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Today, after the gymnastics, we went to the hall. The conversation about the Bible was continued.


I shall give you a method for rejuvenation: read the Bible three times for three years and you will rejuvenate with ten years, no one will recognize you - your face will change. But, there is a special way of reading. And if reading cannot introduce in us the Divine energy, what is it for, then?


One brother asked something about Moses.


When Moses descended from Mount Sinai, he understood that he had lost authority. The Jewish played round their idols, round the golden calf. They have forgotten the fast. Then he threw away the commandment tablets, which he had brought from Sinai and broke them. He punished lots of Jewish, but Tablets of Stone were not there and he had to go for new ones.


Sometimes we throw the Tablets of Stone for nothing and go to arrange things. And then neither the things are arranged, nor are the Tablets of Stone available. Moses was not allowed to the Land of Canaan, because he had thrown the Tablets of Stone. He was not allowed for the miracle, which he made when he took out water without glorifying God, either. We also sometimes like


Moses throw the Tablets of Stone and in that case we cannot enter the Land of Canaan. There is no more dangerous thing than that. Do not throw your Tablets of Stone. The prophets spoke in one language, which we literally understand. Read Daniel and Ezekiel. They remind about the events that take place now; especially from the chapter 37 of Ezekiel on.


Isaiah considers the internal side of the culture, and Daniel - the internal changes, which will take place. Isaiah says: "The wolf will live with the lamb." Hence, good and bad people will come to an agreement at last and will live side by side. Good people are the lamb, and bad people - the wolf.


You are in a phase of materialization of famous prophecies. The things, written down by the prophets, are models of the reality. Everything, seen by Daniel, is not written down. Only part of it is written down. What is seen by John is also partly written down. There are things, which are obscure, if they are written down. Isaiah spoke about present times. He spoke with such a belief about the future! The prophet, whom I like most, is Isaiah.


One sister said: "Master, You told that when I read Isaiah, I will feel his presence. I read Isaiah, but I did not feel his presence."


Until you do not become to love Isaiah, he will not open your heart. Read Isaiah with Love and he will visit you then, will introduce you to a new world, will explain you not only what he has written, but will tell you new things, which he has learned from then on.


Study Daniel. The twelve chapters may be analysed. If you can, make an analogy with the present. It is written in Daniel: "For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together."; hence, where decaying culture exists, there will be destroyers, who will destroy it. This concerns the recent years.


One brother asked: "How the 4th chapter of Daniel, where the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, who became an animal and after that again a human being, is interpreted?"


The thing, which happened with Nebuchadnezzar concerns the present times. It has relation to what happens today with the entire mankind. One event from the life of somebody may repeat after that with the entire mankind. You know the example with Ezekiel, who does certain things after an order from above, in order to be shown to him what later will happen with the Jewish people. The pride of Nebuchadnezzar is a symbol of people's pride today. The animal state of his consciousness has manifested because of his pride. And when he understood that God rules everything, he became humble and he regained his human form. Now, the same will happen with the mankind. When man, after falling in an animal state, becomes humble and understands that everything is from God and glorifies God, he will get rid of the animal state of the consciousness then. The whole mankind will pass through that state, through which Nebuchadnezzar has passed. Where it is said that the branches had been cut and only a stump had left, buried in the soil, it means that the Divine life of man will go away from him and he will remain only with a life, connected with the thick matter. This is the present material epoch; hence, it is foretold, too. Where it is said that the divine dew will make him sparkle, it shows that, after all, Divine beams, Divine thoughts and feelings will still come from above in order the Divine life not to completely extinguish in him and to smoulder like a sparkle till time comes for it to flame. And where it is written that his body will be covered with feathers like an eagle, it shows the pride. And the seven seasons, during which this will last, mean seven epochs, within which the mankind will be in that lowered state.


And really, when man goes away from God, the lower, animal features manifest in man and it is said in the following important law, which is pointed out by Paul the Apostle in his Epistle to the Romans, chapter 1, from verse 28 to the end. This law says: when man declines to know God, God draws back and he falls under the influence of the dark lower powers. Big degradation comes then and the lower powers gain the mastery.


Where it is written in Ezekiel and in the Revelation of St. John that fire will be thrown over people from the sky, these are the bombs, which are thrown from the aeroplanes. This is foretold literally by Ezekiel and in the Revelation. WWII is as a result of the present karma of the mankind.


One sister asked about the nine blessings.


They are nine rules, nine methods for work. It is said: "Blessed are they that mourn." Mourn for what? - Blessed are those, who mourn for people not wishing to agree in order the Kingdom of God to come. Each of the twelve apostles had a specific feature, one virtue. They correspond to the twelve zodiacal signs. The Revelation of St. John is for the most erudite people. It is said in the Revelation: "And I heard that the entire creature is humbled"; hence, all become humble in the end.


The Gospel of John is a Gospel of Love. If man meditates on the Gospel of John, he will connect to Love.


I will give you to meditate on the verse: "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." After that choose ten chapters from the Proverbs, by drawing lots, and you shall meditate on those chapters, which you has drawn out.


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