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During a private conversation with a brother, the internal work of the disciple was mentioned.


In order man to learn to concentrate, he shall be nearer people, who concentrate and be friends with them. People benefits from each other.


Do for ten days the following exercise: take Psalm 96 and Psalm 10 and meditate on them, by comparing both psalms. Take chapter 15 and chapter 21 from the Proverbs, meditate on them and compare them. After that, compare the psalms and the proverbs. During the next ten days contemplate on the 3rd verse, chapter 3 from the Gospel of John: ""Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." You will meditate without making efforts. You will keep that bright thought in your minds for ten days and see what thoughts will come to your minds and you will write them down. Those thoughts will stay like seeds - you will sow them and see what will come out.


After these ten days, read for two months the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, by one chapter a day. They are 66 chapters. Take out the most remarkable verses. You may take out one, two or three verses from a chapter. First order them in the way they are ordered in the chapters. After that, order them so that to obtain something like a chapter from them.


One sister said that she feels great need of the Divine science.


The Kingdom of God is taken forcibly. Our consciousness grows without a break and we shall help it by ourselves in that growth.


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