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After the lecture and the gymnastic exercises, we returned to the hall again. The phases which the human consciousness goes through in its ascension were mentioned, and the Master said:


When the human soul begins to awaken and sets out on the path of ascension, it goes through seven phases:


Phase one, which is from God, - Address. The human soul resembles a seed, buried in the ground, and thus, covered in thick matter, it falls asleep, loses knowledge of its origin and nature, but after it gains enough experience, in it gradually begins to glitter a higher consciousness. Man in a certain phase of his development experiences a profound change, an inner crisis, an inner storm. Until then man has lived unconsciously, without asking himself about the aim and the meaning of Life, but in a certain moment he feels a vacuity, and realizes that his life hitherto has been without a basis and without direction. He then goes through a dark period of searching; he experiences a great inner suffering.


And in time of the greatest inner storms, within him a tiny light flashes forth, which begins to grow and which fills him with by then unexpected Peace and Joy. That light is the idea of God, of the Rational beginning, which works in the entire universe, and within it. That exactly is the first stage of the human awakening - Address. Until then man has been with his back towards God, towards the great center of Life, and at the Address he turns with his face towards Him. Why at a certain stage of his development does man come to the idea of the Great rational beginning? Because that idea is inherent in him, he comes with it to Earth; it lives in the depths of his soul. The Address phase is a deep inner mystical process. This is an illumination of the human soul by a ray that comes from the Great rational beginning. That is why Christ says, "No one can come to Me if my Father does not summon them". The same idea is expressed in the following words, "God has drawn you with the threads of His Love".


The second phase is Repentance. This comes from man. The person, who has turned to God, strikes a balance of his life hitherto with a new criterion, with a new measurement. In him is now born the consciousness of a bright, pure life, and he deeply repents for what he has done in the past.


The third phase is Salvation. It is from God. A person, who has gone through the Address and Repentance phases, has a desire to carry out the Will of God, to serve God, to live for the Truth, for the Beauty. With this he now enters the Salvation phase. And what does "salvation" mean in the mystical language? - It should be known that in today's epoch of human development comes a spiritual wave, and whoever accepts it enters into new circumstances of Life, into a New culture, and that namely we call Salvation. Salvation means that man is inscribed among those who will elevate into a new cultural stage, under the new circumstances of Life. And those who do not accept that spiritual wave remain in the old life and will wait for a new wave to take them up in the future. So they will miss today's epoch.


The fourth phase is Regeneration. It is from man - the Divine in him manifests to a greater extent. At this phase the consciousness of man broadens more, the desire to serve God increases in him.


The fifth phase is Rebirth. It is from God. The Rebirth is preceded by a great sorrow, a great suffering. That is called accelerated liquidation of the karma and it is the travail of the new man. Because each one who wants to work for a great deed, for God, needs to be free from karma, and that is achieved through accelerated liquidation of the karma - through suffering. What he has to pay, that, which has been left after many rebirths, in this case it paid much sooner, in order for him to become a free citizen of the New life sooner as well. That is why, when a disciple of the Divine school goes through great sufferings, he has to know that he is on the verge of Rebirth.


When the disciple enters the Divine school, initially his life is easy, filled only with joy and delight. If he is well-off, it shows that he is still a listener, not a disciple, and still stands in the antechamber of the School. And when the great tests come (inner and outer), sorrows and sufferings, it shows that he has been admitted as a disciple, it shows that he has now entered the School. And after he has passed them, the disciple enters a new phase - Rebirth. He is free from karmic law. In him awakens the Cosmic consciousness, he feels the unity of Life and has Love towards everything; he comes to a deeper understanding of Love. Compared to that state, the previous life is only a preparation and residence in the shadows and illusions of Life. Until then, in a sense, the life of the soul is still dead, asleep. That is why Christ says, "And when the dead hear the voice of the Son of Man, they will come to life". Here the word "dead" implies all people with ordinary consciousness.


The sixth phase is Enlightenment. When Enlightenment draws near, man goes again through a new test, which is greater than the one that preceded the Rebirth. Because the more advanced man is, the more difficult the tests through which he goes are. And after he passes them, he gains Enlightenment, i.e. his consciousness enters a higher stage; new strengths awaken in him. With the Enlightenment man begins to communicate with the Advanced creatures, he enters their society, he learns the sacred language of the perfect ones, he gains great knowledge of the forces and the laws of Nature, the keys to those laws are entrusted to him, and he knows the methods of working with them.


The seventh phase is Resurrection. At one time the sunny sky gets covered with dark clouds and man goes through a great darkness, through the supreme test, which precedes the Resurrection. That test is greater than the tests that precede Rebirth and Enlightenment. Man feels alone, abandoned seemingly by the Invisible world as well, and it is as if all hope is lost. And if he passes it in the greatest darkness and remains true to the idea of God, if he realizes that God has not abandoned him and that everything is for good, then the test ends and man enters the Great life of liberation. This phase is called Resurrection and in it man completes his evolution on Earth, in him awakens the Divine in a great completeness. He is not a man anymore, but has elevated into a higher stage, he enters a life where there are no sufferings. The tears are now forever erased from his face. As it is said in the Revelation, "I will forever erase the tears from your eyes". Then, even if he looks for suffering, there will not be any, and he will go to show his brothers the path towards liberation, the path towards the Light, in which he lives.


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