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School-girls from the secondary school for girls came to Izgreva. They were accompanied by their teacher from the Railway Boarding School, who asked the Master to tell them something. They sat down on the meadow and the Master began to talk:


Young people are heralds of the Divine. And if they manifest it, their lives will have sense. Develop your gifts, which are in you.


I see that some of you have understanding, others are practical and third ones have other qualities. Man is like a flower. Let him bloom and give away scent. They take care of everybody from Heaven and there is such providence for everybody, which he has never dreamt of. We worry like a baby in the trough, who cries and cries until he gets used to it.


Genial people have worked; they have studied and have not gained without efforts what they have today. When man perseveres, everything in him develops. Man needs a song of humility. The humble man enters where nobody enters and goes out from where nobody goes out.


One student said: "Give us a piece of advice. Tomorrow we will enter life."


In sacred minutes, in the depth of human soul, something clear and sublime begins to talk and the striving for living for Beauty, Truth and Goodness awakens. Remain true to that internal voice, which comes from your true nature.


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