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On July 14th, 1928, we set out with busses for Borovetz, and the Master - with a car. We were around 150 people from Sofia and the province. We arrived and immediately set out upwards along the path. We stopped here and there in order to receive something from those clean places. Below the river was thundering, which was sometimes on our left, and sometimes on our right. At the bridge, which is half-way between Borovetz and the Musala chalet, we had a break for a cup of tea. Reaching us was the rumble of a waterfall, which descends from uphill along the steeps with its eternal song. We set out again. When the distant vision of Mount Musala appeared, within us awakened the feeling that we have set out to immerse in a world of sanctity. In the afternoon we arrived at the lower two Musala Lakes. A small chalet rises there. Some brothers and sisters accommodated themselves there, some - in tents, and some built themselves shelters. In the first years of our outings in Rila we were not yet as furnished as we were later by the Seven Rila Lakes. We spent the time until the evening arranging our camp, we went about the two lakes, and contemplated the surrounding peaks. "The Sphynx" rises like an eternal sentinel of those places. On the other side along the ridge is the "Unknown Peak AB & BA", which is connected with dear memories of our holiday there in August 1924, for about ten days. There the Master held lectures as well.


At three o'clock past midnight we made for the peak. We lined up in a long chain, electrical torches were flashing here and there, and like a fantastic vision, curved in a spiral and flexible, we were floating forwards. About ten minutes before the sunrise we were already at the top. It was quite cool. The observatory was not yet built then. The sky was clear and the sunrise was majestic. Only down low in the valleys the fog was gathering. We performed a prayer program, accompanied by songs. After the sunrise it got warmer. The wind ceased. We all greeted the Master with the new day. After we all sat down, a conversation began.


Direct your mind towards God and think about what you want to achieve. There are good places down along the road, and when we are descending, you shall not hurry, you shall fill your bags - as much as you can carry. In order for these things to be told to you, what has been told so far has to be understood.


The greatest thing on Earth is the self-control. Should man reach it, he has become a master - he will go back to that initial state, in which God created him. At first he was a master of himself, then he lost his Freedom. Each negative thought, no matter how small it is, undermines the moral mainstay, and then man says "Nonsense" or "Not going to happen". Without self- control nothing can happen. Self-control is not a process that comes suddenly; it weaves in thread by thread. The beautiful is there too, as it is obtained thread by thread. Each time the difficulties come, so that it can be seen whether man can control himself.


Suffering is a Divine fire, which cleanses man. It brings in a new Divine stream of Life. At first we think that we are losing something, but then we notice a small acquisition. It is hard to carry the sorrow, but it is twice as hard to carry the great Joy. The one, who loves you, will give you so many gifts that you will get tired of carrying them.


The Master looked at the yonder peaks of Skakavtzite, west of Musala, and said:


This place looks like blossoms. These are all blossoms of a New culture. They are waiting for God's blessing.


The temperature was 11 degrees. We got up and looked around the surrounding area. Mount El-tepe in Pirin was clearly visible, south of Mount Musala are the two Maritza Lakes, the sources of Maritza. The valley of the Maritza Lakes is a cirque, left from the ice age. That place we called "Altar". Next to the "Altar" rises Mount Mancho. Further along the valley, which we called the Great Rila Desert, and along which the beginning of the Maritza River flows, are a few more cirques and peaks - the Small Musala, Chadur-tepe, Nalbant, Belmeken, etc.


Upon descending from the top, we stopped for a short while by the small river that flows out of the uppermost Musala lake, called "Okoto" ["The Eye"]. It was 7 o'clock. When he looked at the river, the Master said:


Each of you should wash their face and hair here, and upon washing should say, "God, fill me with purity, tenderness, faith, humility, and the other virtues". The washing of the face here matters.


Then, when he looked at the water that was flowing, the Master said:


When one looks at this water that flows, if he is indisposed spiritually, he will immediately feel an upsurge.


When we stood on the snow under "Okoto", the Master said:


Here is the Sanctuary of Rila. Mount Musala is the dome of Rila. The Sanctuary is a triangle, formed by the lake "Okoto", the Maritza lakes, and Mount Musala. The Sanctuary covers all that area from the "Okoto" lake to the Maritza lakes.


A day like today happens once in a hundred years.


We came back to our camp by the lower Musala lakes. We stayed there for a bit, and at that time the Master said in a conversation:


We have to gain an acquisition of our Freedom; then whatever we want, we will be able to do. Wherever we want to go - whether to Mars, or to another solar system, we will be able to visit them all. Whatever you want, you will achieve. The Earth, in its structure, has to change. There is something in its structure that is missing, but in the future it will be achieved.


We decided to have lunch by the "Okoto" Lake. We set out at 10 o'clock and throughout the entire day until 6 p.m. we stayed there. What silence was reigning! Gentle waves were dancing over the blue lake surface. The Spirit of the Eternal filled our souls. By that sacred lake, the Master said:


Study the mountains psychologically. This is done by spending some time in each area of the mountain, and you will see what disposition you will have, what ideas and incentives will arise within you.


Initially on the Earth there was a Sun culture. All good things we have today have remained from that time. Then the fall happened, which covers a long period.


In the arrangement of the stones one can notice disarray somewhere, but elsewhere they are set so that rationality can be noticed. Here, by "Okoto", there is something fine. If one will meditate, one will begin to see pictures of the past - grand and fine. Here we have to make an experiment. The place contains a lot of magnetism, I will show you in what position you should put your back, and you will see what influence you are going to feel. These rocks around us are stored energies for the future. If people had any knowledge of those energies, what running there would be hither! This place sometimes functions electrically, and sometimes - magnetically; it is variable. "Okoto" disposes to thinking, creativity; so does the "Altar". The water of "Okoto" is very nice.


We all sang the song "Musala".


When man does something, he should do it as the others have never done. Labour is needed. Nature gives nothing to the lazy people. Each thing that man thinks about becomes accomplished. There is nothing that man has thought about that has not become accomplished. Then the consequences will come - good or bad. Whatever you want from God, you will gain, but you will have the consequences as well. There are certain secrets, so that interest can be created for the people to work.


On the following day, July 16th, we climbed up on Musala again. The weather was fine. We spent quite some time on the meadow on the top. In the conversation that was held there, the Master said the following thoughts:


The body of a person is not a reality, the Reality is inside the person himself. Between the personality and the soul there is a big difference. The personality is engaged in petty matters, and the soul - in elevated ones. The soul of a person is the real person. The person you see is only his clothing. You think that your mind and your heart - that is you. In the person there is something more essential than the mind and the heart. The person lies neither in the personality, nor in the individuality. Every one person is a sacred book. If you do not know how to read, you cannot take advantage. Each person has to know his name. There quite a few precious stones in man, but a jeweller has to come and make brooches out of them. The strength of man lies in his name. How rationally God has created the world - so that people can have something valuable, because of which they take a liking towards each other. There is not a better world than this. For the person who understands, Life is beautiful in its details. And for the future, the Advanced supreme beings have planned something even better. When Life is looked upon that way, it is pleasant. Sometimes we think that Life has no meaning at all. The soul is something great! It feels broad, it is free from restrictions.


Sometimes man doubts in himself. What is that doubts in him? Doubt derives from the human, and there is something more elevated in man, something Divine, which knows the matters. In Heaven you were geniuses, but when you came down to Earth, you became different. The reason is your installation. In every person lies the Divine; if it was not for it, it would have been pointless to preach to the people. Great riches lie in man. All people are written Divine books. In the next epoch there will be circumstances for a manifestation of the human soul. First of all, all of you have to realize that you are good. Each one should say "I am good". The human soul does not know what crime is. The human-animal suffers, the animal-human hesitates, and the human-human thinks. And the Divine in man is perfect.


Man is an extremely small part of what he is. His Spirit in Heaven sends only a small part of itself, through which he draws experience, and if the Spirit sends a bigger part to the person below, he becomes a genius. By "ordinary person" we understand the one who has not developed his gifts; the talented one has developed them, and the genius already creates. Now take out your talents. For instance, some of you have a voice, with which you can give a concert to a couple thousand people, but you have not developed it. Some of you have talents for art. In the New culture there will be a need of people who are prepared. In the New culture will come not ordinary people, but talented ones, geniuses, and saints. Some of you can be first-class, genius poets. The situation is very terrible when man thinks he is poor.


At the first stage of magnetic sleep the magnetizer orders, as well as at the second stage, but once it takes the person to the fourth stage, it can no longer order him, he is free. Then he becomes a clairvoyant, he sees things. If you call a sick person as you would a doctor, he will diagnose the sickness, and will very felicitously prescribe medicaments. Should you wake him up, he will not know anything. Nature has made people free, but they have to pass into the fourth stage.


The suffering of man derives from his inferior animal nature. The darkness in man produces all sufferings, all delusions are there.


When each person comes to Earth to be reborn, he passes through a place where they immerse him in a river in order to forget everything, because if he remembers everything, he will not learn what is new. And when he returns, they immerse him again in that river, in order for him to recall everything.


A sister asked, "When does the soul appear as it is in its real nature?"


Only to the one whom it loves, and it hides from the one whom it does not. The soul appears as it is only to the one who loves it, and hides from the one who does not. Only when you love someone does his soul reveal itself before you. We often act towards the people according to their outer manifestation, and not according to what they have deep inside their soul. I see how even the biggest criminal cries every night, prays, regrets his mistakes. So there are two creatures that live simultaneously within man. From Love's point of view, all people are scientists, because the real knowledge is written within them. It is enough for man to lift the curtain of forgetfulness in order to remember what he has learned in the distant past.


Upon coming down from Musala, the Master told us to take a white quartz stone from a place near under the top. When we came to the small river that flows out of "Okoto", the Master told us to wash with this water again. He wetted a towel and sprinkled all of us who were around Him.


We spent July 17th in the camp by the lower Musala lakes. In the morning of July 18th we climbed up on Mount Musala again. There the Master held the lecture "Unity and Community", which is printed in the volume "Good and Bad Conditions". Around 10.30 a.m. we performed the Six gymnastic exercises. After that we performed another exercise. Before that the Master said:


With this exercise we will send a greeting to all brotherhoods, which are to the east in Asia and to the west in Europe, and also to those that are to the north and to the south, a greeting to all brotherhoods that constitute orders of the Great World Brotherhood, a greeting to all awakened souls.


The exercise is described on page 240 and 241 in the same volume. On July 19th, Thursday, we climbed up again on Mount Musala for the sunrise, and the Master held a lecture "A Law for the Good". It is not yet printed. In the morning on July 20th, Friday, on Mount Musala, the Master held the lecture "Inner Calm", which is also not yet printed. After that we came down to the camp and from there we set out for Borovetz.


We stopped by the bridge between Borovetz and Musala. We made a fire there. At about 7.30 in the evening at that place the Master said in a conversation:


The Advanced creatures, who guide the evolution of all natural kingdoms, are from an Angelic hierarchy. Such Creatures guide all human races as well. Each nation has its tasks, has acquisitions, which it has to contribute to the common-to-all-mankind treasury. The Black race has developed the consciousness to a certain degree. The Red and Yellow races have continued the development. The White race has already developed mainly the nervous system, the mind. The next race, which comes, will be a Race of the heart. During the evening, from the people of that race there will be a pleasant, soft light coming out - a halo, and the face will stand out in light. The way they are drawing the saints now, it is a shadow. The New will be even more majestic.


A sister asked, "When will that be?"


There are already born ones from that race, there are ready types from it already. It is that future that people aspire towards.


A brother asked, "What is destined for the Bulgarian nation to develop, can we know the programme?"


First of all, stalwart bodies have to be created, stalwart hearts, and stalwart minds. This is one task.


There was a word about the prayer, and the Master said:


The prayer is a good thing. It is a mystical, peculiar state of the soul. There is not a better state than that, and it should never become a burden to man. It should not be unvaried, but varied. Man has to pray for the others as well. It is a privilege for man to pray. The prayer is a breathing of the soul. With it there happens a cleansing of the thoughts and of the blood. A rule: when man prays with certain prayers, each time he has to add something from himself.


We spent the night there, and on the following day we came back to Sofia.


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