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One socially active person visited the Master. He was interested in what labour will be characterised by in the New culture.


In the course of the historical development of mankind, there are three phases in the human activity: making efforts, labour and work. Making efforts is for animals, labour - for people, and work - for Angels. Labour is by obligation - you have to labour, in order to earn something for living. There is joy in work: an artist works and a poet also works, when he writes. Work happens with the least efforts, with the least energy. With labour, a lot of energy is spent, and while making efforts - even more. Work shows that you are free from labour and making efforts. Making efforts is going down, labour is going up, and work is being in the vault of Heaven. Making efforts is slavery, labour is servicing, and work is Freedom. I said that labour is by obligation, and work is by free will - you are free from the karma. When you are not free, it is labour. And when you are free, it is work - you paint, sing, write and work physically, but nobody forces you and in no way obliges you. You cannot go suddenly from making efforts to work; man has to pass through labour. Contemporary people consider things partially. They do not know why it is passed through making efforts, labour and work. Nowadays a violinist plays for money; a baker bakes bread for money, a shoemaker gives shoes for money. Everything is for money today. Nature loves people, who make efforts, who labour and who work, but do not stay idly. When you make efforts, you are in the physical world. When you labour, you are in the Spiritual world. When you work, you are in the Divine world. When man works unselfishly, without being paid, then he works. And when he is paid, he labours. For example, somebody gives a concert in a town and he is paid for that - then he labours, and after that he comes to Izgreva and gives a concert for free - then he works.


Making efforts is the hardest thing, labour is a bit easier, and work is the easiest. Somebody says: "I am tired of labouring." And it is pleasant to work. Labour shall be turned into work. The best conditions are in work. Now it is required not labour, but work and man shall do it freely, by Love.


There is a story, which characterises the whole mankind; it looks like a tale from "One Thousand and One Nights ": one rich man was carrying a hoe on his shoulder and was looking for somebody to hire him. One man told him: "I will pay you, go to the vineyard." He said: "I do not work for money, I do not want money." "What do you want? Precious stones?" That man told him: "I have so many of them!" The other man said: "Do you help for God's sake?" The man went with the hoe to help. What will be the valuable coin from now on? The words: "For God's sake!" Such will be the future Culture. Make a favour without wanting you to be paid. Throw away the idea to be paid, all shall be dictated by Love. All blessings are included in Love; we shall work for Love towards God. If somebody is paid for his labour, it is not Divine, because the spent energy is paid by nothing.


If you fulfil the maxims of this Doctrine, you will be neither hungry, nor ill. Here, in the Brotherhood, we will be like in the Invisible world - no matter what we do, we shall do it for God's sake. This shall be realized deeply in your souls. Everything we have, to be at God's disposal. We shall give away for God's sake.


If people believed, they would have had wonderful experiences! All that man has - activity, gifts and powers shall be used for the Glory of God. However, this shall be a continuous process. Everybody thinks that he is a God's cashier. The agriculturist, who ploughs, shall consider that he works for God; as well as the teacher, the clerk, the worker, and the doctor shall consider that all that they earn is for God and it is not their own. If one engineer works with the consciousness of God, that he builds for Him, won't his work be to his liking? And the heart of the one, for whom he works, also opens and he gives more. When one works for God, it is just as if what is possessed by God is also his and he will be richer. If you work, work with Love. If you serve, serve with Love. If you drink, drink with Love. If you eat, eat with Love. If you make something good without Love, I do not want it. Everything that is made by somebody for me with Love, and he benefits by it, I also benefit by it. This will be set as one great law: make everything with Love and be diverse in your methods.


The supreme stimulus for work is Love. Do not start any work without Love. Obey this rule! Man shall start asking himself for whom he works, for whom he thinks, for whom he feels, etc. This is the most important question. Nowadays, everything in the world is always done for payment. The judge judges, but he is paid. The preacher preaches and he is paid. Also the lawyer. We shall change our outlooks, but today we do things after the law of constraint. When there is no matter what material stimulus, this is not Freedom any more. Let Good itself attracts you and be strong for you.


I would like my clothes to be sewn by a tailor, who does not say bad words. Because everyone puts something into what he produces - good or bad. If this is applied, everything that is made - bread, etc. will bear blessing. And now we all know the weaknesses and do not know how to eliminate them. That is why, first of all, small communities shall be established, which will apply this rules; for example, you will plant one garden after this rules. At the old order, those, for whom you work, pay you and show you the path. But, at the new order, you are paid nothing, but you are left as a member of an own family and you are given everything at disposal. A mother carries her child in her arms, as well as the maid, but she is paid, and the mother works by Love. She is paid, too, but in another way - through the feeling of joy and pleasantness, which are experienced. Servants are paid for fulfilled work, but sons - are not. Son serves for nothing.


Somebody asks: "Is it possible to live without money?" Well, that seed, which you plant, how much did it pay to you? The thought about money is hypnosis. We have put much bigger importance into money and we say that it is not possible to live without money. You can live without money, but not without Love! The one, who loves you, will give you everything.


When we work by Love, without expecting anything, and when Providence of God gives us, it is a Divine Order. And when we insure ourselves by salaries, etc. it is human order. Invest your capital in the Divine bank. When you do not work for money, but you want thankfulness - or to be loved, or respected, then you are not quite selfless. Actually, man shall not expect anything. Rain is a gift for all of us. Is it bought with money? Sun gives away for nothing; be like it. Be like the spring, be like the fruit tree. Somebody asks how to live. Like the fountain! One who works for God's sake and his personal things are arranged from above, he has eliminated his karma. Some people have to be still paid, they are silkworms, and the ones, who serve to the Eternity, are not paid. In the New culture, the world will be organised otherwise. Imagine that you go to a baker and tell him: "My dear friend" and he will give you bread for free. But from where will he take the flour? He will go to a miller and he will tell him: "My dear friend" and he will give him the flour. This means that the exchange coin will be Love.


How will we understand that people serve to God? When it comes to serving to God, people will travel by train for free; you will go to theatres also for free. Actors will also play for free, but, in return, the audience will feed them for free with the most fresh and delicious food. When any brother has lots of energy, we will ask him to gather fruits and he will put this energy into them, he will prepare marmalade. And when somebody is not energetic, we will give him to eat from this marmalade and he will become in good spirits. The one, who serves for free, is paid and is paid even more. Somebody could say so: "Well, if I work for free, if I work for Love towards the other, for Love towards God, then what will happen with me, how will I live?" Here is an answer to this question: when somebody works for free, for Love, he will be given by people for Love. If somebody lives after God, God will take care of him. Hence, the order will be put on a completely new base; one great idea will be applied in Life.


We can make an attempt: to put on silk aprons and prepare tea together, but everybody, who will light the fire, who will bring water and who will serve at table, let them work with Love, voluntarily, so that we to drink love tea. If you push a cask, full of water and you tell yourself: "Was this meant for me?", then you take something from the water. It is the same when bread is being knead, etc. This is a whole science. That is why people shall be free. Everything that man does shall be done by good will and when he finishes, he shall be pleased that he has done it, to be joyful. One tea, given by good will, is irreplaceable. Even if you give a drop of water by good will, it is irreplaceable. You put something valuable and beautiful in it.


Contemporary people spoil God's blessing, which comes from above, because as transformers, they form one negative environment, in which good turns, sent by God, cannot be brought into being on Earth. They spoil wheat, grapes, etc. with their deeds.


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