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Today after the performance of the Paneurhythmy a conversation with the Master began at the meadow. Belief was mentioned.


You are tired. You have lost presence of mind, but when a good word is said to you, you are encouraged. This is Belief. Belief raises and changes your state. Belief always gives something, which you cannot obtain in another way. Belief is in this: if you do not understand things, you shall say that you will understand them, and not to discourage and think that nothing will come of you. Somebody says: "What have you gained by now with your belief?" If I believe, everybody will help me, and when I do not believe, nobody will help me. When you do not believe, you are alone, and when you believe, you are together with everybody and there will not be contradiction then. This is mastery.


Belief of man is like a fortification. Imagine that you have a home, built within a locality, where tigers live, but it is surrounded by a thin wire-netting and you are not scared by the tigers, because when they come, they will hit against the net and turn back. But when they find you unprepared, they will attack. One American went to the jungle to study the life of the monkeys. Tigers, a boa and other beasts came, but he let current through a net, put round him as a fence and all animals ran away. Man of Belief is fenced.


When you want to apply a plan and if you are in two minds, the plan will not be successful. While you are in two minds in your life, you are not on the right track. Believe in the impossible. It is true Belief. If you believe in the possible things, it is Knowledge. Belief in the impossible and you will try it. Sometimes you impede yourselves by yourselves, because there is no Belief. All genial people distinguish for being men of Belief - when they apply a principle, they have no hesitation. The talented person may hesitate, but not the genial one.


Why did disbelief appear? It appeared, because the idea of God was used for oppression.


One man came to me in 1933 and I told him: "After a year your things will arrange." And they arranged. Today he came again to me. He is again in hardships. I told him: "Now your belief will be examined. If you have Belief, your things will be arranged, and if you do not have Belief, they will not arrange." When we come to God, no sufferings shall discourage us, no matter what they are. The dark powers will try to discourage us, but we shall withstand. People will come from outside to delude you that God does not love you. Others will say: "Why did you set off on that road?" It is not said that the ones, who set off on the Road, will have all conveniences; the conveniences will come later and they will be destitution at first. For example, when you sow the field, there is nothing in the granary, but you will have what to harvest. Suffering is sowing. And man shall rely on nothing else, but on God!


Somebody goes to England, carries valuable documents and money, but they rob him on his way and he is embarrassed. No, after they rob you, be quiet, calm, as if nothing happened. When despair, doubt, discourage, unhappiness come, apply Belief. Belief is healing for all diseases, because energies from Nature are attracted. Belief leads to the elixir of Life. But when that elixir comes, the lower creatures will step forward to impede you in order you to deflect.


The turning of the world is one very important issue. One judge from Varna related me about his experience: his belief strengthened after his mother died. He had not believed earlier, but he already saw so clearly the spiritual organization of the world; and everything had come in him in a natural way, he could not resist it any more. Because he loved his mother, after her departure, she began to work on him. She raised him spiritually and he already shared her views.


The Master said to one of the brothers:


You shall be on friendly terms with people, who have no critical minds. This will help you, because your mind is critical. One, who has no trust and Belief, cannot achieve anything. It is very hard to be on friendly terms with such a man.


The secret of Life is the following: Belief draws its matter on disbelief. All unbelievers are workers in quarries and crash stones. And when they have piled heaps, they transfer them and people of Belief begin to build.


Paul the Apostle is a philosopher; he said: "Listening depends on belief." This is an absolutely deep philosophy. I will explain it in brief: if you have Belief, you will be able to listen from inside what God speaks to you; your soul will understand what God whispers to it. And God always speaks to man. Put a flower into the cellar, where sunbeams do not penetrate, and it will start withering. Take it out in the sun and it will develop well. When people have Belief, they are in the state of a flower, taken out in the sun, i.e. they start taking in life, prana. And when people are in disbelief, they stop taking in prana.


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