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After the Youth class, the conversation was based upon the ideas of the lecture that was just held. It often turned out that we broached mainly the questions of the lecture itself, because it had given rise to new questions in us.


A sister inquired, "How can we tell whether a thought is from God or not?"


When a thought has come into you from the Divine world, it brings in light, harmony, ease, you are joyous throughout the entire day. That thought has come from above. And when a thought causes you grief, darkness, weight, indisposition, this shows that it has come from the lower areas. If you want to protect yourselves from the influence of the bad thoughts and feelings, surround yourselves with positive thoughts and feelings. They are a strong fence, a shield against the evil. Do not bind yourself with bad thoughts, the thought is a strong rope; if you bind yourself with bad thoughts, it is a suggestion. It binds you once, and you cannot unbind easily.


Man should steer clear of negative thoughts. When someone sends you a negative thought, for example, of suspicion, etc, it will go back to him; the question about the good thought stands in the same way. If man sends a thought of suspicion, this will have two kinds of consequence: on one hand, suspicion will arise in the other person towards him, but also he himself will become more suspicious as well. That is why man should always send good thoughts. A thought can hatch inside you and cause you an entire suffering. Man has to be careful. The bad thoughts close the doors for the Spiritual world. How can you chase away a thought or a feeling? - You will attract a stronger thought or a stronger feeling, with which to replace the impure thoughts and feelings. Let the pure water drive away the turbid. So when a bad thought comes to you, put a good one against it. When it comes to your mind to steal something, go and give something as a present to a poor man. When man thinks, he frees himself. Never should man leave his heart to control the mind, and the mind - the heart. The mind might influence the heart, but it controls itself, and vice versa. Some people have a valvular heart disease, because they have left their mind to control the heart.


How important the good thought is! Good thoughts have a repercussion upon certain forces of Nature. When a thought of yours is good, certain forces of Nature work and help you. We will pay both for the good, and for the bad thoughts. In the Divine bank we put the good thoughts and feelings in the "to take" department, and the bad ones - in the "to give" department. So when you go up there one day, they will show you what you have to take and what you have to give. We are responsible for the thoughts we send. We will be judged if they are bad. Because the current life is based upon the thoughts of the past. There is nothing underboard. That, which you think, is chronicled. One day they will show it to you and will tell you, "This is yours". That is what fate is.


When you see the mistakes of people, do not speak about them, because you are harming yourself. Instead, see whether there is a good feature - hold on to it, that is the Divine.


There are chemical reactions, produced by the thoughts, feelings, and deeds. The blood is altered by them. The red corpuscles alter.


It is a law that whatever man thinks, he will do; that is why he should always think of the good. You cannot stop your mind from thinking; if you stop it, the Invisible world will cause you so many misfortunes, that from day to night you will think about how to make your living. The misfortunes will make you think. When you do not want to think, you react to God. God wants to manifest through you, and when he does, it is for your own good. You were born to give pace to the Divine thought within you. If you give pace to it, you will not be left down-and-out, you will not suffer, and no illness will catch up with you. And when you counteract it, all sufferings will come unto you. Should you allow the Divine thought to go through you, you are free. It is said in the Writ, "Where the Spirit is, there is the freedom".


There is a law: whatever people you think about, you become like them; whatever people you surround yourself with, you become like them. Someone discontent comes to you, he brings in his thought, and you need to have a strong inner thought, and in this way to retain your freedom.


The happy man lives less, because they envy him, and the unfortunate - more, because, whoever sees him, says, "oh the poor, poor fellow", and support him with their thought.


A sister asked, "Master, can man talk to someone with his thought?"


Yes, it can be perceived, his thought will enter the consciousness. For instance, you want to meet somebody, to see him, and if he is sentient, he can perceive your thought and it can come to his mind to pass by where you can meet.


When several people are doing a certain job, there should not be any people around that do not take part in its implementation, because they will obstruct with their thought.


A brother told the Master, "There is an American and East- European school, which says that when a person works with his thought, he is happy, and when he thinks he is rich and handsome, he will become like that".


That is a wrong apprehension. If man applies the method to obtain certain things by imagining that he has them, he will go through great disappointments. For instance, a swain wants to marry a rich damsel, and indeed that desire becomes realized - she is rich, but bad. So he falls from some bad circumstances to other, worse ones. So when man aspires in this way to obtain happiness, wealth, beauty, he will have disappointments. What is natural is the following: to serve God, to love Him and everything, and then the goods will come to him in a natural way.


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