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The light energy returns to the Sun again. Each energy returns to its source again. The karma is based on that. We are a ray that has come out of God, and by the same law - by a certain necessity - we will go back to God, even though millions of years might pass.


We have to be careful when we know that each thing will come back to us. At the end of the century, all who have taken part in the good and the evil will be judged, the karma will be liquidated. There is an eternal justice in the world. After each thought and each feeling, which man has created, complete a circle, they will inevitably go back to him. Wherever he sends them, even in the boundless space of the Universe, they will go back to him again. That is the law. The suffering and the joy, which he has caused to other people, will inevitably go back to him. A person carries seeds, and wherever he passes, he buries here and there. After ten years, when he passes by there, he will be able to taste the fruit. When another person passes by a place and uproots the trees that have grown there, after ten years he will search and ask, "Why isn't there anything here? What a wasteland!" - "That is how it is here, because you have uprooted the trees". On the feelings, thoughts, and aspirations of man depends his health and his future on Earth. In the present world we experience the past things, and our current thoughts, feelings, and deeds we will experience in the future, as an outer life of ours.


You apply this Divine teaching, but have no result, because it will come later. You want quick results. One told me, "When I entered the new way, everything started going backwards for me". - Where things are going backwards for you now, it is from the old life, and the fruits of the current life will come later. Help those in need, and they will help you in the future. And if you do not help them, in the future they will torment you. You cannot free yourself from the theft you are going to make in any way; when you become rich one day, the same will happen to you as well. Whatever you do, they will do unto you - both for the evil, and for the good, the law is the same.


An adept came to a saint, who had been living in the desert for 20 years, and the saint told him off. The adept put a slate, and the saint's words got imprinted there. A year later, the adept brought that slate and it told all the words to the saint. The saint raised his hands, "What evil have I done to this slate so that it reviles me that way?" The adept said, "It is you who has created this slate". So if they revile you, you have created that revilement; we are a reason for the people to tell us off. When the telling off comes, you should say, "Thank you, God, you have given me very little. I deserve more". Whoever wants to be perfect has to do like that.


Someone says, "Nobody thinks about me". But you have not thought about anyone either. If man throws pieces of glass over the yard and after that walks barefoot, he will get hurt. That is how the law of the karma is explained. With your hidden evil you provoke the evil in the other person. With your hidden good you provoke the good in the other person. The crimes are due to the inferior spirits, who work through man, but man is responsible for letting them in. Someone has offended you, and you say that you cannot love him. But you have offended somebody too. If people knew the laws, they would have lived differently. Each mistake carries horrible consequences. Man has the freedom to do good and to commit a crime. But after he commits the crime, he loses his Freedom. And vice versa - when he does something good, he becomes more free. Somebody tells you bad words; after you regale him, you can give him friendly advice, "Whatever you say to me, you should not say to the others, because you will be woeful. You should speak to the others sweetly."


According to the karmic law, the sin carries restrictive conditions, from which we have to free ourselves. When man commits murders, he stops in his development for a hundred years, and works for the one he has killed, who gets born within him. When a man deviates someone from God, he suffers for thousands of years, and during that time his development comes to a halt. There are very bad consequences for everyone who deviates in the least way. Sometimes God forgives provisionally. He forgives one sin of yours, but once you commit a second one, God takes out your first sin as well. If a prisoner corrects himself innerly, he will soon become free.


A brother asked, "How long will it take me to redress my dues?"


How long will it take a snail to travel a hundred kilometers? A hundred years. And an automobile - one or two hours. If you are rational, you will travel this way for a year, if you are not - for a hundred or more years. Some think that they will redeem themselves through a lie, but they will be caught. If they are not caught today or tomorrow, it will be one day. One who plucks flowers will one day begin to resemble a plucked flower. The plucking of a flower reflects badly on the person. People do not know that. The plucking of flowers is felt by the Earth, which is a living organism. Freedom lies in the rational and the permitted. In the person there are atavistic features. The little mistakes have to be redressed, because otherwise they become big. Apparently, man might think that things happen at random, but they do not happen at random. Many nations committed iniquities, and now upon them acts the karmic law. The weak people will initially be beaten and will be weak, but in the end they will become strong. Now God is on the side of the weak and is against the strong. The good people will initially be beaten, and in the end they will be under good conditions. Somebody asks whether something is predestined. Yes, when you go to the tavern, it is predestined for you to pay. And when you do not go to the tavern, it is not predestined for you to pay.


On Earth, to the person come all those people, whom he is indebted to by the law of the karma, and they take from him certain things; and if you know the law, you will be grateful. Other people, on the other hand, will come and give you. The spirits drive several thousand people like a herd and they slaughter one, and the rest of the flock does not know that their turn will come too. That is how it is when certain sinful people gloat over other sinful people's suffering. Even if you turn aside a little bit, Nature, which is so rational, will hold you responsible, and then for all the goods, with which it has gifted you, it will want an account from you and you will have to pay. Once you commit an offence, they close the credit. There are Creatures up there, who understand your schemes - what you are going to do. Since you act wrongly, they will lift their confidence from you. The karma is paid up by sufferings. God is in the beginning and in the end, and in the middle is the redemption of the karma. So man begins initially with the good, then the middle is bad, and in the end he finishes again with the good. So the suffering is one, the delights are two.


A brother inquired, "How can man liquidate his karma?"


Man liquidates his karma by working for the others, for God. Through the Love, man can liquidate his karma. It is said in the Writ, "Love will cover many sins". Each mistake has to be covered by a good. When the New birth comes, when man is born anew, he will free himself from the law of the karma. With the law of the karma, you have to go somewhere, because you have established connections with certain people, so that you can pay up. The thousands of evils are thousands of filaments, thousands of threads. How can you break them? - By doing thousands of good turns. The karma is liquidated by the Rationality. If man has Rationality, he liquidates with it. When man is paying up karmic duties, he must not make new debts. The biggest art is for man to be able to alter his fate. When you die, you temporarily become free of the karmic law, they temporarily do not want from you any giving and taking. But in the hereafter they do not become liquidated, and when you come back here, they will again want you to rectify.


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