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After the lecture and the gymnastics, we turned back to the hall with the Master. The study of the Bible was mentioned.


You shall study the Bible, the experiences of the prophets. Each prophet has a specific experience. The saints also have specific experiences, and you will also have your own specific experiences. And you shall translate in your own language; translate also my talks in your language. The holy books shall be studied in order man to be in connection. There is one way for studying them. It is hard to understand those prophets, who have lived thousands of years before us, because we are not in their situation.


One brother said: "Master, this morning You said in the lecture that when man reads Holy books, he connects with the Creatures, which have written them, talks with them and receives elucidation by them."


It is written: "I am with you all the days -- till the full end of the age." If it is so, it means that the Spirit of Jesus is always with us and always directs us.


In the Bible, you will study the persons, who had visions - the prophets. Study their characters, what they said and the way they lived. Once, the saints lived in one way, and now - in another. Presently, a saint hides himself, you cannot recognize him, and he is in a physical body, speaks and becomes invisible. Although he knows, he always checks his knowledge - whatever it is said to him, he will go down to check.


Some people want to become saints. They do not know at all what sacredness is. The Divine light shall be perceived and spread around. Halo will be formed round the head. I will assign you to meditate on the First General Epistle of John and on the verse from the Gospel of John: "As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you."


Study and meditate also on the chapter 12 from Isaiah. Study the Bible. This means you to get in touch with those, who have written it and not only in the time they have written it, but also presently, now. The Spirit of God, who has worked through all those people within that long period of time, works also today and explains you the matters in another way, elucidates the same subject better.


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