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One sister was accepted by the Master and He said:


I have been inspired and this happened on 7th March 1897 after the old calendar (19th March after the new calendar). Then I was given a mission from Heaven, and then I was told that I am a Master for the entire mankind. The assigned mission is in connection with the new path of the Slavism and with the coming of the Sixth race.


It shall be mentioned that the inspiration of the Master had become by stages.




The Master has related me that when he was in a period of observation of fast and prayers, he climbed to a peak near the village of Arbanasi, Tarnovo District. Jesus appeared in front of Him then and told Him: "Give Your body, Your mind and Your heart to me and work for Me." The Master said: "God, let your Will be, I am ready! "(This happened before the involvement of Bulgaria in WWI, in September 1914)


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