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We were at a joint lunch, sitting down at the outside tables. After we finished with the food, a brother started playing his violin, and everyone gathered at the Master's table. So we sang a few songs, and after that there was the matter of the departed ones in question.


When you go to the hereafter, you will meet with people who think equally as you and have the same ideas. When you come to the royal gate, they will make you declaim a poem or to say some epigram, or to sing a song, or to do a deed, so that they can test you.


Guyler was a tinker, and when he died, he had 10 000 leva. His wife did not know where the document for the money was, but he appeared to her in her sleep and told her where it was.


After his death, doctor Saraffov appeared several times to a woman and asks her, "Pray for me, because during my life I did not pray at all". Moreover, he cured her from phlebitis, sent her to Chamkoria, where doctor Mittakov arrived, and by the advice of the dead man, the woman became his patient.


When you hear a crack from the departed, they are talking to us: one crack means "no", two times - "somewhat", three times - "yes", four times means "without any doubt".


A nice thought of yours, sent towards creatures from the hereafter, becomes perceived by them, and their heart starts to quiver. And when you perceive their good thoughts, sent towards you, your heart starts to quiver. The departed take a big part in the life on Earth. A big part of what happens here is due to them. Thanks to the departed to the other world, an intensive life is maintained on Earth. Thanks to their activity, we endure, otherwise we would become discouraged by the bad conditions. They constantly guide us and say, "It is all right". The departed do us many more good turns than when they were here.


Some departed ones do not appear after their departure, because they are very busy with work there.


Doctor Mirkovic's older brother died and left 20 000 leva for a chapel, but his son used it for himself. The dead one came and told his brother, "Go and tell your nephew to make the chapel, it is a shame". The cause of death is not one and the same. It is determined by God who will live how much, but because people do not obey, do not walk God's way, few people remain to live as much as it is destined for them. Sometimes God allows you to be lifted from the Earth, so that you do not make any more transgressions. The psalm singer says, "Do not take me at the half of my days". The Master turned to a sister and told her: Your daughters departed, because one of them was going to get divorced, and because of that she was going to have great sufferings, and the other one was going to get married and have children, who were going to cause her great sufferings.


The mother asked, "How will they find their way above, when they are passing through Purgatory?"


Because they went through great sufferings on Earth, that is why they are free, they will not go through Purgatory.


When there is a danger for a righteous man to commit a crime, they elevate him. And when there is a danger for a sinner to make or to entice a righteous man to commit a crime, then they lift him. When the child complains to God that it is not treated well, they take it in, it goes away. You shall cherish the child, because you will be paid two thousand leva a month. When the children are taken, they are taken by a maternal or a paternal mistake. The mother or the father sometimes become displeased with their son or daughter, and God takes the children in. There are many reasons for the departure of the children. One of them is the following: sometimes the child does not want to live in that apartment, because it is not made well. If the father and the mother love each other, if there are no contradictions, then in that house everybody is healthy. Even when sickness comes, it soon passes. And when they do not love each other, they fall sick, and some of the family depart. And the child sometimes says, "Away with the father, away with the mother!"; then some sickness falls upon the father or the mother. After his departure, man has the following tasks: first, to attend the Heavenly schools; second, to work at God's field, and either among the recently departed, in order to orientate them in the new conditions, or among the people of the Earth, by protecting them from evil (for instance, he might be given the task to mend a sinner on Earth); third, the departed participate for some time in the processes of Nature, for instance, they work on the growth of plants.


A brother inquired, "When somebody departed appears to a person, how do we know that it is not a thought of ours?"


The thought-form is distinguished by the fact that it will not talk, and when it is a soul, it will talk. In order for somebody departed to appear to you, in order for you to be able to see him and talk to him, you have to love him. Keep inside your mind the nicest features - like an Angel he should be in your consciousness, and then he will come. You should not say, "He was a little stubborn, but I hope he has changed". A soul cannot appear until 40 days have passed, because it is occupied exclusively with itself. They bring it to all the places it has lived in, in order to see its entire life. It is after that that they give it work and it can appear. Apostle Paul says, "If our earthly abode is destroyed, we have a home not made by a human hand". Somebody on Earth is suffering, and when he departs for above, he rejoices. Then why would we weep for him? Man is never dead. The dead are more alive than the living. A priest came to me and said that he was afraid to serve in the church alone, there had to always be another priest with him. He asked for advice from me. I told him, "There is a person whom you have offended during their lifetime". He had beaten his mother and she had died. I told him, "The dead people are more real than us. You have to reconcile with your mother."


When you enter the next world, it will be strange to you initially. Each planet of the Solar system has representatives on the Earth, like each country has its ambassadors, only they have finer bodies and are free from the restrictions of the body. How many times we have met them! They do not manifest. The entire Solar system represents one whole.


A brother asked, "Will my father welcome me?"


When you depart for the next world, you will be welcomed by those who love you. If your father loves you, he will welcome you.


Two brothers came to hate each other; their mother died, and they became reconciled with each other. That reconciliation is due to the mother.


Suicide is because of possession by inferior spirits. An inferior creature will persuade somebody to commit suicide, in order to take his energy and to live on it. One wanted to kill himself because he needed 2 500 leva. I told him, 'You do not know what kind of thing suicide is, you will come to a position, ten times as worse, and you cannot go back". I gave him 2 500 leva and he did not kill himself.


Many departed ones worry about their unarranged earthly matters. You had a house on Earth, you depart, but your relative sold it, and you are angry. A person departed and his wife married another; the dead one, because he was not advanced, was angered at his wife.


In Svishtov a man had a wife, who died in childbirth. The widower got married a second time. Once, the second wife was beating the orphan, but her hand became numb as a stone, and only after a great plea did it slacken.


The departed wish for us to not slow them down, to think about them. When we think about them, they are happy. And never do they want for us to remember their transgressions. Some departed souls are so advanced that they can create a body immediately; then you will not suspect at all that he is from another world. Sometimes the departed one will find a living person on the Earth, whose vibrations are close to his, and he will manifest to you through him: you just got acquainted, and he is already smiling to you somehow peculiarly and familiarly. In Varna I talked to two young maids, and through them manifested the departed Golov and Dukov.


If someone departs ten years earlier, then he will stay here for ten years, in order to finish his work, because man needs experience, material. The Spiritual world is a broad area, where materials are needed. Those people who get killed remain on Earth, and if they are not advanced, urge others to avenge them. Soldiers who get killed on the battlefields go up there as workers, in order to persuade the incarnated that they must not wage war, that that is not good.


A sister said, "Brother Durzev departed and he does not manifest through others".


How many times does he pass by you and you do not recognize him. Above he is accepted into the musical academy and writes quite a few songs. Come on now, sing his song!


We sang the song "Kindness, kindness", arranged by brother Durzev. The Master continued:


When they killed Stephan, he possessed Paul, and the latter, thanks to him, got elevated. So now Durzev surely has some Paul to carry him. There are some things that are not allowed to be told.


A sister inquired, "Can the departed listen to Your lectures?"


The departed attend the lectures. They stay with those whom they love. You think that at the time of a lecture the departed are among you; no, the departed fill the hall, and you are among them.


A brother asked, "When someone does not have conditions here, is it not better to get lifted, so that he can come to more favorable conditions?"


No. It is much longer and much harder to come here, and after a much longer time what you want will be given to you, than if you resolve the problem, which you have been given now, correctly - under the conditions that you are in. Because these inconveniences, which are given to you in life, are like a means of defense for the correct development of the values that you have. Now you are in the best conditions. You live with the Great. And in order to live with the Great, that is what the good conditions are. The essential thing is to live with God. If you live with God, everything will be arranged. It is the Great.


A sister asked, "Will we be in the next world with those whom we love the most?"


That is exactly how it is going to be.


The sister asked, "Who is going to meet us above?"


The child will be met by its mother. The friend will be met by his friend.


When you depart, only the good will remain memorable - the Love which you have displayed.


A sister told how she took home a sick cat and looked after it, but was told that there was no point to look after and show compassion to a cat that is either way going to live only another two or three days. What is the use of that? The Master said:


No, in that case too it is good to show benevolence, because it is a great blessing for a creature, which in its last days of its earthly life feels that they are showing Love towards it, to be cared for. And it is a great sorrow if a creature is dying alone, abandoned, without seeing that it being cared for.


After his departure, man elevates from the Ethereal world to the Divine world. His life after his departure represents an upsurge, an ascension. That is why man vividly animatedly feels that a great way of advance lies before him, that he has to grow, that something grand awaits him. But that consciousness lasts for a short time, and soon after that he comes back to his ordinary consciousness.


Man, however sinful, is always given an opportunity to take a peek into the Great life and the Divine world, even though only for a couple of moments. And that gives him the impulse to live for it on the Earth - and ideally and loftily at that. He who is prepared sojourns consciously for a longer time in the Divine world.


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