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It was sunny and calm. At Izgreva, in front of the evergreen pines, fruit-trees were blossoming here and there. During that spring, a common breakfast on the outside tables was introduced. That was a beautiful occasion to be in better contact with the Master, to share and to ask our ever flowing questions. A sister said, "Master, this morning at the lecture You said that everything is for good. I have had many such experiences in my life and I believe in the Rational creatures."


Some have skepticism, but should say, "Everything in Nature is possible that is rational. Everything rational is possible!" It has been said, "Everything that happens to those who love God transforms for their good". So God transforms everything and there is not a thing that He cannot transform into good. The dead can arise, the sick can recover, the ignorant can become learned, the pauper can become rich. Things are impossible the human way, in the way that we think, matters are impossible.


Everything is for good, and until we recognize that it is for good, we will always be trying. Everything that man tries is always for his good, but he does not understand. For instance, a child is born to poor parents; neither his father, nor his mother can put him on track. God lifts them both, and a wealthy man adopts the child. Man never loses, even though he thinks that he loses.


Someone utters, "Let the Will of God be done!" However, if one of his desires is not fulfilled, he grumbles and is unsatisfied. No, he has to strive to achieve certain desires of his, and whatever happens, to say, "Let the Will of God be done, everything is for good, for the greatest good!" When God does not fulfill some of our desires, it is for our good, since they can be not for our good, should they be irrational. When you have a rational desire, whose achievement will be for your good and for the good of your neighbours and will help for your spiritual elevation, God will certainly fulfill it. Therefore, when you are sure that your desire is rational, have patience and wait, it will certainly be fulfilled.


How does God stand all those crimes, etc? There is a great secret: in hell they do not live as God wants, but the world is created so that no matter how they live, everything turns into good. That is where the unachievable Wisdom of God is, that He turns everything into Good. And He does not stop the criminals from committing crimes, and He does not stop the wars, because He wants to leave the people free and in Freedom to come to the Good.


Enjoy one thing, enjoy all that happens to you; it is for your good, nothing more! God will turn it into Good. It will not be long; it will not be many years and you will be doubly and triply rewarded for that.


A disciple was dilly-dallying along the road and forgot to carry out the tasks that the Master had given him. And as he was walking, someone came out in front of him, slapped him twice nicely in the face, and went away. Then the disciple quickly remembered about his forgotten tasks. It is the same with a disciple that wanders around the roads of Life, completely forgotten about God's ways. But someone slaps him twice in the face, and then he collects himself, pulls himself together. This is what it means for everything in the world to contribute to the Good. That he, after being slapped in the face, bends down and finds the book he has long been looking for, and the jewelry he has long been digging for, are these two slaps not worth it? The one who slaps him in the face can act consciously or unconsciously. He slaps him twice in the face in order to make him think.


At the greatest contradictions say, "Everything is for good!"


A poor worker in America always used to say, "God will provide!" His wife, who was an extreme materialist, would say to him disgruntled, "When you have such a mind, how much more are we going to suffer! Look, darling, nothing comes along like that". An economical crisis set in and they fired the worker from the factory. His wife put her hands on her chest and said, "Let us see now how your God will provide!" The window was open and a child that was carrying a dead crow threw it in through it. The worker caught it and saw that there was something thick inside its throat. He pulled out a necklace, which the crow had stolen, and recognized that it belonged to a high-placed person, and brought it to them. The owner of the necklace said, "Since you brought the necklace, God will provide and I will find you a job".


And to this day you regret you have come out of Heaven. It is an ill fortune that you have come out of there, but the goods you have now - the good of God's Love, which is shown towards you, is due to that misfortune which befell you in Heaven. But you still ask why God allowed those things; yes, God did not cause them, but allowed them, in order for you to gain something. It is for your good!


Whatever happens to you, it will one day turn into Good. If you believe, very well; if you do not believe, it will again turn into Good, only the process will continue. Since the Rational nature has sent you to Earth, it thinks about you, it has not abandoned you. They may revile you, they may say that you are ignorant, it does not matter. The most difficult Teaching is for man to believe that everything that happens is for Good. The people's heads will grow white until they understand that truth.


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