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After the lecture and the gymnastic exercises, we turned back to the hall. A conversation began about the examinations and the temptations, through which man passes.


The opportunities for temptations are so thin that man has to think in order to see them. You don't feel well; cope with it and no contradiction to remain in you. Bad feeling comes in you; you shall cope with it. Sometimes in one temptation is hidden as if desire to work for mankind, but it is a cupboard. The world is a garden, in which we live and every day people eat from the forbidden fruit. When the stupid one comes from inside and tells you that no man will come out of you, you sorrow, but after that when the clever one comes and whispers to you from inside that you will become a man, and you are joyful. Sorrow and joy! We shall not be slaves to the external conditions and to the internal desires. If a bird is chased by a cat, what shall it do? Compete with the cat or fly off? - Fly off. You are chased by the dark spirit; fly off with your consciousness, raise yourself toward God and then it could not go toward God, and it will only look at you like the cat. Man shall raise to the higher worlds, in order to overcome the hardships of the environment, in which he is put. The lower, dark spirits do not enter the temple of God. If they talk to you, this means that you are out of the temple, and if they do not talk to you, you are in the temple. When man enters God's temple, the dark spirits will wait outside and will tell themselves: "He stays quite long; he prays quite long, we are tired of waiting." When a doubt comes to you, you shall diagnose - you shall know that you are outside of the temple.


Like ore, which is put in the oven to melt and gold to be taken out, the Higher creatures take people through some hardships. These hardships are fiery, in order the good in you to be awakened, and what is useless to remain aside. When God made the first man, He wanted to see if Adam has obedience and gratitude, but he failed the examination and had to pass through the road of suffering. There are very dangerous things in the Spiritual world. In contemporary occultism, some people want to be strong, to do whatever they want, without being responsible. Some people are looking for troubles. Somebody asks me: "Do I progress or not?" If I praise him or if I reprove him, I will do harm to him. If I praise him, bad spirits will come and will say: "There is something for robbing!" And if I reprove him, they will say: "He is one of us, let's go to him and give him an advice." Neither praise, nor reprove a child.


The life on Earth is one of the Great Schools. For now, there is no greater school than that for us. If you live well here on Earth, there is a chance to be Angles in future, but if do not live well as persons, you cannot be Angles.


The souls shall be stimulated, in order they to get rid of the limitations. Man has become slave of the circumstances voluntarily. At the begging of each job, man is completely free and if he does not obey the first freedom, which he has, a little limitation appears after that. At first you are on a flat surface, but after that you come to a surface with a little gradient and you already lose part of your power. Then the gradient becomes larger and larger, you will begin to slip downwards and finally you will reach to the bottom. Hence, when you fall in the first battle, you lose. That is why man has to be strong in the first battle.


It shall be worked on the young brothers, because some of them are tempted by Maya - the illusions of the external forms, which delude. Some of them have taken some things very close to their eyes and as a result of this their entire outlook is darkened. One circle of mind activity shall be formed amongst the young brothers, in order they to work with their minds.


Man cannot pass without ebbs and flows; they will inevitably come for each person. However, the clever man does like the Egyptians with the Nile: when the weather was rainy, they used to gather water from the river in basins, and they used it afterwards for watering of the cultures. The wise man also makes capital, when there is high water and when the low water comes, he does not feel insufficiency, because he has made capital out of the high water and can spent without worries.


The Invisible world examines only the capable souls, and they do not examine at all the ignoramuses. After the disciple passes the examinations, given to him by the Master, he accepts God's blessing.


One sister came to me and complaint that she had been beaten; I said: "You, as an occult disciple, have not had to tell anyone, you have had to keep this to yourself, and I have had to learn about this from the others, not from you. And you are the guilty one, because you have had a bad opinion about him - you think that he is bad and that is why the bad in him manifests. And from now on, if he ever comes into question, you have to say always the nice and good things about him. On the other hand when you were beaten, you had to praise God that you have passed an examination, but you complain. When the first Christian martyrs were beaten, they praised God. Thirdly, why didn't you fence, when that man came close to you? Why didn't you stand up in front of him and say these words: "God will not allow you to raise hand against me." All examinations, through which you pass, are tasks, which you have to solve. They will see if you have had faith, feelings, and mindfulness towards people, to what extent you have been impartial, to what extent you have kept your dignity. When you go to the Otherworld, they will see if you bring a diploma or not. You cannot bring a diploma, if you cannot solve the tasks, and you fail. Three times a day - in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening - the real face of man can be seen. But this doesn't last for a long time - the real man's face does not appear always."


At first the hardship is external and then it comes internally. For example, everything is fine with your family; all are united in it, but there is poverty and insults outside. But when the material matters get better, the woman and children go crazy - the one who caused that outside, had come inside. For example, David, before becoming a king, had external hardships, and when he came to the throne, internal hardships occurred. Under internal hardship it is understood struggle inside the human soul - doubts, lower desires, etc.


What is christening? - They will put you to some tests and if you pass, you are christened. If you withstand in Love, you are christened; if you do not withstand, you are not christened. It is the same with Truth, Knowledge, etc. You are not christened yet, but you will be. Christening means to withstand. They will examine you: sometimes humanity is dressed up in the form of the Divine, it dresses in it and at first it is a little hard to be realized. Hence, three states may appear: human, Divine and human, dressed up as Divine. There is a law: when you enter the spiritual life and begin to progress, the opposite will come; counteractions will come. At first they examine you and when the examination is over, you will show what and to what extent you can do. Somebody asks what examinations are for. In order you to manifest yourself; if they do not exist, you cannot manifest yourself. The examination is for revealing if man knows what he had studied and what he can apply.


There is no creature, besides God, which is not tempted. Only God is not tempted, and all the rest can be examined. When you are examined, you can also make a mistake. Each creature, that comes from God to Earth, if it is not active, if it does not work, there is a possibility it to be corrupted, to fall. I know why you, who were so good, became bad. Then, for some time, you were very beautiful, and now you have changed.


The occult science, the way you have studied it in the past, was very difficult. Pythagoras stayed for twenty years in Egypt, passed through lots of examinations; he waited to be introduced into the pyramids, in order to receive a dedication of the Egyptians. After that he had to spend ten years in Babylon to pass through examinations and be dedicated; he studied also in Palestine. And after he came back, he established the Pythagoras School.


There are people who have not committed a sin at all. This depends on the human will. As long as man does not perceive his sin through his will, he does not commit sins. It is a sin if you deliberately breach those great laws in Nature.


God examines the skinflints and the generous. At the beginning He puts the skinflint in poverty, and the generous - in abundance and examines them what they will do; and after that he exchanges their places, then again vice versa and so on. Man shall be upright. The sin does not depend on the quantity - it is all the same if you steal one stotinka or one million leva (Translator's note: Bulgarian currency). The way of thinking is the important thing. One has stolen one stotinka, because there was no more, but if there was, he would steal it. Each desire that limits you is a halter; have such desires, which do not limit you. When you are with a halter, you have to know that it is a halter and if you find yourself under it to know how to liberate from it. When they want to appoint somebody for a cashier, they examine him by putting him amongst one hundred opened cash-desks and they watch if he will take from them or not. If he takes, he is not for a cashier; if he does not take, he can be a cashier. So, you are also sent, because they prepare you for service and now they test you if you are going to take from the cash-desks or not.


Not all people are ready. One American wanted to know what undiluted concentrated ammonia is, but when he smelled it, he felt on his back. They asked him: "Do you want more?", but he refused: "No, it was enough" So, the realized life is happiness, and the one, which is not realized - suffering. There are lots of things in the world, which are sweet, but poisonous.


Once they did sacrifice in order to attract the shady spirits through the blood and people to get rid of them. A lamb or another animal was slaughtered in order people to be delivered. This is not allowed in the new culture. No bad thought shall be allowed at a place where people gather. Do not allow any bad thought to enter your mind at the place, where you sleep and work in order not to attract bad influences. There is a big struggle in man until he learns to be a master of the dark spirits. If you blow up, you have become a conductor of those spirits, and after that you repent and that is not at all pleasant. That is why you have to control yourself. Long time passes before man balances himself. When we take the non-advanced spirits away from our consciousness, our internal Heaven will brighten. Fear, unbelief, mistrust, anger, etc. are lower influences and when we liberate from them, our Heaven will brighten. The clear space of our internal Heaven depends on our consciousness.


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