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The Master, with several brothers and sisters, visited the General art exhibition in the Arts academy. While passing by Venelin street, He looked on and whispered, "Future graveyards". That was in 1943, and indeed - in 1944, during the bombings, a large part of the street turned into rubble. When we came back from the exhibition, around the Master gathered quite a lot of brothers and sisters on the ground in front of His reception room, and so we entered the hall and a conversation began, in which there was the matter of colours, which came into question.


The red colour has various nuances. A certain nuance of it means fight, and if it prevails in you, you have a desire towards war. Red is a colour of Mars, it stimulates and concerns the human will. If someone is lazy, let him put on a red-coloured garment. The red colour makes man active. That colour means Life and let him who is anemic wear it. One who is sick should put on a kerchief or a scarf as red as flame. The red colour influences the heart. Pink is the colour of Love.


Orange is a colour of the human I and of individualization. When your feathers are rumpled, when you are crestfallen, contemplate in your consciousness the orange colour, in order to gain a feeling of your own dignity.


Yellow is the colour of Wisdom and means intelligence. If a yellow colour prevails in you, you want to work mentally. If you want to think well, wear yellow-coloured clothes, and you will develop mentally. It is a colour of the nervous system, it gives scope, it regulates, it balances.


The green colour is connected with the senses and calms, most of all. It is a magnetic colour, growth forms through it.


Blue is the colour of Faith and of Truth. If you do not have a good disposition, put before yourself the blue colour; it brings in energy and Peace, it soothes. Blue-coloured clothes tone. The blue colour is for the spiritual life of man. Then we can grow spiritually. With the Faith you have a blue colour in your aura. With the Faith you receive through it, and without it you cannot serve God. Serving God consists in the following: we will serve God with what has been given to us by Him.


With the dark blue colour you will feel a little grief. That is in reserve and has to be thinned out.


Violet is the colour of the Spirit. It means Strength and carries Strength. It is a colour of Jupiter. It concerns the human will and the human Spirit.


The black colour should be worn by the one who is nervous, and for the one who is healthy, white is good. Hats, umbrellas, etc, should not be black. One who wears black becomes avaricious. With the white colour you give, and with the black - you take. The white colour means Purity, with it there is an intensive inner life. If you want inwardly to work, put the white colour as a basis.


The poet describes a flower, because behind the flower stands something rational. The white flower tells us, "Be pure!" The purple flower tells us, "Be strong!" The yellow flower tells us, "Think well, be rational!" The red and the pink flowers tell us, "Use Love!" Man should have flowers with different colours in his garden.


You love somebody because of the red colour or the pink colour in his aura. You love somebody because of the yellow colour, another - because of his faith or because of his blue colour, a third one you love because of his strength or because of the violet colour, because they pass it on to you. So you love the others because of what they can give to you. And people love you because of what you can give them. When man loves a colour, he has a need for it and let him carry it.


In general, as a rule: the brighter the hue of a colour, the bigger and better the spiritual influence it has. There are colours electric and magnetic. For instance, red, yellow, light blue, and violet - can be electric, and orange, green, dark blue - magnetic. Soothing colours are light blue, light green, and light yellow.


Today in medicine colour medication is employed - the so- called chromotherapy. However, here an esoteric law is in force, that in medication the mental colours act more strongly than the physical ones. Man can be medicated with colours better when he imagines them mentally, rather than with the physical colours. For instance, he will bathe his entire body or the diseased organ with a shaft of rays from a given colour. With his thought man actually creates a thought-form with the respective colour, and it functions more strongly, because there are shorter waves.


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