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One day in October, we set off to El-Shadai at 4.30. We were about a hundred and fifty people. It had rained during the night and it was cloudy. When we got on Vitosha, the fog surrounded us and it began to snow. The foggy weather isolated us from external impressions and made us become deeply absorbed in ourselves. The dance of the fog, which revealed some peaks and hided them again after that, was interesting. During a conversation with the Master, the disciple's tasks were mentioned.


We have false measures on Earth: for example, somebody is pleasant for us, and another - not and this is one false measure. The first one has made us a favour, and the second one -no. Or, let us consider the question for the mellowed character: the old one says that there is such, but I would like you to have not a mellowed character, but a lively one - to change ten times a day, without losing its good-will. Life is a nice thing. One, who understands good life is clever and carries his keys. When he goes to play a piano, he will tune it, and the one who does not understand, sits down in front of the piano, he cannot fix it and says that it is not tuned. Hardship is in ignorance. If you give something to a master, he will do it for ten or fifteen minutes; knowledge is needed. A cock thought that the tow is a nice thing, it went to dig and entangled in it by itself, not knowing how to extricate itself. The one, who has put the tow, has to come in order to extricate it. Knowledge is needed and the one, who knows, does not get older.


One sister said: "Tell us how not to get older?"


When you are ready. Man is stupid, because he cannot show rationality, and it is not, because he is not judicious. For example, one embryo cannot exist in the desert, because there are no conditions for developing, but if there is humidity, etc., it will.


Do not evoke contradictions with no one, do not tell anyone everything. Do not reveal your heart, because those are children - speak little to them and reveal them only a few letters. You have been to a totally different world and when you have come down, you have to adapt at first. You are an actor, i.e. you are on Earth for a few hours. The entire life is a task, which man shall solve. All ways, in which man shall work and advance, are given in Nature. There are lots of delusions, of which we shall get rid. All weeds and prejudices in man shall be uprooted. Only fallow, black earth shall stay and the Divine will come then. Let's establish this rule: to live in conformity with Nature, it helps then.


When Good and evil meet and evil gets scared, then fear is born and envy appears. Evil is shaking. It is scared that Light will reveal everything. If I have a Divine idea, if I have the new, I do not have to turn attention to what is the attitude of the others towards it. Some people bear old archaic views.


Anger is not channelled energy. It develops in a wrong direction. Anger is always a result from feelings. Malice, lying, disbelieving lead to death, and Belief, Love, Truth lead to Life. Temporary things, which happen in life, shall not change the state of man. Martyrs, who have maintained a certain idea, have been such. Man shall study the whole internal system of the School, which exits from times. For example, an obstacle or danger shall not disturb your Peace and Joy; that is why the disciple shall have deep mystical understanding. The disciple shall contradict the habit. Say that you will not do it for gaining independence and becoming a master. The disciple shall get rid of the old habits. For example, you decide to set off along the Divine path, but you kick somebody like a horse and get a hiding, and decide not to kick any more, but you forget later and kick again. The disciple shall think objectively, impersonally. It is not important what your personal attitude towards the matter is, but how God looks at it. Estimate things not from your point of view, but from God's point of view; when people are in a very thick matter, their power decreases. Today everybody feels something unsteady, but it will pass after a while. I recommend to my disciples to go in for with music, painting, other types of art, studying of a language. And if man has a good elevated life, Love and everything else will come. Some people use eau-de-Cologne, but there is no a better eau-de- Cologne than Love. Odour of myrrh, of misk[1] goes out from man of Love. When Shining creatures come to us, they recognise our sublime thoughts and feelings by the fragrance, which comes out from us. When we think of God and God thinks of us, we become fragrant.


The disciple shall voluntarily limit himself, in order to safe his powers and not spend them.


Let's say that I make my face beautiful like the one of a young woman; then everybody will fell in love with me and will run after me. And what of that? I will not be free. But I will make an ugly form, in order to be free. Somebody, no matter where he goes, will always want the others to do him a favour, but you do your work by yourself, as far as it is possible and do not always want the others to do you a favour. Often, the richest are neither the cleverest, nor the strongest. The rich man has had brains enough to win his wealth, but he has been not clever enough to win God's Kingdom and after eighty years he will lose everything. The rich man is clever for the world. It is good a rich man to lose his wealth, but not to lose his life.


You say: "I will do that and that" and when you say so, you come upon obstacles and conflicts. Say: "I will do that and that; I will go there and there, if it is in accordance with God's Will."


Man has too many desires. Leave at least one not fulfilled and it will be a power in you. For example, you want to have patent leather shoes; no, put on simple shoes. You want to be a very clever man, let something, which you do not know, aside (e.g. astrology), and it to be a great stimulus in you. If the parents of a child love him too much and their entire attention is directed towards him, there are people, who are envy and the child will be often ill. Our all worries are for nothing. Another rule for the disciple: you shall not praise people before them.


One brother said: "As I am very busy with other things, I do not have time for spiritual work."


When man wants to have time for spiritual work, conditions will improve by all means. There is something inside, which will improve the conditions.


When the disciple comes to the gathering, he will leave his entire load outside. When he goes out, if he wants, he can take it back.


A new actress comes to a theatre; the old one withdraws as a spectator to see how the new one plays. If the new one is a better actress, then she is new, if not, then she is an old one. If the old one is happy for the talent of the new one, then she is from the new people and will want to meet the New, which is coming and learn from it.



[1] - Misk - odour from the Spiritual world, which is sensed in specific circumstances

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