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The hives were arranged along the west fence of the Izgrev meadow, and one day the Master, along with a group of brothers and sisters, moved them to the south garden, by the meadow, in several rows. There were better conditions for them there. After that we all went to the shelter and sat down to have a chat, when the bees and the animals in general came into question.


The animals are an object teaching about man, and without them no one can progress. They are an appliance for him. The animal kingdom is an alphabet, and whoever understands the animals, will understand the human life as well. The squirrel, once it eats its fill, gathers the rest of the fruit and will bury it in order to have some for later; the chicken will dig around and leave behind, and the swine ploughs and disarranges - it searches, and searches. Every animal will help you in certain cases to understand the Life. In the dog certain energies develop that are useful to man in some cases.


If man elevates his organism to vibrate more strongly than the vibrations of the parasites, they run away from him; it is the same with the viruses.


People consider starfish to be simple, but they are not simple; should a ray be severed, a new one grows. Moreover, there are plants that live a long life, for 5-6-7 thousand years.


We are going in a direction, opposite to where the animals come from; we are going there, and where the animals are going to, we come from there. The animals are underdeveloped souls;


they have been flunked in this grade, in that grade, and they have fallen behind. Nature has destroyed the large antediluvian animals, because it is not advantageous to have a large form; they are replaced by the smaller forms, in which Nature put a bigger intelligence.


The birds work by the law of suggestion. A sparrow had got in a swallow nest. The swallows were passing by the nest and were telling him "chirp, chirp", and finally they drove it out. They were saying "chirp" in a particular way that the hearing cannot withstand, and finally the sparrow got out.


The animals are stages, which man has climbed. All animals are small children that do not think. The animals are souls that do not think about the consequences. There are many small punishments for their crimes, even if they are not judged for their crimes. Some of them have rudiments of thought. The animals do not have a developed chin. Even the most ferocious ones do not have a chin, so they are cowardly.


The refined elevated nature of the human soul cannot directly get into contact with that rough environment; it does it through the medium of the animal soul. And now man is half animal, half - man. However, after time, the animal nature of man will be overcome and the moment will come when the real man will incarnate. A century has now come for the liberation of the mammals. The automobiles, the tractors, etc, free them from the great labor and slavery. That is in the order of things. The Invisible world wants to free them and puts to work a machine which does the work of a thousand horses. Now in the Rational life we are coming into the circumstances - with little work to do more things.


The ants, the bees, in general - the insects, communicate with each other through the radio. They send each other telegrams through the air. The bee receives from a bee. Each hive has specific waves, different from those of the other hives. The bees know 2-3 hours in advance about a break in the weather, and return on time. There is clairvoyance in the bees. They work in the hive, which is well sealed and no light comes from outside. Man would think that they work in darkness; however, they work in a soft, astral light and do not let any outside light in, because it would hinder them. They are clairvoyants.


When the peacock gets up on the hedge to sing, the weather will improve. When the weather is going to get bad, the swine bites a stick and turns around in circles with it; the frogs croak, the leeches rise, the flies descend and bite, and the swallows fly low to catch them. This is how one can tell if the weather is going to get bad. Or when a ship is about to sink, the rats escape from it. In the animals there are many rational things, which will be written about in the future.


In the horse there is some clairvoyance, he has some presentiments. When man sets out with a horse on a journey, where there will be a danger, the horse stops and does not want to go, and the master, with great difficulty and by force, will make it go forward.


The snail apprehends thoughts: I tell it to eat the lower leaves, not the upper ones, and it then goes to the lower ones to munch them.


Sometimes we carry the sorrows and grief of the animals. A wolf starved for three-four days; when you fall into its thought you think that you are lacking something, but it is the wolf that is lacking that thing. Or a fox is lacking something, because it has taken a chicken from the coop, and you weep, because you receive its thought.


Some things the animals know better than man. For instance, man does not yet know how to weave as thinly as the spider. How come the electric fish knows how to make electric batteries in its body? Man cannot generate electricity through living matter, but the fish can. Man does not know this art. He has learned to produce electricity through dead matter, but that can also be done through the living matter. When man approximates the super- consciousness, he will gain more. Man has to know that every animal has its specialty. A hummingbird, a bird of paradise sits higher than man by clothing. What man can make such feathers, with such colors and with intertwined lines? That bird has the art of painting its feathers through its blood; why, that is a science. Man has to realize that in every living creature there is a little gift, and he disregards it. He says, "That is an instinct". The honey can be preserved for many years without getting spoiled - good workmanship, and how much do the human cans last? In this regard man has fallen behind.


In the Mediterranean there is a fish with a sharp snout that produces sulfurous acid inside itself. It feeds on sea urchins: it pours the acid over the sea urchin, and waits from a certain distance, after that it goes out for a second time and the chalky shell corrodes, a hole forms.


The fish sticks its snout in it and feeds on the inside of the sea urchin. So the animals and the plants are not simple, they understand chemistry, they master sciences. Man stands higher than the animals in some respects, because in him there are many potentialities.


The Master looked at the cat that was passing by us and said:


That soul has fallen behind, it has to hurry up. In cats, their ear is very sharp at the top, which shows that in them there are some lower elements. A cat caught a bird and ate it; I told it, "Why did you eat the bird?" And it told me, "Do not talk about this now". When a cat comes to a home, the home progresses. Healthful is the cat. When it comes, it chases away the illnesses.


I observe the animals and draw conclusions - case after case. When you shove some bug, it feigns death and then, when you leave it, it sets off again. I see two beetles are rolling a ball - one drags with its hinder legs, and the other pushes with its front legs, and they succeed, the ball rolls.


The dog always tries to pounce on man from behind, because the human eyes are very strong and the dog is afraid of them.


Near a bench a spider made a cobweb and caught an ant. Another ant came along, tore the cobweb from all sides, went into the hole, burned the spider with formic acid, attacked it, and it ran away. How did the second ant know that the spider had caught in the cobweb the other one? - It had received a message on the radio. Ants send each other thoughts through the antennae - through them they send and receive radio waves. Where there are ants, there are no snakes, because the ants bite them and pour formic acid over them. By the river Kamchia I saw a big grass snake, about two meters. It stopped and I stopped. I said, "After you". It told me, "After you". But since I asked it first, it moved on first. Once in the Borisova garden I saw a snake; it saw me as well, it held its head up. I told it mentally in its language, "Do not stand here on the road, they will smash you. People do not understand your greeting." And it went away.


If there are flies in the room, open the window and tell them mentally that outside there are good things for them; it will be less than half an hour - they will all have gone out.


Near Varna I saw above my head that a big flock of birds was flying in a certain direction, and since I knew that they are headed towards a great danger, with my thought I told them to change the course, and they all turned to another direction.


I have made experiments from which it can be seen how the animals receive the thoughts of humans. If I introduce something mental and pictorial to them, they move in the proper direction. A bug entered the hole of the worm in order to take it out. However, I sent a thought that I could plug the hole with a newspaper, so that it could not go out, and then the bug saw that there was danger, it went out, and went to a distance of 4-5 meters. While it was waiting, it saw that there was no danger, it went back in and took the worm out. Once in the room a fly entered and a spider captured it. I told it, "In my presence I do not want you to commit a crime; if you do not listen to me, you will find yourself outside". The spider listened to me; it broke off the threads, and let the fly go.


I was in Vitosha and I saw that a hound was chasing a rabbit. I told the hound, "Stop chasing it". The hound stopped, thought for a while, and then turned round to leave.


Last year I saw how a falcon snatched a crow. Both birds fell on the ground, because they were fighting one another. I told the falcon, "Why have you caught that crow?" Then the falcon let it go and flew away.


When a midge lands on my hand, I think well of it and it thinks that it is in Heaven and it turns round very pleasantly. And if I am discontented, it stands and does not move, it thinks that it is cold. It feels that the conditions are not good; it does not attribute it to me, but says that Nature is such; but I know that its state is due to me.


The mischief that animals do is very little compared to the good turns. Which animals are the most advanced? The souls of which animals will in the future be incarnated in human form? First of all, the elephant, the ox, the horse, the sheep, the monkeys, etc.


A brother said, "What significance do precious stones have?"


Each precious stone is in connection with an Advanced creature. When this is revealed to man, he sees the grandeur of God. One who does not know will step onto a rock in which there are crystals of garnet, and will not pay attention. And that is a great world and when man becomes spiritualized, he starts seeing what he has not seen earlier. In the Revelation, chapter 21, it is written about twelve gates, made of precious stones: jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolyte, beryl, topaz, chrysoprasus, jacinth, amethyst. They symbolize the twelve virtues.


A sister inquired, "What does the evolution consist in, and what are the factors of the evolution?"


The meaning of the evolution is for the Divine Spirit to work in all natural kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, and human. The meaning of the evolution is to have ever higher forms created, through which the Divine Spirit and the great talents if the Monad is to manifest in a perfect way. The Divine Spirit in the mineral manifests to a smaller degree; in the plant and animal form - to a bigger degree; and in the human form - to an even bigger degree; whereas in the angelic form - even better, etc. In that namely is the meaning of evolution. Evolution is a fundamental law in the Creation. Only the factors of the evolution are different, not as the mechanical biology thinks. There are the so-called psychic factors of the evolution. The outside conditions influence, but the way, in which the organism reacts to the outside conditions, is a psychic one. The subconsciousness works in the tissues. On one hand, it is run by the Monad of the organism itself, and on the other hand - by the Advanced creatures.


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