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A journalist visited the Master and a conversation began about the international life.


Each nation has its own function and it has to be free in order to fulfil it. Each nation is like an organ in the human organism. Or, said in another way, each nation is a perceiver of specific energies in the Cosmos, which are shared out amongst the entire mankind, and that is why it is needed for the life of this mankind. The Bulgarians are one organ, the English - another, the Germans - a third one, etc. When Lord comes, he will assemble them all. One day all peoples will bring their own specific nice features and will make them available to the entire mankind. All peoples bear part of the holly Tabernacle and one day when all these parts unite they will form the Tabernacle. And as each nation has its own function as an organ of the overall human organism, it is allowed to have its own language. All peoples have to live in brotherhood as members of one family. No nation shall dominate. Once Babylon, Assyria, the Roman Empire dominated over the other nations, they ruled them, but where is their domination now? Contemporary nations, which dominate, will have the same destiny. All peoples shall have good conditions, no people shall oppress another and stronger peoples shall help to the weaker ones.


When you meet an English, an American, etc, you shall feel that you are over the nationality, that you are brothers. Nationalism shall be overcome, leave it aside - man shall not love only his people. Try to be God's sons!


In a family, at first parents are dictators and punish children with the rod, but when children grow up, their father will not be able to dictate, he will become a democrat. It is the same with peoples. When they wake up and become stronger, the dictatorship disappears and turns into democracy. Synarchy is the highest form of management, but contemporary mankind is not ready yet to perceive it. It is for the distant future. Collective consciousness awakens in mankind more and more today. The tendency for uniting is increasing and in future, the federation of nations will establish.


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