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After the end of the lunch, a conversation began in the small hall. One sister asked: "What is the difference between Belief, Hope and Love?"


Nothing can be realized at a physical level without Hope. Nothing can be realized in the world of mind without Belief. And nothing can be realized in the Divine world without Love. Belief is a result from Love, and Hope - from Belief. Hope is for things, which will happen soon, and the Belief is for things, which will happen in the far future. Somebody is pessimistic, because his Hope and Belief are poorly developed.


Belief, which has no Love behind itself and which has no Wisdom in front of itself, is not Belief. Hope is a base of the physical life; Belief is a base of the spiritual life, and Love - of the Divine life. Love works up in the cerebrum. The Sunny split is the main capital of Hope.


I have to read you a lecture about that, on what people's health depends. When a negative thought obsesses your sub- consciousness and you say to yourself "Nothing will come of it!" The organism is spoiled in this way. An obstacle is put on the way. And if there is an obstacle and you say: "Everything will get better!" and it gets better. It is better you to have bad conditions outside and say: "It will get better!" than to have good external conditions and say: 'Nothing will come of it." When man is good, his body is a good conductor of warmth, and when he is bad, his body is a bad conductor of warmth. Belief, Hope and Love regulate things.


When I meet you again, I want to see that all your splinters have turned into diamonds. We will become beautiful with Hope, strong - with Belief, and we will get the meaning of life with Love. You will become beautiful with Hope, strong - with Belief and you will bring Light through Love. People of the new time shall be beautiful.


I asked a sister of ours, a painter, to paint a traveler, who travels to the spring, and another - standing at the spring, and a third one - drinking from it. The spring is Life. The one, who travels to the spring, is the man of Hope; the one, who stands round the spring, is the man of Belief, and the one, who drinks from the spring of Life, that is the man of Love.


Do not consider that the plan for achievement of any idea is lost. This is a matter of time. The whole eternity is in front of you. You will achieve it, but not exactly today. You can achieve it today, but you do not have so much knowledge.


Why do you say: "We got old"? With that thought, wrinkles appear on the face. In this way, you send less blood and less food to the muscles, cells and nerves and that is why wrinkles appear.


When you say: "Nothing will come of me", you will go out of the Heaven and you will take the place of the dark souls. You are not the person, who says so, but the dark soul discourages you. Finally only the Divine will remain.

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