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One sister went to the Master for a private conversation.


In order to have a proper attitude toward me, to understand me, the disciple has to be clean and he will be clean, if he has not a sin, and he will not commit a sin, if he keeps God and the Shining creatures in his mind.


When I have a connection with a disciple, I know what will happen to him after thousands of years and I have it in mind and I take measures. In order the disciple to have a proper relation to his Master, he must understand Him. Then, even he is away from Him, he benefits from Him the way he does not benefit, if he does not understand Him. It is best if the disciple understands his Master and is near Him.


Each person shall be loved at least by one, but if he is loved by nobody, there is still One, who loves him - God. Yes, above each person, there is one eye, which watches. Love does not know space. No matter where you are, in another country or on another planet, It is always with you. God has created man in order to have somebody toward whom to manifest His Love. There is Love only toward One and when you love somebody, you are capable of seeing in that form the One.


In order to be realized if the disciple is devoted to an idea, he will suffer for it. In order to be able to resist all temptations, this means to know God. The first dedication for the disciple is to pass through sufferings and to withstand in peace, balance and joy. The second dedication for the disciple is to pass through joy and withstand again without hesitation.


The sister said: "In one of the last lectures You spoke of the significance of the formula "God is Love".


For pronouncing of the formula God is Love, three preparatory exercises shall be done: First - visit of a poor man. Second - meet the sunrise in a stormy and cloudy day. And third - see a little child, creeping and looking upwards. The visit of a poor man means the following: to find someone, who does not have anything, but is pleased. Also you, when you are devoid of everything, to be pleased, and not discouraged. When you pass through all this, you are already quite prepared for pronouncing the formula God is Love. Meeting the sunrise in a stormy weather means you, in a time of sever trials, to have internal uplift, enlightenment. And 'seeing of a little child creeping and looking upwards' means awaking of the consciousness and Divine life in man.


The disciple has to know how to listen to his Master, how to understand Him and apply His ideas. These are the three conditions for the disciple. A true disciple is the one, who tells his Master: "Do whatever You want with me, but give me knowledge!" And a true Master is the one, who treats His disciples selflessly and does not want any payment from them.


What I give at the School, it is theoretical outside and as a theory it is easy, but there are internal tasks, which will be given to everyone and then the Teaching becomes very hard. I diminish myself and show myself as an ordinary person to those who cannot understand me in another way. The Master may take in front of His disciples any form. When I want, I will come to the disciple, I will light up, I will water and I will again go away. To love someone without expecting anything from him, this is Love. God's Love, once manifested, remains forever. The relationship between a Master and a disciple is not only for one life, but for many lives. I can dress somebody, feed him, give him a bath, clean him, but I am close to him, when I teach him. The perfection of Love is the meaning of My Life.


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