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Several brothers and sisters were received by the Master. The relationship between the disciples and their Leaders and the Advanced creatures was mentioned.


This relationship exists. If we mean the meeting, you have met your Leaders, but you do not know them. Apostle Paul says: "When man have fed somebody, he may have fed an Angel." Man shall pray for Knowledge, for Wisdom. The meeting has sense, but what will be the profit for a disciple if he is deaf and blind? First of all there has to be a receiver and the Advanced creature shall spoke by it. Let relationship establish first and thoughts be delivered and accepted. And we want to meet them right away. No. First you will accept their thoughts and after that the meeting will take place.


I can indicate an hour for meditation and contemplation, but when I tell it, it shall be used constantly.


I will give you the following exercise: send bright thoughts and feelings for ten days to some of your brothers and sisters. Send the best of your thoughts to a friend of yours in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings - in order a desire to be created in him to serve God. By sending such a good thought to that friend of yours, it, on its part, will fill the space.


One brother asked: "Shall we send to one and the same friends or to various ones?"


To various friends, but to those, with whom you are in harmony. And if they do not accept your thoughts, they will come back to you with an appendage, with interest. And if they accept them, they will again come back with an appendage, with interest, but a bit later; such types of thoughts, after finding favourable soil, come back again. Hence, when man does good, it returns. Good thoughts also return.


Apply the following exercise: take for meditation the verse: "This is eternal life, which they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." You will meditate on it for ten days, three times a day, in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. In connection with that verse, during these ten days, take also the First General Epistle of Peter and after reading it, you will meditate on it and mark the most important verses, which have made you a special impression.


You will follow the path of self-development and of enlightenment till the moment comes, when all from the Internal School, who go separately, gather. Man lives simultaneously his own life and the lives of all the rest in the School, and also - of all creatures in the world.


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