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Two sisters and a brother visited the Master in the reception- hall. The communication with the White Brotherhood and with the Advanced creatures in general was mentioned.


In order you to get acquainted with the White Brotherhood, several conditions are required: your Love shall not be ordinary, but Divine; the Divine knowledge shall have affected you, as well as the Divine Truth and the Divine Life, and the Divine freedom. These are the elements, with which you will start.


You communicate with the White Brothers and shall study the spiritual laws. It is not very pleasant for them to appear at the material level, because the environment is very thick, material and as it is not favourable, they shall prepare a long time to appear. You'd better move to the mountain - there are good conditions for them there to be visible. You shall choose not only a clear place, but also a place, where others will not follow you. Nobody shall know and see that they appear before you. The excursions that we make to Rila have a purpose! One who understands, understands. There are better conditions on Rila than on Vitosha for appearance of the Creatures. When we go to the Lakes, I will show you where this aim may be achieved. There are conditions at Rupite, as well as right from Musala, where there are peaks between Musala and Rupite - in Skakavtsite locality; where man seldom may be seen. We may go sometimes.


Man shall always maintain the connection. He shall think. When he does not think, he does not maintain the connection. In order to see the burning blackberry bush, Moses had to go to the desert, which means that he had to go to a clean place. And it was said to him: "Take off your shoes, because this place here is holly." The place, where Moses had that experience, was special - it was very clean. Special conditions are needed for specific things. I said that for getting in touch with the White Brothers, the mountain, for example Rila, is a favourable place. But, with greater efforts, it is possible man to meet the Shining creatures everywhere. However, there are things, which cannot happen everywhere. You keep the small thing; there is a Divine order, which will come. They are much more exacting in the Invisible world than on Earth. Do not think that it is an easy job. There are things, which are very easy, and there are things, which are very hard. There shall be an internal connection between the man and the Angel in order a communication between them to be established. There shall be something, which to form the connection. You shall go along God's Path and things in your life shall happen after God's Will. You cannot study the subjects of another class, but the subjects of the class, to which you belong. You can do that as a by-work, but the most important is what has been given to you to study. First of all, people on Earth shall be clean and saint-like. God will not do what we want, but he will do it to the extent He agrees with what we want and only if it has come out of Him. If a Divine idea has come out of God and gone into me, God will help. Everything, which has come out of God and gone into us, will be; there is nothing, which is able to impede the Divine idea. Man has two natures - lower and Divine. When man goes into the evil, he becomes ugly. For the purposes of contacting the Higher rational creatures, the best way is man to strive for serving God. By serving Him, this is the only way Creatures to come to him and help him. Man shall develop in him certain powers for dealing with thin matter. This is not an easy job.


The brother asked "How could man become a conductor of these powers?"


Through Love and studying; this is a way for contacting the Creatures, which have completed their development on Earth. In order man to achieve communication with the Angels, he shall think of them and their consciousness. Moral of people is personal and their moral is common. People look for their personal profits, and they look for the general good. Think of their ideas, intelligence and cleanness. When you think of them and in general, feel Love towards them, they will manifest before you then.


One sister asked: "Which time is the most favourable for practicing the sacred hour?"


The most favourable hours are from midnight till the sunrise. When you are at the Rila Lakes, do not pray in the tents, but go out to the Prayer Peak after midnight.


When man becomes deeply absorbed in himself and when he works amongst the others, implementing a personal element, he does not gain profit, but if he does it for God, he benefits then. If man remains equally thankful when somebody reviles against him and when somebody praises him, he is closer to understanding the Truth.


The submission of an application for entering the Internal School is an internal process. In order man to draw closer to the Higher creatures, he shall think in the way they think. With regards to the communication with these Creatures, I will tell you that you shall go along the path of Jesus. There is no another path, except the path of Jesus. Man shall turn his mind to God and then his things will arrange. One great understanding, an internal enlightenment, will come. When man comes to love God and sets off to the Angels, they will welcome him. But if he does not come to love God, there is not a reason for welcoming him. When man goes to the Angels, he shall learn their language for ten years, and after that he shall attend their schools in order to understand their culture. When man is on Earth and comes to love God, he will find the Creatures above, who love him.


One condition for contacting the White Brothers is to work in the way they work and work together with them. They work during the creation of the grass, during the movement of the rivers, they participate during the coming of the light, help in life and everywhere, they participate in the lowest jobs. We have lost the internal connection with the plants and that is why life shortened. When you find there healing qualities, you will connect to the White Brothers.


You pray somewhere and want the White Brothers visit you. You want a lot - they to leave their work and the place, where they work, and visit you. No, you will go where they work and there will be conditions for them to appear before you then.


Meditate every day on the Advanced creatures. This makes the communication and connection with them possible. Besides the night hours, the following hours during the day are favourable: between 11 am and 12 am; between 5 pm and 6 pm; between 9 pm and 10 pm; about midnight, as an exception. Notice that a public harmony shall be established, in order the ones from the Invisible world, the Divine world to come to work. When such a community is established, it becomes a centre for their coming. They come then and form internal intimate connections. In general, it shall be said that in this sphere one shall start with Jesus. Study the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and the 19th chapters from the Gospel of John, meditate on them and go into this spirit, until you come to understand things. Now you are closer to the Kingdom of God. You can gain easier now than earlier.


When a woman went to the home of a saint, she had to wait for him there. She swept up, brought water, cleaned. After that he taught to her. And some people go without making any efforts and want to be taught. First of all man shall imagine that the Spiritual world is full of Rational creatures. And as far as we can have their attention, our success depends on that. We shall not imagine things mechanically. Man shall always remember that he lives before lots of witnesses. He shall lively keep the idea that there are minds round him, which are alert. First of all he perceives their thoughts - he has an antenna and he receives their thoughts by it; after that he will make a more intimate connection. In order you to contact the erudite people, what shall you do? You shall study their works. For example you want to acquaint with Goethe or Kant, or Darwin. You shall first acquaint with their works. You will connect with them in this way. One interpretation: Nature is a work of the Rational creatures and study it now, in order you to contact the Rational creatures, which are behind this order of things.


If you want to make yourself familiar with a home, acquaint with the children of the family. And when you come to love them and become friends with them, you can acquaint with the others. Interpretation: if you work on Earth and turn your souls to God, which are the small children, you may contact the Higher creatures. I may give somebody another method for acquainting with an Angel: go and do good to a poor suffering man. The Angels come to Earth to help and when somebody has very big contradictions, when you go to help on your part, you will acquaint with the Angel at the place, where he has come. Big hardships are a place for acquaintance with the Angels.


The appearance of the Higher creatures may gleam in you during a beautiful day, during a beautiful weather, at the appearance of zephyr, at the murmur of a mountain spring, at the fluttering of a song bird. Their lives are so sublime!


The Higher creatures have met you lots of times and some of them have spoken to you. They may stay in one material form for a long time. And when you want to acquaint with them in an internal way, you will become deeply absorbed and wait for years. It may take you a year, ten years, twenty years, thirty years, but they will come and visit you. You do not know on which day this Creature will come. Imagine that a Creature forms in front of you a shining ball and you see it. This is already an acquaintance with one of those Higher creatures. And if the Creature wants to go deeper into your consciousness, it may take a human form.


Apply ten days the exercise, which I have given you for studying of some chapters from John. After finishing it, start another exercise for ten days. Take for meditation and concentration the first verse from the 15th chapter of the Gospel of John: "I am the true vine, you are the branches, and my Father is the vine grower." During these ten days take for studying the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians and choose some verses for meditation.


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