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In a private conversation with a brother, the Master said:


Pray assiduously and wait till you receive directions from inside. The internal enlightenment will come in three ways: physical, astral and mental. Read from the Gospel of John - from chapter 10 to chapter 19 and meditate on these chapters in order to contact the Spirit, to understand things. When you acquaint with Jesus, you will have also a connection with the Advanced creatures. This is the right way for contacting these Creatures.


Sometimes a sister comes to the Brotherhood and presents herself to be a very religious woman, and after she gets married, she forgets. And there are some people, who come here and are honest. These things shall be known, otherwise you will be disappointed every time.


Man shall bear Divine thoughts. He shall be convinced that each thought, sent by him in the world, is Divine and he shall not think about the consequences. Man shall study the Word, and at the same time he shall practice praying and contemplation. This is the path and he shall not worry. He shall have belief till enlightenment and communication with Jesus come. Open your hearts and souls. Light will penetrate there and understanding will come. How shall you read the Gospel of John and other holy books? Start at first with a prayer. Pray not by a letter, but by Spirit. And when you finish with the reading, thank with a prayer again. Begin and end each reading with a prayer. And, while reading, when you come upon a place, which you do not understand, pray again for understanding.


The holy language was mentioned. The Master said:


This language is studied at the Internal School. It is written: "When the Spirit comes, he will teach you." When you go up among the Angels, their language will become easy for understanding by you. For that purpose you shall raise your consciousness. I will give you an exercise: meditate often on the Divine world. Let seven groups of three persons form. These groups shall gather each Monday in the evenings for now. Big groups are not practical.


The brother asked: "Will these groups follow one and the same order?"


Let diversity exist in the activity. After a couple of gatherings of the groups on Monday in the evenings, let them gather once a week between 4 am and 5 am. You will spend the time in prayers, meditation, concentration and contemplation. You will meditate on the following:


Love brings Light and Freedom.


Light brings Freedom and Life.


Freedom brings Light and Love.


When you begin to gather in the mornings, you will change the days - each week you will gather one day ahead: for example, if the first week you have gathered on Monday, the second week you will gather on Tuesday and so on. Turn your attention on what influence each day (Monday, Tuesday and so on) has. This are mystical matters. There is need of mystical matters! You will pray the Divine goods to become available for everyone. By working in this way with Divine meditation and contemplation, you may repel the common evil. When man begins to get up early, it will gradually become a habit and he will get up without an alarm. The Kingdom of God cannot come in an external way, but through a change of the mind. They shall pray in the groups for internal arrangement of the world. There are people, who are religious, but they cannot be mystics. Work may not be assigned to them. David stumbled against that woman - the wife of Uriah. Solomon also stumbled there. This is an animal state. Mysticism is an internal striving. Mysticism will come later. At the beginning man will have an ordinary religious striving, and after that he will come to mysticism. You cannot be really religious without being a mystic. One mystic understands the internal sense of religion.


The brother told the Master: "Recently you have given to me a task to send three times a day a good thought towards somebody and wish Love to awake in him, fulfil the Will of God and serve Him. You gave me this task for ten days and they have passed."


I will give you another task for ten days: send one thought each day to all good people - their Love towards God to increase. It shall be done three times a day. And it may be done three times at night. We shall have polarization between three times in the day-time and three times at night. The getting up at night shall be done with ease. Man shall habituate himself to get up at night. Sometimes, you are about to get up for a prayer at night and you tell yourself: "I am not in good spirits." Man shall learn to find those good spirits, and not to wait for them - he shall turn the lower spirits into good spirits.


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