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Some socially active persons visited the master. One of them asked: "What will you tell us about the social issue, which disturbs mankind today." The Master said:


Nowadays there are crises in all spheres of life - financial crisis, crisis in the psychic world, in religion, etc. All of these crises have one common root. When you see worn out, suffering people, people, who live in destitute, etc., this shows the degree of development of mankind and it is understood, that it has not reached to a higher culture. There is place and conditions for everybody in the world, but life is put on an irrational base, and Justice and Equality shall be applied in it. What is meant by "Equality"? This means that everyone will be given according to his needs. For example, the little child will be given as much as he needs, as well as the grown-up. The economic issue shall be arranged: each of us shall have a house with two rooms and a kitchen, food and time has to remain for the needs of the Soul. The issue about light, air and water is solved. Only the bread issue remains. Food, which is born by Earth each year, is enough for all, but is not distributed the way it has to be. The society shall solve this issue. Bread shall be so available for everybody as light, air, and water. Everybody should obtain bread for free and according to his needs. And when the economic issue is arranged, then time has to remain for each person to satisfy his cultural needs. It is possible and indispensable bread to given for free to everybody. Then the Kingdom of God will be already on Earth. This is one of the essential issues, which will not be solved automatically.


We need people - pioneers, For example, in our Brotherhood, it can be made an attempt people to cooperate and apply the new way of living. The Brotherhood shall have 16 da of earth, where to be worked in the new way. Also workshops to be there, in which to be worked in the new way. Work shall be distributed evenly, and goods shall be also distributed evenly between everybody and there to be enough for everybody. We think that we are poor, but the world is very rich, only that we are poor in understanding. There are lots of resources for all people to live decent lives.


The ones who have made the world come to fix it. And now they prepare the people in order it to be clear to them that everybody will suddenly change. It is being done something in today's big crisis.


When heart is fixed, half of the world will be fixed. When mind is fixed, the whole world will be fixed. The way we think the world will be fixed, it will never be fixed in this way. The world will be fixed neither by earthquakes, nor by burning of towns, nor by storms; these things demolish the old, but one real change shall happen in people's mind. It is worked hard from the Invisible world in order the new ideas to be perceived by mankind. At first, about one million Angles were sent for saving mankind, but they have not completed successfully enough their task. Some people say "God will fix the world", but this is a very automatic understanding. The problem will not be solved externally, because if it was so, Jesus could take the power to establish a law and so on. If the world could be fixed, there are laws today, too, but the following is missing: people do not understand human soul and do not know the body, they do not consider it holly. When people begin to understand the human soul and when they come to the idea to consider the human body holly, then the world will be fixed. For example, the contemporary countries send thousands of people to die on the battle field and rich people send the workers to the mines, without sympathising them. Let people with higher consciousness come in order all acquisitions of science to be used for good. Society shall be organized in the way our organism is organized.


One who thinks that mankind depends on the social order, he is mistaken; it is just as if you make a cart, which is bad and after that you say that you depend on it. You, who have made one cart, can make another more perfect one. Ideas are needed. At first, the change will come in mind and then - in feelings. The world cannot be suddenly changed. Until you all start burning and light the others, life cannot be fixed. What impedes life now? Consciousness, people's understanding. The Kingdom of God is not something physical; one day, when all people awake, it will come to Earth - when conditions for the new consciousness are established and it is set going. The most direct way is people to understand the great truth that they are one and that they shall act after the law of Love. Today's relationships between people are automatic - like boards, united with a ring in a cask, which have nothing in common, but are hold together externally by the metal ring, and when it breaks, they separate and disperse. Today people also disperse like the boards of a dried cask and they see that there is nothing that can keep them together, because their relations are automatic. What is the reason for today's misfortune? - Unloving. And which is the way for mankind going out of this situation? - If Love enters the world, everything will be fixed.


All who want to establish communities and fellowships; they shall set the idea of Purity and shall be good conductors of Love. In one Brotherhood, like ours, everybody shall love all and all shall love everybody. If Love enters the world as a factor, then issues can be solved. They cannot be solved in another way, because, otherwise, the animal principle will reign in the world - the strongest will win and will have the right. People shall understand that everybody has equal rights from God. Each person has the same right for food, but as much as he needs, as well as any other creature. Rational Nature has foreseen one plan for all of us - a plan of the Rational life - and people have to study its Divine plan, where everything is foreseen. In order this plan to be understood, human body shall be studied. And when people learn how it is organized, then they will understand the new order. In the head, within this small space, milliards of cells get along; people can do the same, but they shall reduce their needs for this purpose, because they have lots of useless things.


One guest asked: "When consciousness of mankind will awake?"


If man moves with the speed of an oxcart, ages will be needed for his consciousness to awake, but if he moves with the speed of the light; it will take little time.


The future order will be the order of Love; then, as an external manifestation of Love, four things will be applied: honesty, justice, purity and selflessness. When they are applied in the social system, it will be improved. It is a solution to the issue, but how, after all, can it happen? This is an issue on awaking of the consciousness, because it is inside the human soul and has to manifest by itself. So, which love will solve all human issues? It is Love in which honesty, justice and selflessness are included as elements.


If only people do not spoil the world, it will be fixed. All famous people, authorities will lose the leadership, will not know what it has to be done and then they will look for the Divine. If we apply God's law, all misfortunes and sufferings will run away from us. This law may be applied in the economic life. They can apply it, but they do not want to, because they still believe that there is an easy way in Life, which will lead them to the desired happiness. But, there is no another way, except the Divine one. They say that the country has lots of nice laws. Yes, it has laws, but there is violence, too. People are very good, because there are laws, but if we leave the country for 24 hours without laws; we will check what sort of people will be they.


When a politician gets up in the morning, let him think of God, serve God and govern in conformity with God's Will. Nowadays, when they take the power, they forget themselves and think that they are the main factors and they do whatever they want. It is not needed much in order the world to be fixed. A small effort is required for today's world, with which it can be fixed - all of us have to wish to fulfil God's Will.


Abundance solves issues. If you go to a fountain, will there be a dispute on water? No. But there will be a dispute on a small bottle of water. Hence, there is no dispute at the Great, there is abundance, and at the small, there is dispute. Lying, jealousy, murders, false life show that there is no abundance. Everything in the world may be fixed, if people unite; there will be abundance then. Abundance is needed in the world and you shall not misuse it. All bad things come from scarcity. Love will attract abundance. We criticize this or that system, but each of them has been useful in the concrete case and after that it has outlived its time, in the same way as a child uses a toy and leaves it after a certain time. The new, which is coming, is Goodness, Justice, Beauty and Rationality. Beauty ennobles and raises man, Rationality makes him free, Goodness will introduce harmony in the society and Justice will satisfy the needs of all. Obedience without Love, without Rationality, without Freedom is a crime. Free man may obey, but voluntarily.


Recently, I received a project of Rossendorf from Estonia, who has a plan for the new order. It is foreseen in this plan everybody to work in a commune, to be recorded how many hours they have worked and against a note for the hours they have worked to get products from the Community Hall, but I see that it is still paid for the work here. They want to create a new order, and it already exists; and we have only to perceive it. The new order issue is solved, because there are communities in Heaven, which live in this way and their order shall be taken down, and not to be invented new orders. The real order exists and it shall be transferred down, in the way the Tabernacle of Moses was seen up and was taken down after the above model. This ideal order is implemented on the Sun, on the planets, but it is not implemented yet on Earth in material respect. All rules exist up, but they want to make experiments here. The efforts of the Invisible world are what has already been tried to be implemented in the human society. Isn't it said: "May your will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. " Isn't it said: "May your Kingdom come on Earth, as it is in Heaven." And they want to invent some things here, and this cannot be in this way.


Now, the New life is being prepared all over the world. Fishes became a model for the steamships, and birds - for the airplanes. And the model for the new order shall be taken from the Higher Beings, because today's order of things is childish and shall be changed. Even the forms shall be already changed, because today's ones are not suitable. The Higher Beings, about whom it is written in the Writ that they will come, they will come exactly now.


We say the Lord's Prayer (Translator's note: also called the Pater Noster or Our Father) with the idea that all people have One Father and that we are all brothers; the world will be arranged if all people perceive this idea. The victims from the WWII will act through people, implemented on Earth, in order the regime, the order to be changed. Masses are raising now and it is necessary they to raise. Today's order does not make efforts for satisfying the cultural needs - man works all over the day for obtaining of material things, he comes back home tired, he cannot read and goes to bed.


Work shall be collective by working together. Cooperative work shall be implemented in all countries and work shall be given to everybody. There shall not be anybody without work.


There is only one Brotherhood in the world, established by God and there is nobody, who is not in that Brotherhood; if somebody does not understand that, this is because of his narrow field of vision. New method shall enter the world - each of us to work something for what he has been born. And when he works for what he has been born, he will not be tempted. Unfortunately, few contemporary people are at their places.


All European countries will unite in one federation. The countries have so many debts, but in the new order they will eliminate them, they will remit them and start anew. There are two methods for re-education, which will operate one after another and people's destinies will be solved through them. One of the methods acts from outside: first, the Law of Moses shall re-educate people - through revolutions, etc., and second - the law of Jesus will come.


In future, men and women shall be absolutely free from the material conditions. Woman shall not be forced to get marry because of material conditions and man shall not be forced to get marry because of material conditions. Nature has retained the best real blessing for later.


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