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We completed the Paneurhythmy and everybody scattered. Only the Master, a brother and I remained. We sat under the shed. The brother mentioned about a sister, who, these days, was passing through a big internal crisis, lowered spirits. In this connection, the Master said:


Man shall know that the Divine life is a reality, which he can try in his life in the way he tries the warmth and light of the Sun. These talks shall have application, i.e. you to be able to cope with certain hardships through their ideas and try the power of methods, presented there, during an examination. There are some young people, who lower their temperature. Their iron was hotter earlier, but it is gradually, without being noticed by them, getting colder. This is a wrong way.


Man shall be alert, when an internal crisis comes. He shall use his mind. He shall not allow a negative thought in him and replace it by a positive one. He shall use his mind during the time of the crisis and change his state by it. Man shall be hard and strong when he works for God. No matter what happens, he shall rely on God. He shall know that there is a power over him, which is watchful and be thankful no matter what comes. Sometimes, when internal crises of despair, doubt, fear, etc. come - it is awaking of the old life in man. Man has overcome it, but sometimes, old life wants to awake. Hence, man shall be watchful, have belief, pray and permanently perform internal work. Our sister will overcome that state.


One rich Russian woman fell in misery and despair. Things did not go well for her and she decided to commit a suicide. They had decided to send her 500 leva from a charity organization, but the money lost on the way. She realized: "Do not give me anything. I am a big sinner." And she began to confess: "While I was rich, I did that and that to you." She cleaned herself, and a friend of hers recommended her to an American, who called her in Paris. Later her life improved and fifty thousand leva in total were at her disposal. Hence, man's things will not arrange until his soul is not lightened up and an order establishes in him.


Now you will be grateful that you have awakened on time and were not late; this is a profit. Plants give us an example for patience how not to be in a hurry at all. For us, wind is an example for assiduousness and handiness and the Sun is an example for generosity and punctuality. It comes up and goes down on time and always gives away. The air, rivers, they are all examples. When a stone rolls along a slope, it shows that everything, which separates from the big rock, falls into the abyss. Life is such today, because people have separated from the Big Rock. There is big advisability in Nature. The Invisible world chooses a good method and within the conditions, in which we live, there cannot be a better result. A better world will come, but you will not be the same as you are now. "We will change", Apostle Paul says, because the conditions will come in accordance with the changes, which will come in accordance with the changes, which will happen in us. The inheritance, wealth of Earth will remain for the righteous men. One day, good people will inherit it and what is produced by sinful people will remain for the good ones. One, who does not understand things in this way, says that things go well for sinful people. It is not so. Things go well for sinful people in the same way as with fishes in rivers, which swim in one direction, but finally they find themselves in the fishing-net and they cannot go on further. Sinful people also go directly towards the net and they cannot go on further.


The economic situation cannot be improved by no means through the principles, which countries apply nowadays. There is always a contradiction, hidden in the mechanical ways.


You cannot apply the Teaching of the White Brotherhood until you not say: "Let it be." and step back. A disciple of ideas is the one, to whom it is all the same no matter where he is put (first or last place) and he will not feel sorry.


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