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One brother visited the Master. In a private conversation with him He said:


The coming of the Great Masters happens for the liberation of the world. I show you where the path of Light, which bears Life, is and I will not show you the little lights. When I come close to people I am always clean. Cleanness is a quality that shall be adopted by everyone. When I talk about the Sun, you will not expect happiness from me, but from the Sun. I take you to the spring. You will not expect happiness from me, but from the spring. Hence, when I talk with you about some things, I want to take you to the Reality, where there is not sorrow and suffering. The place full of sorrow and suffering is the Unreal and when man does not understand God's paths, he suffers.


I have a point of contact with God. I am interested in the point of contact! When I do something, I think then that I know. For me, only the implemented ideas are ideas. I am send by God. They shall know that I have not come by myself, by my desire, but I am send by God to work for establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth. The Kingdom of God has not a form. God talked through Jesus, God talks through me! The ideas, which I present in the talks and lectures, are taken from the Divine. I have come in order to manifest Love, to bring it to Earth. This is my mission. What Jesus talked and what I talk is from the same source. They are not two sources. But each Master is different, bears divine fire from the Invisible world and is distinguished by the fire.


You cannot work against the Master. We bear one Divine Teaching, but we do not argue, we cannot compare it to something, time will show. All those, who will come, are determined. Those, who are coming to the Sixth race, are determined. If some of us can find larger light somewhere else, let them go there, it is not a problem. The Master brings the new, when he comes; the old disciples cannot go further without a key and this key is with the Master. The Master explains the opportunities of the present and reveals the future. Now, I have come to teach people to live in conformity with Love; there is no another way, all will come. I want them to test this Teaching.


I learn from the Sun. I want to be like the Sun, like the fruit trees, like the springs, like the precious stones, like everything beautiful in the world. I learn from everything, I appreciate everything, I do not underestimate anything. When people walk along this Divine path, I am happy, and I am sorry when they are not on it, because all those sufferings, which they will have, do not make me happy. I want the souls, over which I work, to succeed and one day they to be one written book in order I to be happy that I have done something good.


A Master has to come to the world, in order to give image to the people. When a Master comes, he talks to them about something, which they understand. The Master bears the first Love in himself and cannot look at the people with disregard. He treats everybody in the same way, because Love treats everybody in the same way. He knows why the sufferer suffers and why the happy person is happy. He can liberate the sufferer very easily, only by two words: "Accept Love and you will liberate! "


You shall love a man, in order to prepare him for the path to immortality. The Master accepts Love from God; it passes through him and comes to the disciple.


At first a connection establishes between the Master and the disciple. The Master shall have Love towards the disciple, in order to be able to teach him. Love, which the Master has towards the disciple, is an important factor for the raise of the disciple.


I have not taken anything from anybody. I have only given. I have revived them, taken them back from death; I have improved their financial status, paid their depts, and I have not taken anything in return, because that is the way I understand Love - in giving. I feel the unity in the following way: you, when you love somebody, you love me; when you water a flower, I am happy, because it is happy.


Here it is how fraternization will happen: we will translate our literature in Serbian, Polish, etc. The Invisible world will give a lighter, and the material will be given by those who are in the School. After the style of the talk, I will tell that one child can speak logically when he learns a poem by heart; it is not a hard work for a person to speak logically, there are certain rules, which he will learn and that's it. Are things in Nature arranged logically? Stars are not arranged by size in the space. What is given in the talks is not only in the words. There are sealed things in the talks, which cannot be delivered by words. Many things remain sealed and only the one, who have experienced them, understands them. The reading of Gospel, talks and lectures shall be done with understanding and application. Everything that you read shall be understood and applied. Some of my talks are purely surgical - I clean the wounds of the people, to whom I talk. It means that I take into consideration the people, listeners, audience who are in front of me. Methods of education and self- education may be found in all lectures. I have given so many methods of education of children, adults, philosophers, poets, etc. Images, which I use, are taken out from Nature. I translate the newest things, which are now in Nature. It was different two thousand years ago. They say: "Jesus has told this once"; yes, but Jesus has also told: "Now you cannot understand some things and you will understand them later." So, today there are new things and after two thousand years there will be even much newer things. Philosophy, life, exercises and all the rest are in harmony in us. These gymnastic exercises are given to the outer world for the first time. Music penetrates the talks and somebody has to be found to play it. The one, who is going to interpret the talks, shall be a master. Truths about the future culture are hidden in the talks. Read the talks and lectures from the Youth and Common Occult Class, as well as the Gospel. Do this before each other things. It is obligatory you to find time for them.


The Brother said: "There is hidden meaning in them."


Power is namely in this - mind to be trained, to be harnessed into work and to look for the internal meaning of the words in the talks. Sometimes I read a lecture to you and a thought comes to my mind why I have to read it, when you will understand it in twenty years; why from Heaven they want me to read it. Now I give twenty leva to a little child, who does not understand, but when years pass, this money of his will become a capital. The ideas, which I present in the talks and lectures, can be found by you alone, but for each of them, you shall work twenty-five thousand years in order to find it. Let's say that in one talk there are ten ideas; how many years will you need to find them then? And how many talks of the kind are there? That's why I underline that with these talks and lectures the time for your development shortens very much. Once, in ancient times, many people waited at schools for twenty years in order to be given two or three grains of sentences, on which to work after that.


Occult science in the west goes along an automatic path, and there is diversity in the talks, as well as in Nature itself. There is internal regularity in this diversity - it is the same in the talks as it is in Nature. I have come out of a world, in which occultists have never stepped, nor seen it. I translate from Nature, from the original itself.


I have not talked about Love by now. I have reached to the Causal world by now. This School goes along the Absolute path; when you want to walk along the relative path, you exclude yourselves from it. And outside of the School, it is a school again. Everything is in the plan of God. Once I told to outsiders: "If you want to hear what was written, don't come to me, there are books, read them, but if you want to hear what was not written anywhere, come to me."


A priest wrote to me that he had become desperate, because he did not have what to talk, but he had began to read the talks, his life had become worthwhile, he had become joyful and happy and he asked me if he had the right to read them in front of his listeners. He was encouraged by the new. I have never repeated things. What I have said, I will not repeat it even if you give me the entire world. What I have talked about for twenty-five years has already filled the world and the world cannot liberate from it. It is not mine, it is Divine and one day people will accept it inside. Life will not change in the way people believe today. There are invisible workers, who take and spread through the air the ideas, about which I talk to you. The Sermon, brought by Jesus, is spread everywhere by the spirits after that. The new ideas, which I mention, this Divine thought, are everywhere in the world, everybody feels it. Other creatures listen to the talks together with you. Many people listen to what I talk. When I talk, I do not mean only you, but also those who have perfectly liberated themselves. They are not here on Earth; they are free and listen from other worlds.


The Brother asked: "How can we reach them?"


In order to reach them, you shall make a connection with them and ask them how they have come to that state.


Sometimes, in order to rouse, to underline a weakness and help, I talk about things with which I make myself dirty by entering in mire, because each human love is big mud. I force myself to talk about this in order to underline the truth, I make myself dirty, but it cannot be otherwise, I have to tell it.


One teacher teaches you knowledge, but do you know how it has been gained? Somebody has tasted the sweet fruits of knowledge, but how does this sweet fruit come, what conditions has the tree passed through, how has it passed through the storms, the cold! If people are ready, I can talk about deeper things to them, but humility is needed. I cannot tell anything to one, who thinks that he knows everything. First of all man shall have humility, if he wants to gain more internal knowledge, i.e. he shall have consciousness that what he knows is very little and that he shall learn from now on.


One Frenchman asked me by letter a few questions: first, what have made me to start this movement? I answered him: Love towards God, Knowledge about God and Truth about God. Second, for who is this movement? I told him: this movement is for the entire mankind, and not only for Bulgaria; this movement is organized and the other organizations will come to assist it, because it is Divine. Third, has this movement opponents? I told him: in the time, which is coming, all those who oppose, will get out of their depth. What we bear to the world is as needed as light, air, water and bread. This is the newest situation, which is being revealed to the future mankind. People shall try it. Love shall enter the world in a new way. Things, which we say, shall be checked in order to live and will not be imposed by force. I do not want to prove to you, but I say: Try. If we defend ourselves, we are at the wrong side; it shall be talked only about what has application. What I talked this morning in the Common Occult Class has application.


One who does not know the Internal teacher, he does not know the outer one either. The Master cannot work directly on everybody. He works directly on some people, but, on others, he works in this way: he will put a man or two, or three, etc., up to ten between him and himself. Jesus chose twelve persons and he worked on them. Each of them had one typical feature. For example, Thomas had a particular feature and it was a door for Jesus to work between the other people. Also each of his disciples was a door, through which He could work on a special group of people in the world. From all disciples of Jesus, there was mildness only in John.


I do not stare at my disciples' mistakes; I have much more important work. I know everything that they think and do. I could raise them, but I do not want; I have left them totally free, because I teach the free. This Teaching is for the free. Do not look for the love of the matches. Love, which is fired by matches, dies out, and the Divine Love is eternal, it never dies out, it is never lost, lives forever and ever. Only when we think of God, Love will fill our hearts. What I have told you is very little: to look for God in everything, to love God in everything and in everybody! I have planted young trees, which are growing now and they will give fruits after three-four-five years. We will see then of whom what is the fruit. No one, who has come to us consciously, has gone out. We neither invite, nor drive somebody away from us.


Now I prepare the disciples; time will come, I will fire you and there will not be dying out any more. If only you fire! At first there will be groan, but when you begin to give birth to fruits, you will be already ready. I have sacrificed myself for you, and now you shall self-deny yourselves. The disciple will perceive the Love of the Master through obedience. The Love of the Master. And in the same way in which soils takes rain in he takes the Love of the Master in. Through learning the disciple waters things and they grow up in him. The disciple is obedient in order the Love of the Master to settle in him, and studies in order Love to grow in him. You shall have Love in order you to be accepted by the Master. Only Love can open the doors of Wisdom and Knowledge. The Master chooses his disciples and calls them by his Love. The disciple studies by gratitude to the Master, in order to maintain the Love of the Master.


Love, which Jesus showed towards people round Him, was resonance of Love, with which He was loved by Father. When we get to know God, we shall also get to know that He has also sent us to fulfil His Will. Each conscious man, in whom Jesus' Spirit lives, shall understand, that he is sent in order to evidence the Truth that he is sent to fulfil God's Will. If we do not have attitude towards God, what will make us have attitude towards the others?


What does Master's goodwill towards the disciple depend on? It depends on two things: first, on the good approach of the disciple to the Master and second, on the disciples studying. He may approach well, but not study well and what is built by the good approach, is demolished by not studying. But there is a disciple, who approaches well and studies well. In this case the Master has a special attitude towards him. Good approach is a capital! The disciple develops his capital through studying. If he does not study, this capital remains undeveloped and then, after a while, it disappears, it is spent. Each thing that does not give fruits, wears out, decreases.


First of all, man shall appreciate Love, which gives Life, after that he shall desire to dress Life. Knowledge is a garment of Love; Truth is a guard, house. In Love man is born, in Wisdom man dresses, and in Truth he has a house, in which to live. Love, Wisdom and Truth are three necessary things.


Many brothers and sisters are entirely devoted to the arrangement of material and personal problems and do not live ideological lives. That is why it is necessary mind centre to be created - not everything to be announced to everybody, but only to the ones, who are determined. Some people do not apply and sometimes I even regret that I have started spiritual work in Bulgaria. Selfless people are needed. People, who are ready to serve selflessly to God and in the Brotherhood, such people are only certain persons. The certain brothers and sisters are 1444. There is one part from them in the Brotherhood and another will fill it. And they will come by all means! But not all that are now in the Brotherhood are from those 1 444 people.


One sister told me: "I want to be with You, to serve You, to become Your servant." I said: "Please, you are wrong! Why you will serve me, your master is God, serve Him! I am a servant, too. Why will I take somebody else's servant, if I am a servant and I do not need servants." Jesus says: "The words, which I utter, are not uttered by Me, but My Father utters them through


Me." When sometimes I speak severely to somebody, he could think that God speaks through me. Why not?


One great professor may devote very little part of his time to his student, because he is very busy with all sorts of discoveries of his in his laboratory. In general, his work is not to deal only with the student.


I have not time, nobody has to come and complain of somebody. Somebody asks: "What shall I do?" Watch me and do what I do, try it. A necessary condition for disciples' progress is studying the talks.


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