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In a private conversation with a sister the Master said:


Now the disciple may work in a particular way, and namely - to be a model, pattern. The personal example affects deeply and strongly, because the external people are very penetrating and appraise one life-pattern, if it has sense.


When it is worked on a soul, it shall be first understood what it needs. You shall know that the awaking of a soul is the easiest job, because you are only a mediator, and the entire Heaven, which is interested in it, work on its awakening. The disciple is free to use each method of awakening of a consciousness in the way he thinks best, provided that it takes effect, and he himself shall have a consciousness of a disciple. Work mainly on those, who are ready souls, i.e. who are ready for awaking. When you feel an impulse to work on a soul, go then and work on it. It means that this soul is ready and the Heaven sends you.


In turbid water, dregs remains at the bottom, and in jam, the foam comes out at the top, but man shall not think that everything is foam, because under it there is nice jam. Similarly, when man notices in somebody or in an environment an external, superficial, vain life, this is the foam, under which there is valuable jam, i.e. valuable, deep, internal life.


Work on the workers. We shall make our way into the working circles, as well as in the villages.


When I cure somebody, I talk simultaneously to the physical and spiritual men. I give to the physical man an external medicine, for example herb, hot water, sunbathes, etc., but the main thing is what I talk to the spiritual man. For example, I say that it will pass, that he will get better. I increase his belief and the words, which I use then, work up in the spiritual man. They give birth in him to a thought and stimulus and this has an effect on the physical man.


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