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We were in the sitting-room of the Master and one sister asked: "Master, tell us something from Your life."


All that I have said will not die, it will live - these are living words. If it is not applied now, it will be applied by other creatures, but we will not leave so what I have said. I do not dare to draw out something, because when I draw it out, it happens. When I draw something out, they follow me from the Invisible world, because my drawings are plans, which they are ready to accept and apply with enormous desire. Everything, which I utter, happens immediately. Creatures from distant worlds come and wait to hear what I will say about God's Love.


Some people say: "The Master knows", but my knowledge will not help them, but their personal knowledge will help them. Sometimes I pretend that I cannot sing, because if I sing the way I have to, you will be scared. I diminish, in order to make you sing.


When I go out somewhere, weather becomes milder. When I preached at 66 Opalchenska Street, the weather was always fine, and the window was widely opened and nobody fell ill. And when on Whitsuntide we went to Vitosha, it was Monday, 21st June 1937 and it was going to rain, but I told to the Moon to take the rain away to another place. And it really put off for twenty-four hours. Sometimes, when I want a rainy bath, I say up to Heaven to rain and it rains. I always know when it is going to rain, but I deliberately go and I am available. I do not tell to the one, who accompanies me that we will get wet, and I thank the rain that it does a fine job. There are many unrevealed things; Nature has not yet revealed itself. Lots of systems exist in it and what is impossible in a system is possible in another.


In those years, when at the lower Musala lakes only the small hut was built, one young man, Kosta, was its warder. We, from the Brotherhood, went on an excursion to Musala peak, and Kosta had caught trout to sell it. I asked him for how much he will send it to me, he made a calculation and I agreed: "Nice, I pay you for the fish, give it to me." The fish were alive, because it had been caught by a spoon-net, and were swimming in water in one enormous tin-plate. We turned it back in the lake. After that Kosta stopped fishing - something turned in him, he became a vegetarian.


Once, during an excursion to Musala peak, we were advancing together with a group of brothers and sisters and a poisonous snake had coiled on our path. I put my walking stick on it and then it raised its head and a part of its body straight vertically. After that I made several circles in the air over the snake with my walking stick and it stretched and slowly and silently vanished in the forest.


Once I was passing through a mountain and a flock of sheep came out in front of me and a Karakachan was standing in front of me. When I called the flock, they all came to me. I told the Karakachan that I am an old shepherd and sheep know my language. I patted some of them. I told them: 'Your issue will be arranged, graze now here." The sheep complained about their hardships, that their milk was taken, etc. I told them: "Wait a little more."


Once I went to the office of Grablashev. One man was writing a statement that somebody has misused with a sum of his I told him that I had owned this sum and I gave it to him.


While travelling over Bulgaria, I also went to Vidin. I was invited to a place, where a seance was going to made. They all were men of science. I was told: "Come to see us how we make a seance." A Bulgarian came and entered into a woman; he was her brother and told them some things about the afterlife, but after that he did not want to go away. His sister began to hit the table,


Golov was blowing, but the spirit did not go out of the body. It became midnight. They were going to disgrace themselves. People were going to say that they had made a seance and a woman had gone mad. I told: "Everybody on knees! Put her in the middle and read slowly the Lord's Prayer!" When they read the Lord's Prayer, she awoke and asked: "What happened to me?" And the other brother, who did not believe by then, believed.


Somebody comes to me and asks me for a favour, to help him with something. I become deeply absorbed in myself and address God in my thoughts to tell me in what way to make good to that man. I put myself in a reception state. Heaven inside me becomes cloudy, cold - this is not my state, I have adopted his state. Hence, by putting myself in his situation, I take his load and his suffering goes away. At first, I will take from his suffering and will give him from my joy. And when I take his suffering, I will transform it.


Once I travelled by a cart and I warned the carter: "Wait for a while for that cloud over there to pass away." He did not turn any attention, waved with a hand and said: "What? You are scared of the cloud? Let's go!" After half an hour, it began to rain so that on the road the water was half a meter. It was not until then that he said: "If I had known, I would have never set off."


Once a palmist, who was travelling over Bulgaria, came to me. I don't like to talk to people about what I see, but this time I made an exception. I told: "This morning you looked for a doctor, but he was not at home. His wife received you and told you that he had just gone out. From there you went to a milk shop, you took something out of your pocket and ate. After that you came to me." Then that man told to a person that he already acknowledged the Master.


Before the war, one missis from Plovdiv, acquainted with the spiritual science, came to me for an advice. She said that she had gathered on or two millions and will build a building. I said: "If you ask me, do not build it now, but if you want, build." She summed up: "I will build, because I will sustain an enormous loss later." This was in 1913 and she started the building. In 1914 the war began and the building was stopped. She sustained a loss and told me: "Why didn't you tell me!?"


Another example: a sister from Tarnovo came and told me: "I have some money at my disposal and I want to build another house next to the one I have, in order to rent it for making my life easier." I told her: "If you ask me, don't build now, but let two or three years pass; then it will be all right. If you begin to build, you will lose everything." She said: "Now I know that the material is cheap and if we build, we will take rent sooner from the new building, but I will try to take Your advice." The earthquake in Tarnovo took place, the house of the sister was demolished and she repaired it with the money she had. If she had built the new house, it was going to be ruined, too and the sister was going to remain without money.


One sister came to me to tell me that she had no a letter by her daughter and with a sinking heart she asked me if something had happened to her. I concentrated and I told her: "Your daughter will come on Sunday. She is not quite well, but don't worry it will pass." And it happened so.


Once I travelled with a man to the station. I told the man, who was driving the car, to stop and return ten steps back; we found there the part that had fallen out of the car. When he found it, he asked: "Who told you?" - "God told me!"


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