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Now they put the Spiritual world contrary to the material one, and there is no contradiction between them. Material life has not to be mixed up with the carnal one. Flesh and body shall not be mixed up. The body is a house, a temple, where God lives. And the flesh is a fly, entangled in a spider's web. Man has entangled himself in some desires, and he cannot liberate from their influence. Man shall know, what is unfinished in him, with what he has dropped behind. Each disciple has to know on what in himself he has to work. There is something from the animals in man and that is why he has to look, think, because all misfortunes come from the lower desires. If somebody has ten million leva, what will he achieve with that? He is not at all insured. People shall by no means think. All people suffer from not thinking. We all need self-education - the only thing that can remain in man is what is gained by self-education.


Man has passed through all animal forms, now he passes through their habits and has to strive for liberating from them.


If man starts living a pure animal life, the forehead inclines backwards, the chin draws out backwards, and the jaw stands out forwards. If man continues in this way for several generations, the form changes. Monkeys are people who have fallen behind human culture - they had not been able to advance in their development and had fallen behind. But there is hope for them in the far future. One disabled person with crutches complained that he did not receive charity; then one violinist went with him to play, the disabled person stretched the bowl and people left lots of money in it. The violinist is the brilliant mind or the brilliant heart. It is misfortune if the disabled person is alone and it is happiness when the violinist is with him. This may happen in one moment, but it may be also waited for thousands of years. Somebody says that he does not want to be very rich; no, you are going to be rich in thoughts and feelings. Each day choose one verse, on which to think. Every day choose something new. You always repeat one and the same thing.


The internal states are stronger than the external conditions. Man has to begin with the internal state - he has to start his education from there. If he changes his internal state, the external conditions will change, too. Man will have to work a lot before becoming a master of himself. Remember that there is a lot to be done and remember that lots of things are unfinished. All contradictions in life are important. Each of us has to make an orchard, to seed in himself - in his mind and heart - fine seeds.


You are not alone. When you sit down to think you will see that you are not alone. You say something and somebody else in you says that it is not so - there is a National Assembly. Finally, voting takes place, resolution is accepted and you propose. The chairman is the Ego. Every day we have to solve the problems, which have to be solved by the entire mankind. Somebody has an illness - one injured self-esteem; we have to cure it, this is science. He says: "He said me so, I will teach him!" Each person is a material teaching for you; be careful what kind of lesson God wants to teach you through him. Now, in that Divine teaching, someone experienced is needed; many times people have talked, but they do not know how to do it. Every day you have to fix your pictures a little.


You have not tried the real evil, you know only its shadows and that is why do not discourage. All of us are equally talented, but they have not worked. The disciple has to develop his talents - be musicians, poets, wise. I want to make you all painters, musicians, poets in order you to be able to experience the life of the flower, of the mineral, of the spring. You will never see what is hidden in one flower until you develop mildness in your mind and heart and work with it for twenty years. Are they many? - Let them be fifty. This may also happen in a moment. The language of the plants teaches man how to live after the Divine way. You have to believe in your gifts. You may become a painter, a poet, etc. - all this is put in you and you have to find methods to awake the gifts, needed in your present life. The capable man, even put at the bottom, will come to the surface as butter, and the incapable one, even put at the top, will go to the bottom as a stone. There are so many mistakes in our lives, which have to be corrected and sometimes we just do nothing and we do not correct them. All from Heaven work, all work - and we also have to work. Stop crying, but correct yourself. If you see a mistake of yours, be joyful; you have made it, correct it. Man shall be relentless in his understanding - to allow no mistakes, to absolutely clean himself, completely and to the end. Reveal each mistake, which you do. Then if you have grown older you will become younger. Do not criticise yourself, just note the mistake and correct yourself. Contemporary science is capable of turning the carbon into diamond, by applying big pressure and high temperature. Hence, the sins that you have are embers, which you have to turn into diamonds. This is science; God assigns a task to you. Do not feel sorry for the mistakes, in order to be able to fix them. If you feel sorry, you lose time. At first, one mistake is so tiny that you have to look at it through lens, and then when it kindles, it becomes big. Do not self-blame yourself, because you blame God in you. When all mistakes are corrected, internal Peace will come. Everybody, who has corrected our mistake, is happy. All joys are results from corrected mistakes, and all sorrows - from the done ones. When somebody corrects a mistake, good comes in future. An animal cannot correct a mistake of its and that is why it cannot make a progress. If man thinks that somebody sinful is clever, this is impossible. Stop breaching God's laws. We restore what we have lost and we consider it profit.


A student, who studies shall not make even the smallest mistakes. When you work on a virtue of yours or work on eradication of a shortcoming of yours, but you do not see results, the result is already apparent above, and it will later project here on Earth, too.


One sister said: "Now we work on ourselves, but we do not have results."


You have a result, but it is above, in the soul and later it will also manifest here. Time will come, when you will be received with date-palm twigs. Cultivate your mistakes. You can cultivate the crab-apple, the blackthorn - you can cultivate all mistakes. The sin is a spiritual leprosa and you all have to liberate from certain grafts, handed down to you by your ancestors. When you see a bad act, learn a lesson and promise yourself: "I will not act like him."


Let's say that you have to pay back large sums to a hundred of people; pay them back the debts and the interests. We can fix some things in this way. Man takes offence at nothing! When you are offended by someone, correct your mistake and after that you will tell him: 'You offended me and I corrected my mistake." When somebody insults you, instead of feeling hurt, think if what he has said is right in order you to be able to correct yourself. You are told this in order to think and turn attention. When you correct yourselves, you pay off your mistakes or the mistakes of the others.


One brother asked: "How will I guess whose mistakes I pay off?"


When you are in a hurry, you pay off your mistakes, and if you are not in a hurry, you pay off somebody else's mistakes.


One sister asked: "How will I guess if somebody, who has insulted me, hints or not at some of my mistakes, and if I am really guilty or not?"


When somebody insults you, if you do not lose your peace, your harmonic state and if you are completely calm, this shows that you are not guilty for what he is insulting you. If you blow up and lose your peace, this shows that this insult really concerns some of your mistakes.


You cannot liberate from mistakes on Earth. If you have not your own mistakes, you will bear somebody else's mistakes. Man learns from the mistakes of the others. For example, somebody has made a mistake; this is as if he has fallen in a ditch, but somebody else sees him and does not fall in it. It is better man to learn from people's mistakes than doing his own mistakes; in this way those mistakes, which you will make, are decreased - there is no need of doing all mistakes. Clever people learn from the mistakes of the others.


When you want to become an Angel, you already establish a connection to those Higher creatures and they start working on you - you attract their attention and their assistance. Man may become an Angel for one life. The following is needed for this: when he makes a mistake, to correct it immediately. This is the best way for evolution. There is an ordinary and slow way under the leadership of the Master and finally - a way, again under the leadership of the Master, but with a quick and accelerated evolution. The latter is realised when man corrects each of his mistakes immediately.


Be happy that you have hardships, because, in this way, you will correct your mistakes. But you want without hardships; of course, it is possible, but do not make mistakes. And you do a mistake after a mistake and you want it to be without hardships; but it cannot be.


Saintly man is the one, who does not make mistakes and notices the smallest mistake and wants to correct it.


There are lots of habits, of which we have to get rid. Man, who makes mistakes and does not correct them, cannot have God's blessing. You cannot save one from a mistake, if you have it; otherwise, you will develop it in him further. If you do not have it, you can. If you eat meat, you cannot teach people to be vegetarians; the same law concerns charity, justice, etc. - if you do not have them, you cannot teach the others, either. It is a sin when man does not make his mind think properly, his heart feel properly and his will act properly; in that case he contradicts the Genesis. No matter what the thinking is, it will be revealed. Sometimes, there is a creature in man, which hardly gives away - man feels that he cannot give away, cannot change his state. Man has to work always, why should he idle! No matter what, he has to work; if he stops, what he does not want will come. When someone stupid corrects his mistakes, he becomes clever, and if one, who is clever, does not correct them, becomes stupid. One day my watch stopped; I winded it up and it started to work for a while, but it worked slowly and stopped again. I pushed it again; it was working for fifteen minutes and stopped. In the morning I saw a little hair, showing and when I took it out and winded up the watch, it began to work well. I say: when a hair is entangled in our springs and the mechanism is not working then - sometimes it is all about one hair. The hair means one little mistake.


One brother asked: "Which is the best way for correcting mistakes?"


Your all mistakes will be shifted on me, so make fewer mistakes. You cannot fix a man physically, nothing is achieved in this way; he has to turn to God - this is the only means. If you have committed a sin, go to God, nothing more! Everybody shall have belief and manifest the Divine.

If you take bad food, take castor oil. Also, when a bad thought comes to you, penitence is needed.


I will give you a rule for the disciple: if a new melody comes to your mind, write it down right away, because you will not be able to recall it later. The same concerns poetry, philosophical thoughts, etc. Write down everything, which comes to you from inside. When a good thought comes to you, take out your notebook and write it down. When you dream a nice dream, write it down.



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