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One morning after Paneurhythmy, we came back from the hall and the Master started talking:


If man is demagnetized, he will not gain anything. In order to gain something, he has to be magnetic. All learned people are magnetic. All healthy people are magnetic. When you are magnetic, you have confidence, faith that you will succeed in what you are going to do and you are disposed, you do not worry. You say, "It cannot be otherwise." Some people strain and strain and their work does not go well; they are not magnetic.


Magnetism is naturally given, and when the organism is dilapidated, it flows out. But we should not leave it to flow out. Straight thoughts, straight feelings, and straight deeds are the way, in which we can restore the magnetism inside ourselves. Magnetism is a capital. Without it you are sentenced to death. If you have it, Life already functions. If you are nervous, you lose your magnetism. The magnetic person does not fluster, he is calm like a person with a shop full with goods to the brim. So you should provide yourselves with magnetism. Irritation, unrest are demagnetization. Sometimes I have to stop myself and to talk to you about what a great power the magnetism is. Nothing can be done without it; it is what holds the Earth connected with the Sun. If you lose your magnetism, you will turn into dust. It organizes the body, the family, the school, and the society.


The animals have an animal magnetism, and that is why their head pulls. The magnetism which man has and which we are talking about is a rational thing. The magnetism draws food, and clothes, and everything - once you remove your soil, things come along. But first of all you will not get nervous. You will not assume that people are bad; this demagnetizes. Sometimes you get cross - the magnetism flows out. And when you go to a magnetic person, you subside. Can you get cross and nervous by the spring? For the rich person to give you one or two hundred leva is child's play. He will say to you, "Help yourself to this 10 000 leva!" Can you get cross with that person who constantly gives you? Then why do you not have Faith? You go to God - He is the rich one. You say, "Where will I find Him?" That is where your mistake is. - You will find it in yourself. You go to a banker. Ask, "Did God come today to the banker?" If they tell you, "He is there", then go, and where God is not, do not go. When the Divine comes into the person, God rises in him.


When you look at the magnetic person, he is like a burning stove, and the nonmagnetic person is like a cold stove. The magnetic force in man is not in a static state, because the magnetism comes and goes. That is why you have to work in order to become magnetic, and each day to be disposed. First and foremost: you should not be touchy, you should not take offence.


A brother asked, "Which foods give more magnetism?"


Meat food is nervous, and fruit food is a conduit for magnetism. First of all, when you eat, you should be satisfied, even if it is a bit of dry bread. You should concentrate your thought, you should breathe correctly. Calmness is a result of the thought - you are profoundly certain of something. A person is connected with the grocer's through telephone, and when he calls, they will bring him bread, sugar, etc, while another does not have that connection with the grocer's and has to go there alone to get some products. The magnetic person is connected with the grocer's, and the nonmagnetic person is not. I am speaking symbolically, make a translation.


All conditions in Nature are favourable, it is a law, and the unfavourable things are because of your misunderstanding. It depends on the level of understanding. The magnetic person does not lose, he knows and understands things, has actions, has a language. Everything goes masterfully; things in him are not complicated.


You are demagnetized. Death is a correction of the demagnetized people. It comes to those demagnetized old people, in order to correct them.


Now the main thing is the magnetism. Once you get nervous, you have no magnetism, and things will not work out for you. Be calm. God has created you and you have all the conditions you need. Be content with what you have. It might occur to a horse to become a lord, but he will remain a horse. If you are not gifted in languages, do not wish to teach. Have at your disposal the gifts which you have.


So, everyone can be magnetic. And never do a job; never begin a job before having become magnetic, because otherwise you will not succeed. It is an entire school, that. In the esoteric science you will study the magnetism; otherwise you cannot achieve anything else. The straight thought, the firm thought are a magnetic state. What can the sick person do? He has no magnetism. The magnetic person has an inner disposition. He has excellent Faith, excellent Hope, he has Love. He is superabundant like the calm water. He stands quiet and calm, as if he is not doing anything, but he works intensively. In him there is no yelling, he is not like a bell.


Once you lose your equilibrium, say, "Magnetism I have not". The magnetism exists. You want to gain tranquility; go to the trees. You want to have a change in your state; go to the mountain, get on an aeroplane. There are ten-twelve methods of gaining magnetism, but you stand and say, "I have no luck". Where there is Life, there is magnetism. The magnetism is a conduit of the Life. And the Life is a carrier of Love and magnetism.

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