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In a private conversation with a brother the Master said:


We shall find good in people, but we also shall become light for them at the same time; and in this light they shall see their mistakes, without we notice them. The Sun does not see our mistakes, but we see our mistakes in its light. This shall be considered as introduction into the Internal School.


The brother asked: "Is it possible a group to be formed, at the gatherings of which Shining creatures may come?"


They shall have mystical spirit, gather in strict privacy, at a holy place, which shall be unapproachable for people of the world and nobody shall know about the group and the place of their meetings. In order a man to be accepted in such a group, first he shall lift his cross by himself, which is one of the important conditions. In this way he already is close to dedication. I will point out a feature of the wise man. When he comes to a hovel, he will ask if he may enter and if they say: "Yes", he will stay, but if they refuse him, he will not send bad thoughts; their decision is their right. The wise man would consider a big crime to impose on them.


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