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After the lecture and gymnastic exercises, we came back to the parlour with the Master and a conversation started about the language in general and especially about the holly language. The Master said:


By the language of a people, you can see the degree of its development. Vowels and consonants have various vibrations with various peoples. For example, in English "r" is avoided, it is barely pronounced; in Bulgarian, it is pronounced differently, and in German - in totally different way. Bulgarian language shall be revised very much, it needs mildness. Some words in the Bulgarian language have a good combination of the sounds, and others - have not. For example the word "ама" (it is pronounced [ama]) is harder, and "ала" (it is pronounced [ala]) is milder.


The most difficult languages were the old ones, which were involutionary, and the contemporary evolutionary languages are easily learned. Slavic languages are more expressive. We know very little about how speech was formed. Nouns are of new origin, and conjunctions are of the oldest origin. Language has started with the conjunctions. Verbs came after that, and nouns came at the end. When brain gets ill, man forgets the nouns at the beginning, and then adjectives disappear, followed by pronouns, verbs, and the conjunctions do not disappear. And when man starts to get better, words come back in the same order.


There are several holly languages. They are spoken by more advanced beings. One of these languages is Vatan language. It is a language, in which you cannot think, if you are in a state of uncertainty. With this language, everything you see is nice, you see dissonance nowhere, and everything is beauty for you. When man comes to Dedication, he will study one holly language, in which you cannot write or say anything, if your thinking is not straight. Vatan language is holly, Divine language and is for


Earth. It is a language of the White brothers. The Angle language is another; there are words for designation of various objects, like our languages, but Love has penetrated in it and that is why man's consciousness shall be raised to the spheres of Love, in order to be able to understand and speak it. For getting known with the heaven language, man shall start studying Vatan language, which, to some degree, is close to it. The holly language exists deep in the soul. Each person has been in the higher worlds, he has spoken that language and that is why he has it in himself, but we are internally silted and we cannot speak it.


One of the ancient languages of the White race is the Sanskrit language. In the languages of the White race, there are many words from this language; for example, wolf, water, etc. There are mainly about 250 roots in the language, and when you learn them, the other words are derivatives from them. The words Jehovah and Eva are from the same root. In Bulgarian the female name Yova looks like Eva. One of the strongest words in the Bulgarian language is "ум" (it is pronounced [um] and means "mind"). It comes from the ancient word "om". Om is what contains everything. Om is Light. It means that the word "разум" (it is pronounced [razum] and means "sense") bears the characteristics of the Light. There are several words, which have changed their meanings after a while. Ra is the rising Sun. And the word "Рай" (it is pronounced [rai] and means "Paradise"), in its origin, is the place of Light. "Тъма" (it is pronounced [tama] and means "darkness") is of Sanskrit origin - it originates from the Sanskrit word "tamas". In the word "мома" (it is pronounced [moma] and means "lass"), om is the power. This is a holly mark. All most beautiful things in Nature are put in "om". The words "момък" (it is pronounced [momak] and means "lad") and "дом" (it is pronounced [dom] and means "home") have that mark. In the religious old holly language, "om" is pronounced as [om] or [aum]. Both pronunciations are true.


Once mankind consciousness is raised, a common language will come out.



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