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That night the sky was suitable for observation. The Master took out the telescope on the ground in front of the reception room. It was 9 p.m. Around the Master there gathered about fifteen of us. We observed the cirques and mountains of the Moon, and a couple of planets as well. Then a conversation began. A question was raised about the inhabitance of the celestial bodies.


Hotels during certain seasons are more inhabited, and in others - not so much. Learned people do not know when the planets are inhabited and when they are not. On all planets there is life, only on some the life is visible, and on others - invisible.


A sister asked, "How do the Creatures in those worlds look like?"


Why, you have been there! Each person who has self-respect has been to Jupiter. Each one who blows the pumpkins on the hedge has been to Saturn. Each one who likes to war, to argue, has been on Mars. We see only the physical planets, we see only the results, and the reasons - we do not.


You should often go out to observe Sirius. In July and August it rises to the east some time before Sunrise, and during the spring - in the evening. And every one who is sensitive, by contemplating Sirius, will feel that in him a quiet Joy begins to flicker. That Joy is a presentiment of that great happiness, which awaits the man when he goes to live on Sirius. On Sirius there is an intenser life than in the Solar system, because it is more advanced as a system. In the distant future, when you leave the Solar system, you will go to Sirius.


People have descended from the Moon. The Earth is the lowest point. From the Earth they will go on to other celestial bodies.


A sister asked, "Where are the most beautiful Creatures in the Solar system?"


On the Sun do not marry, but live as souls. The man and the woman are still like poles, they are not souls yet. The woman is the south pole, and the man - the north. The Sun has poles, but they are not cold, they are not frozen. There the temperature is equal everywhere.


One part of the solar light energy, upon reaching the boundaries of the Solar system, goes back again, and another part, which does not belong to the Sun, goes on to the endless boundaries.


When you go to the Sun, you will see millions of times more beautiful mountains and fields. There are mountains, several thousand kilometers in length, and there is no deficiency like there is here. It is impossible for people there to quarrel, they have more than they need, and when they see someone, they rejoice and want to give. When they give, they feel joyous. Sometimes a solar inhabitant notices that you are in torment here, he flits over from the Sun, and lifts you up. This costs him a couple of seconds; then he goes back again. He enjoys that he has descended and done a small favour. The small mysteries are knowledge for the Earth, and the secrets of the Sun are the Great mysteries. The Creatures that live on the Sun, through their intelligence, through their thoughts, develop that immense heat, which is in the photosphere of the Sun or in its aura.


The inhabitants of Venus are higher up than the earthly inhabitants, and the inhabitants of Sirius - even higher. The present state of the Earth is from billions of years back, but that time for the consciousness of the Supreme creatures is very little. The Divine science states that there have been 18 million years since man came to Earth. Each one who finishes his development will be given a task to create a solar system, and then they will see what knowledge he has.


In the other celestial bodies there are beauties that man cannot imagine. When he moves there, he will say, "Neither an ear has heard this, nor an eye has seen this". For instance, in another solar system, when you sit down under an apple-tree, it will bend down a branch to give you fruit. But everywhere there are custom-houses, and when you want to go to the Moon or to the Sun, you will go through custom-houses.


The energy that comes from the Sun has come there from the Central Sun, around which more than a hundred million suns spin. It is many times bigger than our Sun. The learned people have found a way to tell by the spectral line when a star is coming near or moving away from us.


The Earth still grows. It is at a young age. After millions of years, the reverse process of shrinking will come. The poles of the Earth move. In the future, the pole will become the equator, and the equator - a pole. There was a time when the equator was a pole, and the pole was the equator. In the history of the past, the poles have been changing. Bulgaria has been a tropical country, and in the future it will again become one. Esotericists know that once the Sun rose from the west. From that it can be seen what great transformation has happened. Then the Earth's axis has not been in its present position. A change will come in the distribution of the land and the seas. The sea will flood certain countries. This has happened previously as well.


We are not exactly on the deck of the Earth-ship, because above us there are other creatures. 12 000 km up above our planet there is a transparent Earth. In order to go to it and to enter it, one must pass through twelve doors. There live Advanced creatures. That world is Heaven - the Upper Earth. At the fall of man, the first people came down, on to the present Earth.


The Earth makes certain diversions - delays and intensifications. I know their reasons. In the movement of the Earth there are more than ten exceptions, which scientists today cannot explain. Those reasons are known by the inner Divine science.



Figure 3


There are two currents: from the Sun towards the Earth, and from the Earth towards the Sun. That energy, which comes from the Sun towards the Earth, during its return from the Earth towards the Sun, forms a second current. There happens a circumference like blood circulation - the energy that comes from the Sun is the arterial flow, and the flow that goes from the Earth to the Sun - venous (see Figure 3).


Sunspots are orifices, through which condensed energy is sent towards the Earth, always with a certain purpose. That energy is sent to the Earth at such an immense speed, that if it came directly to It, it would wipe everything in its wake. That is why between the Earth and the Sun there are several transformers, which perceive that solar energy; when they transform it, they reduce its speed, and it then descends onto the Earth.


It will be the most beautiful when the people receive a ticket to travel across the Universe. Then man will understand the Wisdom that exists - that variety of organisms, cultures, and life. He will enter some world where people do not know how to quarrel or rob each other, because there will be no conditions for such things at all.


A brother asked, "How do we recognize the Solar creatures when we see them?"


Creatures from the Sun constantly come to Earth; in order to recognize them, you need to have a sixth sense.

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