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The Master accepted one journalist and during the conversation he delivered the following thoughts:


Violence is not culture, but a preparation for culture. Violence shall stop, to be culture. There is no violence in God. Any violence is paid, consequences are coming. Those who have committed violence are restless. When they go to the other world, they will be restless there, too - the results from the sin find them and they cannot escape; only when consciousness comes, they will be forgiven. Any sin that is committed is committed against God, nothing more. When a man is killed, it is already committed a crime, with which they breach God's law; destiny catches them - there is no deliverance, once they have sinned. How they could escape, when they have sinned? They have committed a murder, they hide in the forests, but die and they wait for them in the Invisible world. Where could they hide? You cannot hide in the other world! Now man uses his power after the habit of the animals, but Goodness, Intelligence shall take an advantage. Man shall distinguish himself by Goodness; in the animal world, the strongest has the right, and in the human world, the weaker shall have the right. New cannot come in any way by violence. Violence shall be absolutely denied as means for coming of the New; violence gives birth to violence.


The guest asked: "May violence be avoided?"


If we have order of egoism, violence is inevitable, but if we have a Divine order of Love, then violence is useless and is excluded.


The stronger will respect the rights of the weaker. When he sees any small animal, for example, an ant, he will pass round it, he will not tread it. He will not cut trees indiscriminately. When man gains power, he forgets himself and becomes haughty - the fall into sin is there. Now we are in the position of the grinder and blade. Now the grinder and blade arrange the world and while arranging it, they are wearing out, and the things, they arrange, are also wearing out. A Bulgarian tied a dog to the tap of a barrel with wine and beat it. The dog, while pulling itself, pulled the tap and opened the barrel. The man went to chase the dog and the wine run. Often when we beat the dog and go to chase it, we lose the conditions that we have. It is a law: in violence, we lose the good conditions, which we have.


The Divine science excludes hypnotism as a healing and educational means, because with hypnotism man uses violence on somebody else's will and then a reverse reaction will occur.


Batak massacre is repeated - to kill a man without judging him! When God sees that man misuses with the great laws, he teaches him a lesson. People shall repent and say that murders are not allowed. The one, who is guilty, shall not be killed. One, who is killed, is more dangerous in the Invisible world. The one, who does not know the occult law, says: "Let them kill each other!" When they kill each other, they are more dangerous and the situation gets always worse after that. Some people believe in evil. They think that they will benefit of evil and think that when they kill their enemy, they will win. And if a man is convinced that his enemy will become stronger after death, he will not kill him. Somebody says: "Murder is allowed for God's sake." No, it is not allowed! There is no nation that has got on by murdering. That's God's law. If you can create a man, then you can kill him, and because you cannot make him, you cannot kill him. Each murder, each lie, each hypocrisy come out from totally different source. Death is there. Man cannot raise through them. One will be woven, two will be unwoven. Old Jews, not knowing the law, killed the gentiles and the latter reincarnated in them and the situation of the Jews worsened.


As long as you walk along the path of sin, you will kill, and as long as you are after the new Divine order, there is not a word about killing. Evil is never defeated by evil, because evil gets bigger. The opponents in Germany did not have to be killed. It is worse when opponents are killed, things are denigrated. If a man kills a dove, he has the same conscious like a lass, who has picked a flower to adorn herself. Evil is defeated by Good.


Each war bears illnesses, because these negative thoughts during the war days cause illnesses like poisonous gases and affect also the organisms of those people, who participate in the military operations; the whole atmosphere then is full of these flows. With the negative thoughts during a war, the atmosphere of ether is destroyed and this introduces dissonance in the human organism. It is "karma-karashak[1]" during a war, i.e. karma is activated. The WWII is a war of the birds-airplanes, of the fishes - submarines, of the bone-frogs - tanks, of the trees - guns. I say it metaphorically to those who understand me, and I can say it directly: animal powers in man take part in the war, and the Divine in man or real man does not participate. What is done - war is not after God's will and they will suffer. A singer once told me that when he gave a concert, a disabled person came amongst the attendees - without legs and without hands, a torso, who has listened with interest to the concert. The singer became very excited when he saw him; he could hardly bear the scene. That is what the result from the war is. The New Teaching and the New Life does not allow such scenes in Life. The New Teaching is a life of beauty, joy, happiness, and goodness. This is the Divine life, which will come, because this is God's will. In the Divine life each of us shall be left free. The private war between individuals gives birth to the common. God did not create the world for slaves, for servants, for prisons, for pleasures. God created the world for a school for his children.



[1] karashak (Turkish) - mixing, stirring (Ed.)



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