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In July 1924 a brother visited the Master when he was still living on 66 Opalchenska Str. The weather was warm, sunny. The conversation was held in the yard. The involution and evolution came into question.


Involution is a descent from God towards matter, and evolution is an ascent from matter towards God. In the Revelation God says, "I am alpha and omega - the beginning and the end". This means that every creature descends from God as a Divine ray, goes through all worlds, and again returns to God.


The minerals, the plants, the animals go down, and we go up. They have learned the knowledge by the path of involution. What does it mean that they walk on the path of involution? The I, the Divine monad, which works in the minerals, the plants, and the animals, is still in the Invisible world and gradually descends. In the mineral kingdom the I, the Divine Monad, is still quite far from the physical world, and that is why there it has the weakest stage of consciousness, called subconsciousness. In the vegetable world the I, the Divine monad, has already descended below, closer to the material world, and that is why the plants have a higher stage of subconsciousness. In the animal kingdom the I, the Divine monad, is quite close to the material world, and that is why the animals already have consciousness. In man the I, the Divine monad, manifests in the physical world, and that is why he recognizes himself as an I - he has self-consciousness. From all four natural kingdoms on Earth, man has self-consciousness for the first time.


So far the process is involutionary. Actually, in the human kingdom, too, the descent into the thicker matter continues to a certain epoch. From Christ starts the evolution, i.e. the upward emergence. The coming of the Christ is the most important moment in the history of mankind. Christ brought that strength, through which the turn becomes possible; the change from an involutionary process into an evolutionary one.


One part of humanity today is still on an involutionary path, i.e. it continues its descent into an ever thicker matter, and the other part has begun its ascent, its evolutionary way. These are those who have assumed the new form of Love - Love as a principle. Those people have outgrown the personal life; they serve humanity, the Whole, everyone. And those who live in the personal life continue their downward descent. On the border between involution and evolution, man experiences an inner takeover, and after that begins the path upwards. In the involution, one goes from the big to the small, and in the evolution - from the small to the big. There is a knowledge that is obtained in the involutionary process and now has to be replaced with a new knowledge - an evolutionary one. The methods of the esoteric science must too be replaced with evolutionary ones.


And so, the minerals and the plants have subconsciousness, the animals have consciousness, man has self-consciousness, and the Advanced creatures have super-consciousness. A person, who has self-consciousness, has at the same time subconsciousness and consciousness inside him. On one hand, in the subconsciousness, everything experienced in the past is stored, and it contains the accumulated experience of that past. And on the other hand, the subconsciousness also covers the guidance of the Advanced creatures, who participate in the development of the natural kingdoms. The cells in man have subconsciousness. The activity of all organs and systems in man is run by the subconsciousness. That, which today's psychology teaches about the subconsciousness, is only a small part of the broad area of the subconsciousness. In the evolutionary process, from the consciousness, in which it lives now, humanity will rise to the super-consciousness, i.e. the Divine consciousness. With that, bigger possibilities open up for humanity. New strengths, gifts and talents will arise in man, i.e. new talents, hidden in the Monad.


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