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A few brothers and sisters were received by the Master.


One of the sisters said: "We wish to become more intimate with Nature, with the internal life of Nature."


Study the plants. Form a notion of them. They are like books and you will learn something from them. Study which plants what cure. In many cases, people do not know how to use plants as remedy, but it is time to learn it. You will go to those plants, of which you are fond, because you will be able to learn something then. Choose one of them and see what influence it has. You will learn the language of the plants, by communicating with them. You cannot become suddenly familiar with the smallest details, concerning a plant. Study simultaneously the Gospels. If we continuously use God's Word and live through Jesus, then Love and the One, from whom Love comes out, will begin to build in us home. They will build the New and when they finish, He will manifest before us. This building has begun long ago, from time immemorial. And now it will manifest before us.


The same brothers and sisters, after a while, were received by the Master. One of the sisters said: "Master, you told us to make exercises for establishing a connection with the internal lives of the plants and with the Advanced creatures, which work on them. Tell us more about that."


You will study the plants on site and by insight from inside, you will learn what they heal. The books, in which it is written about their healing features, will be only as a subsidiary means, but you will learn mainly from inside by insight what these or those plants cure.


When you go to the flowers, you will begin to perceive new thoughts by the radio; new things will gleam in your mind. The occult science shall begin with botanic. This is the order. And, at last, man will come and you will be given the first examination for dedication. Why do I tell that flowers shall not be picked, but to have a sacred feeling towards them? - Plants are installations, which we have to keep, because Life depends on that. You may pick one flower, but only if there is a really important reason. You will go to the flower with reverence, because you shall have such a feeling towards what God has created. With that feeling of reverence, you will contact the Creatures, which work on them. Especially on the mountain, there are favourable conditions for internal studying of the plants. Work at the same time on the four Gospels in this order: Luke, John, Matthew and Mark.


You will start with the Gospel of Luke. You will study the


Love of people with Luke, who have aspiration for God and look up. You will read Luke in order to understand Love, which strives for God. If you want the purest aspiration for God, read Luke. If you want the purest Love, read John. You will read John, to understand Love, which comes down from God. You will study the supreme, pure Love with John - God loves through people. You will read Mathew, in order to understand Love, which serves the people down in their sinful state. You will study Mathew to understand Love towards poor people in the world, who suffer. You will read Mark to understand Love, which satisfies the smallest needs of people here on Earth. You will study Mark to understand Love towards the outcasts of fortune.


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