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Everything is achievable for strong people. Unachievable things become achievable. Consciousness shall be so flexible that man will not say that a matter cannot be settled. For example, somebody says: "This is absolutely impossible for me!" What is impossible for you is possible for somebody else. Say the opposite: "It is impossible for me not to do this job."


We deny the world and we look for it. Hence, there is something in the world, which we have to avoid and another thing, for which we have to look. Even the most sublime creatures go down to the matter, because only in these conditions they are able to develop certain qualities. New way of thinking is needed. The entire present order shall be changed. Now there are karma-inevitable sufferings, which shall be eliminated or at least lightened. There are so many charity organizations, but they help just temporarily and the problem remains unsolved. When you only wish some things, they do not come and help you from the Invisible world, but if you make some efforts, if you start working on this, they come and help you. For example, if you want to make progress in music, when you start working, you will attract help from the Invisible world, but if you are idle, then It goes away.


Somebody is melancholic, in low spirits. I will make an experiment. I will choose about ten persons for the purpose. When the first one meets an unhappy person, he will tell him: "Your face is shining!" The second of you will tell him: "Today is an important day; the last day of your hardships." The third one will say: "You will become an excellent poet." and he will become. The forth of you will say something similar. The fifth one, if he is a violinist, he will play for him and when the ten of you have taken turns to introduce energy, stimulus, he will become cheerful. The man in low spirits will rise. Each encouragement has a deep foundation. All positive methods have a foundation. I will choose ten optimists from you now. The pessimist has closed himself, does not go out. You will visit him then. The first one will bring him pears, the second one - something else. Ten nice fruits will be brought to him and when he eats them, he will feel the presence of those optimists and will fill of vital elixir. Pessimism is a pathological feature. We have to look cheerfully at life. Mosquitoes are temporary, they live by one time and when it becomes cold they disappear. Hence, hardships are temporary.


One man works on dry sandy soil and plants. Somebody passes and tells him to leave that, because nothing will come of it. But he continues; he has persistence; he ploughs, digs, fertilizes, waters, and cleans. After a couple of years there will be a garden with lots of fruits. So when man starts any work, he shall not turn attention to the backbiting and discouragement of the people round him. Let him continue and finally he will have success. Nature works after own very strict laws, sometimes it gives external conditions, and it does not give internal ones, and another time it gives rich internal conditions - powers, talents, and it does not give external in order man to be able to develop through efforts his will and show activity.


If someone cannot sing, let him learn to sing. If someone cannot play, let him learn to play. If someone cannot think, let him learn to think.


Do not start with lots of desires simultaneously. Choose one desire and work on it, after that chose another desire and work further. A father has sons, but the son, who works and studies well, is his favourite son. We shall have the approval of God. While we are looking for the approval of people, we are far away from the truth. Man shall not be ordered from outside, but from inside. He shall be led from inside. If man does so, he will become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. The life on Earth is only a preparation for that nice life, which is coming.


One brother asked: "How will we guess if spirits are good or bad?"


The one, in whom the bad spirits work, will cause a quarrel between two persons and will use very bad names. He has blackness in his aura. When a bad spirits approaches you from inside, your state changes; you begin to feel indisposed, sad, doubt settles in you and so on. When a good spirit approaches you, your soul opens, everything is clear to you. Many things will be clarified to you from inside, light will come.


The same brother asked: "My relatives want me to deal only with our domestic matters and live the spiritual ones."


Tell them: "Leave me fulfil God's law and after that I will also fulfil your law, if I do not fulfil God's law, I will not be able to fulfil your law, either." Try to convince your parents.


One sister asked: "Will all people turn and accept the new ideas?"


Only who is ready will be accepted now, the others will remain for later. The first resurrection is for the ready souls. Some will be taken, and others will be left. This is the end of the age. Now evil is being tied. The state of the matter will change. The matter will become more and more ethereal. The radiation of radioactive energies will increase in the course of future millenia. This is the beginning of the slow dematerialization of the matter. The Writ says: "One, who sends somebody who is sinful to God, covers many of his sins." Today the most important work on Earth is the Path to God to be shown to people. Presently, lots of Advanced creatures come down from above, dressed in white clothes. When time comes for the New epoch, they will be the Sixth race, the new mankind and will take up the new. It is mentioned in the Revelation about that. The Kingdom of bad people is almost over. They have no something, on which to rely. One may work for himself, for people and for God. Let him work for God. That is the true work.


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