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At dusk the Master was out from Gornitzata, and we, about 12-15 brothers and sisters, surrounded Him. A brother inquired about the unity of the Creation, and He said:


In the Creation there is unity. For instance, you are standing among a hundred mirrors and see yourself in a hundred places in various poses. Your reflection is in a hundred places, but you are one. All those that you see in the mirror of the Creation are shadows, and He, who is outside the mirror, is real. When a cat spins its tail around and sees it, it thinks that its tail is another creature, and when it bites it, it meows with pain. The cat deludes itself that its tail is another creature. We do the same thing: when we do violence to another creature, we begin to grieve and recognize that we are one with it. Man has to enter the real world.


I enjoy it when I meet good people, because we are one. The humiliation of one man is a humiliation for the others. The success of one is our success. The virtues of all people are our virtues. The mistakes of others are our mistakes. Life is one. The life in us and in all creatures is one and the same.


In some select moments of life, when you are in an elevated state, for an instant the great truth for the unity of all flashes up, and then you go back to your ordinary consciousness. A person told me that one night he had gone out to see the stars and felt one with the mountains, the grasses, the flowers, the animals, with all people. Joy, Peace, and Light filled him, and new ideas rushed into him. That state had lasted for a very short time.


A sister remembered, "I remember, Master, once on one of our excursions to El-Shadai, there was a basket of cherries before You and You said, "Wash them at the fountain and distribute to everyone, for I have thousands of mouths".


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