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During a lunch time conversation an issue was raised about Truth. The Master said:


The Great Reality, which underlies of the entire Genesis, this is the Truth. Facts shall not be mixed up with Reality. There is no opposition in Truth and if you are in it, illness, poorness, death, and suffering - all of them disappear, nothing will remain from them and you will be free. If you live in Truth, no one can restrict you, you are in the Divine world, and you are a citizen of Heaven. When Truth comes to reign on Earth, the Kingdom of God will come.


You shall avoid two things, which God does not forgive: the lie - white and black. Avoid lying. You can lie only the one, whom you do not love, because when you lie someone, Love disappears. There is no lying in Love. This is an absolute law. When you tell a lie, you get older. In the Spiritual world our lies are as stones, which impede the path of the ghosts, and that's why we are judged for lying. In order a man to have God's blessing, he shall not lie. When he lies, God's blessing and the support by Heaven and the Shining ones go away.


The Divine in man can raise him, but first of all he must free himself of the lying. If you step there, where the leg of the lie is, you will die.


One sister asked: "What is a mortal sin?"


Lying is mortal sin!


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