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The Master formed a group of fifth brothers for internal work. They visited Him and He gave him the following exercise:


You will gather only once a week - on Sunday, at midnight, for half an hour in meditation, i.e. four times per month. Let us see what a result you will have. And after the meditation, two persons shall open the Bible at a venture, read a couple of verses. The acquisitions may be big or small, but you will always have acquisitions. Watch what the weather is then - are there clouds, which stars are on the sky, because the sky is an important sign. Your meditation will be on the new. A new thought will always come to you. You will allocate so that there to be at least 1 or 2 meters between you. If the distance is 3 meters, it will be even better, because when people are closer, meditation is not so good. When you finish the four gatherings, you can pose lots of problems then - the most important ones, which have application. You may meditate on that organization, which the saints have. Good people have organization, as well as the Angels. Man shall meditate on what is perfect. You know the ordinary. Meet a person, who thinks of ordinary things. What interesting is there in that? It is another thing when you meet somebody, who thinks of exceptional things.


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