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After performance of Paneurhythmy, we gathered around the Master on the meadow and a discussion about Freedom began.


It is best if you freely walk and eat, look around, and sleep. There is no better thing than one, who is free. There is no better thing than one, who is worried by nothing. Sometimes we worry for nothing. Freedom will be preached, free outlooks. Each soul strives for Freedom. Freedom is something internal. It is not only something physical.


All of us liberate by Believe, Hope, Love, and Truth. Everything, which is Divine, liberates. One is free, if he lives in God! When you connect to God, you will feel that your chains will fall, the Angle will tell you as he has told to Peter: "Go outside, you are free!"


You have to have one horse, which could not be straddled by anyone. If somebody decides to straddle it, he will disappear, but if you decide to straddle it, it will carry you on its back. In this way the others will not be tempted, because if it does not disappear, desire will occur in them to steal it. Your horses are straddled by everybody. There are lots of tenants in your houses. Translate those symbols, which concern internal Freedom. This means that if the lower dark souls has power over you and they invade you and rule you, you are not free. Internal Freedom means they not to have power over you. Somebody says that he is free; there is a whole animal in him and he thinks that he is free.


There are three types of freedom in the world: Freedom is a quality of the mind, of feelings and of deeds. When you go outside the frames of this internal Freedom, you are not free any more outside. Man is free only when he fulfils God's will. Man shall know what God's will is at each moment and fulfil it. When God tells something to man, and if he immediately does it, then he will be free.


This morning a brother came to me and he wanted me to explain him what Freedom is. One sister brought something and I invited him to eat, but I did not make him pay me; this is Freedom. It is not like at inns, where you go in freely, but when you go out you will pay. Hence, when we fulfil God's will, we are free when we go in and when we go out, and when we fulfil the other will, we are free when we go in, but we are not free when we go out. We have one delusion: we think that when we remain alone, we will be free, and Freedom is in the Whole and when we go in the Whole, we become free. Earth is free when it goes along its orbit. Freedom, which does not damage anybody, this is Freedom.


The Divine Love bears internal Freedom, space and breadth. Freedom comes from inside to outside. When the Divine stays to arrange things, everything goes well. In all things that happen with Love, there is no sin; sin is outside Love. By now you have walked outside the law of Love and that is why you have made mistakes and now you shall walk after the law of Love, in order not to make mistakes. Man cannot have Freedom, if he does not pass through the door of Love. There is no constraint in Love. There is Absolute freedom in it.


Love is life without shadows. Love itself is a law for itself. When you love somebody, first of all, give him Freedom. Some people, who love, keep under control the person they love, they close him. People do not obey the laws of Love. Everybody wants to take out a patent that this is his, but Nature does not give patents. Each person in the world is free and if people have become slaves, they have become such by themselves. If they have become unhappy, that is because they have lost their Love.


If somebody loves you in a human way, he will limit you. No one has the right to possess the lass. She is sent by God to learn. She does not possess and is not possessed. To be loved by the others, this is their own problem and a problem of God, because God is the one, who will impel them to love you, To be loved - this is without a law; I cannot make the others love me. Now we want to impose our will to be loved and this is not right.


Everything else, except the Divine is a load.


A true man is the one who can never make him do what he does not want to do. If God's law is breached, there is no Freedom. Then limitation comes for the man, because when the irrationally built house is demolished, you go below it.


Why people are not free today? Because they do not know to use properly the conditions, in which they live. No matter in what conditions you are, if you know the laws, you are free. Imagine one person, who has knowledge of nature powers and laws. If he is chased, he will immediately produce enormous storm with the speed of 200 km/h. Who will chase him in such a storm? Or he will become invisible - he changes his form, no one can do harm to him.


Freedom is gained by work. When Peace settles in you, you are internally free. When you make good, you are free. As long as you make a choice between good and evil, you are free, but if you make something evil, you will not be free any more.


Is there only one flower in Nature? There is a big variety, isn't it? There are so many types of flowers! Everyone has special thinking; he is one spray of all the rest; let him think freely. Man wants to put Life in order automatically, but it cannot be so. You shall leave people live the way they understand it. What you do, consider yourself free, when you do it.


Limitation is the first characteristic of Freedom. Freedom begins only at limitation.


Those, who want to live in brotherhood, shall not be close to each other; they shall leave distance between each other. In order people to live well, they shall live at a certain distance from each other; Love does not happen from a short distance. It shall not be considered that physical closeness is also internal closeness and that physical distance is also internal distance. Two people can be on both poles of Earth and to be still together, to be united. In Love you shall not become attached. You are in the illusion - when you bring one form closer to yourself and you do not see anything else, you forget everything else and you know only this form. Your living area shall not be much reduced. There shall be at least one meter distance from each other. Hence, Love without becoming attached. Do not become very close to each other, in order not to shade one another. Man is stronger than destiny and conditions and if he is braver, he will overcome the conditions, otherwise the conditions will hamper him. Be without halters today!

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