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Purity was mentioned in a private conversation of a brother with the Master.


Love grows in an environment of absolute pureness. One, who is not clean, cannot love. One, who wants to be loved, shall be clean. You can stand somebody, who is not clean, but he cannot be loved.


When an Angel becomes shady, it leaves Heaven. When we come to Love, we shall liberate our language from all irregular phrases. Water shall gush. If you put the water in a bottle, it has already changed and is not the same as in the spring. Imagine that you are at the first spring, where the water is clean. Here, on Earth, each spring has decaying substances in it and the water is not so clean. One thought, passing through the mind is already spotted, because there are unclean substances accumulated in it. It is not clean in your hearts, either. When Love comes out of you, I see a stream of redness. I see that love is dirty. The degree of Love depends on the degree of Purity. Hence, in order God to become to love you, take off your spotted clothes, wash yourself, put on clean clothes and you will be loved. Purity and modesty in everything are qualities, which will make us more perceptive of the Universal love! When you are not clean, God does not listen to you. When He does not listen to you, it means that it is time for you to clean the sewerage. One day we will see how ignorant we have been - blessing was with us, and we were beating our brains. Fire, Light and broad space is needed for purification. Love is a law of purification. Brothers and sisters shall purify themselves. I do not want to deal with this, because I will get dirty. Let them go and wash themselves; this is a philosophy. There has to be an internal Purity. Do not think that I bear it. I bear, but I feel big disgust towards impurity; do not think that Purity is given without efforts. Man will work. He will pass through thousands of hardships until he becomes clean. Somebody says: "It is not possible." It is possible, but it is a quality, which shall be gained. Purity is an external quality, and Perfection - internal. It is said: "Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." It is also said: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God."


When we pass through hell, we shall remain clean! Compared to the other people, you are saints, and compared to the saints, you are ordinary people. Strive for Purity. Man shall never have self- interested thoughts and desires. Everybody is under somebody else's influence. Everybody wants to conquer somebody, muddle him; and after that he has a loving and misleading look. These are false matters, they do not pass. Somebody says "I love you very much!" It is not worth a bean. Many times they make a mistake unconsciously and when they make it, it is not until then that they realize it. And I, fifteen days before the mistake, realize that I will make it and I take all needed precautions.


In the depth of each soul, God is hidden and be careful, when you get nearer to somebody, to serve God. It is God, who suffers in man. The Divine Spirit is the one, who prays and suffers in man. Man sins, and the Divine Spirit in him suffers and prays.


Strive for Purity, because when you have Purity, you will see God, and when you see God, you will gain everything. Belief cannot be without Purity. All people shall be clean. Belief put in Purity is already a Reality.


What does clean thought mean? - Somebody has insulted you and you want to reconcile with him; you reconcile and think that you have forgiven him, but after a while agitation will come again from inside. After that you want to forgive him again and so on. Hence, your thought is not clean. And when the clean thought comes, you forgive him and you become calm, nothing irritates you. Thoughts of man are not clean as long as he feels irritation.


What is mysticism? Mysticism is the strife of the human soul to Purity.


Sometimes you say: "I am indisposed"; you are impure then. Sometimes the indisposition may be because of the feet. Wash them. Sometimes the indisposition is because of the ears. There may be wax in them; wash them then and you will feel better. That is why the disciples from all occult schools clean themselves. The saint cleans by himself, from inside. Every day you shall take a bath. Does a worker have time for taking a bath? But he shall do this at least once a week. Part of the water is taken in through the pores of the skin. That is why man shall often wash his face and then water penetrates into the pores and part of the magnetism doubles. Water shall be warm in order this to happen.


Some people is dirty outside, and they are clean inside. Others are clean both inside and outside. This is right, because it shall be known that there is a relation between the physical and spiritual Purity. Man shall be clean not only at a spiritual level in his thoughts, feelings, desires, strives, but he has to be also clean at a physical level. Both purities go together; one of them cannot be without the other. That is why the disciple shall also keep his body extremely clean. That is why frequent baths are recommended. The body shall be clean, in order to be able to perceive the higher energies, and, on the other hand, in order to be established conditions for the Advanced creatures to come, visit man and help him.


In order man to have achievements, he shall have Purity. What is Purity all about? - When you have Love towards God, you are clean. With Purity man contacts the Spiritual world. Purity is a condition for that. People have come to Earth to serve God and there cannot be internal life without Purity. There cannot be internal connection without Purity. We cannot be in contact with the stars and the Advanced creatures, if we have not Purity. Fish live in clean water, and they cannot live in turbid water. What does 'man to be clean' mean? This means he to be in crystal clear water. May the ocean get dirty when you put a little mud in it? Man cannot lose his Purity, when he also looks like an ocean with his Love and his Purity. When man sees that somebody has big knowledge, his heart does not sink within him with Purity. On the contrary, he is happy that the other is talented and at the same time, he is thankful for what he has. But this, of course, does not mean that he will not strive for an upper state. Also, when he sees that somebody has a big house, he is happy for that and he does not feel sorry for not having such a house.


Some people have the desire to understand everything at once, and this is impossible. Long education and preparation is needed in the occult science. Cleaning of the human brain is required at first. It is said: "Be clean and holy!" and a clean atmosphere shall be established, in which the influences shall be good. The Black lodge want to spoil the brain organs with admixture of bad thoughts and Divine thoughts cannot be received from the Divine world then. People from the world cannot receive the Divine thoughts, because their minds are always occupied by ordinary things. Something impressive cannot be played on a simple instrument.


When a man walks and the shadow of a woman falls over him, he commits a big crime. When a man walks, he shall always watch for the shadow of a woman to be aside and not to fall over him. Purity is needed. A disciple saw that a woman was passing by his left side and he kept away from her for not being shaded by her, but he did not see that another woman walked on his right side and he failed. I tell you this in order you to understand: man shall clean himself, be like a child. His consciousness shall get rid of everything, which is unclean. One, who is clean, cannot be influenced by a shady life, because the vibrations of the clear one are strong. As long as man keeps his Purity, he is safe. We prepare for the Christening with Purity. If man is clean, the Spirit comes and Christening takes place. Those, who live one pure life, dress in magnetic power and they gain knowledge from inside then. Those, who are given knowledge only from outside, do not live a completely pure life. And those, who do not understand anything, are sinful souls.


Clean heart is needed. Clean your heart! The clean souls will remain in the Divine teaching. They will organize and it will be given to them. They will prosper. There will be screening in order the righteous good souls to be organized. If you are not clean, if you are sinful, you cannot go into the Kingdom of God in any way. Nor God will deal with your sins. He says: "You shall clean yourself!" Sin is committed easily, but it is hardly cleaned. A man shall get rid of pettiness and hypocrisy. Honesty shall be seen on the face of the disciple. When one looks at his face, nobleness and purity shall be seen on it.


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