericists. When man goes amongst the people or amongst the plants, he perceives energies that renew him. There are many other ways of transforming the indisposition into disposition.

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