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It was during the first years. A brother visited the Master at 66 Opalchenska Str. At that time the Master received upstairs, in his room, which served him as a study as well. Later He received in the small middle room, next to the first one. The matter of Providence came into question. During the conversation, the Master said the following thoughts:


The Providence derives from the circumstance that Nature is rational, that Rational forces stand behind all of its phenomena. It is not a dead machine, mechanism. Detectives were chasing a young lad; a damsel let down a rope from the upper floor, which the young man climbed up, and thus he got saved. We always have a rear; that is the Rational creatures above, who help us. And if they help, everything comes about. The Invisible world is so careful with all of our thoughts and feelings, that when sometimes we are sorrowful, they will send something that will draw our attention and delight us.


The earthly life is built with big contradictions. We are cold, but the warmth of the coal has already been envisaged thousands of years ago; that is why Nature has created it. So it does quite a lot so that people can be happy. From the Spiritual world they always come to our aid and save us from many troubles. Man has to remain true to those who help him, to the Divine. You will always have a need for sun, trees, water, etc. The pictures that you see around you have been painted by others. The thoughts that come into you have been created by others. Today is set up by our friends. You have vast wealth - an excellent mind, an excellent heart, an excellent body. Use that wealth.


In Nature, everything is given to us altogether at the same time. We are given small circumstances in order to make an effort. When you satisfy a person with everything, he will be left alien to people; in order for that not to happen, he has to lack something. You want to lack nothing, but then you will be unhappy people.


The brother asked, "Does the Master count as a condition to the disciple, or is He an opportunity?"


The Master is not a condition, but an opportunity for man.


If you come into harmony with Nature, with the Rational creatures, you will be helped. Someone who is harmonized with you will bring you a fresh loaf, a pot of beans. If you are in harmony with Nature, this will come just in time. Anyone can try that.


If we work for the Love, everything that is timely will come. There are things which are not necessary or are not timely, or perhaps require more time to happen, maybe, a few years later. It is unthinkable for a person who walks on the Divine path to be tripped by someone. But until he becomes convinced, until he gains some rational experience, he trips himself. We suffer because we are preoccupied with many material things, and if we took heed to the Divine thought, then seventy-five per cent of our misfortunes would disappear and only twenty-five per cent would remain, because there are inevitable things.


God has provided, and now we seek for Him to provide. Correct understanding is needed. People say, "What will happen to us?" Well what about the birds in the forest, the fish in the river, the worms in the soil? Since God takes heed to all of them, He will take heed to you as well. The beauty of Life is in knowing that there is someone who thinks about you. What misadventures pass through man's head! If God did not protect man, he would not withstand. Everything has been envisaged by the Lord. That force, which has created the entire Universe, has not left humanity alone. There is a law that works, but not the way we think. At each step there is Providence, but people do not see. Things come about not with human efforts. Those seas, oceans, etc; did they all come along with human efforts? God created the world so that we can be satisfied. People carry on as before and do not let the Divine providence manifest. All right, let us say, the flowers in the garden are cultivated by man, but what about those that are in the mountains? So there is someone to take care of them, there is Providence!


People constantly receive gifts: the food, the sight, the teeth, the tongue are all goods. We all live with the goods of God. There is not a thing that will happen to man that he will not be warned about. He gets warned about everything. Faith, Faith is needed, like in the children. It has been said, "If you do not become like the little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom Divine". And people want to be like the old folks.


Sometimes God leaves you, but He is still with you, and when He sees that you are falling, He will catch you. While descending the mountain, you can be exposed to thousands of dangers, and thanks to being protected by something, you overcome. Someone comes to me with some sickness, but it is a reason for that man to come to me. The Invisible world has prepared this occasion for him in order for him to come and for me to show him what change there has to happen in his soul so that he can connect with God.


A poor man was wandering the world. He believed in the people, he believed in God as well. He arrived in a town, and everyone else who entered through the gate were welcomed and received; only he was left to walk from house to house and hear the same thing - that there is no room for him. He grew disheartened and said, "God, I am abandoned by all!" But a young man pushed him on the shoulder and asked him what the matter was. He answered that no one would receive him in that town. The young man was high-placed; he took him onto a phaeton, brought him to his home, gave him a sumptuous apartment at his disposal, and said to him, "Here you can stay as much as you want". The traveler said, "Very nice people live here". The lad said to him, "No, this is a place where God lives!" When people abandon man, then God works for him.


The brother asked, "What is a Boon?"


Nature is full only with miracles. A child is born, it knows nothing and everyone takes care of it. There is common Providence for all creatures, but the special providence for someone righteous is a Boon. When man is under a Boon, whatever he wishes happens. A righteous one was traveling from one village to another on God's business. It was winter-time and a blizzard came out, snow drifted, the wind was hitting right in his face. He strung up his will and endured until the middle of the road. Then his toes and fingers became stiff with cold, it was impossible for him to go further, and he prayed to God for help. The wind subsided immediately. He reached that village and once he crossed the threshold and closed the door from the inside, the storm appeared again with a terrible strength.


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