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One brother was received by the Master. Suffering was mentioned.


In order people to be cultivated, big sufferings will come now and their consciousness will be aroused through them. One state will come then, in which people will become capable of going into the state of other creatures. For example, they will take note of the suffering of the flower. If one has alert consciousness and if he steps on a flower, he will tell himself: "This flower suffers, let me help it!" You will come to profundity, when you find yourself in hardships. Profundity is in hardships. Christians were joyful in big sufferings and hardships. Power is in the joy despite of the hardships. Man shall shake himself a lot. Big cataclysm shall come in order he to repent that he does not act rationally. Then he says that he does not make good and understands his sins. Now we take the essential things for important; they are one condition, but the internal state is important. If you break your leg and this serves for your awaking - not to live in darkness, where is evil then? Hence, everything, which happens to man and looks like misfortune, shall be assessed having in mind its contribution to the growth, expansion and awaking of the consciousness. What life would be without suffering? There would be only eggs, which are not hatched. Man shall pass through suffering, in order the ice cover of his heart to break, and joys are useful, in order conditions to be established for working. Hardships awake man from the deep sleep, because without them he is like wheat in granary - he will stand still, but what will the profit from that be? Heaven sends him sufferings for the Love of him, because there is profit in them. The flood rain has come. The water has swept away the man, and he sleeps and will drown in the whirlpool; if he does not awake. If he awakes and begins to shout, they will rush to save him. Water is a symbol and in this case it is the wave of the active social life, which will sweep away man and drown him spiritually. All contradictions, through which man passes, everything that happens in him is a school, which shall be finished. A mother wakes up her child in the morning and tells him tenderly: "Get up, my pet!" The child promises, but he falls asleep again. Finally the mother takes the quilt and puts it aside and the child can't help it, but gets up. Shaking is needed. When a big trouble comes to man, he awakes. If you have fallen asleep under the quilt, you will be shaken to get up. God has allowed all hardships in order you to wake up. When the Divine consciousness of man awakes, he is free. Until then he lives in a world of restriction. Man shall have internal Divine work in suffering, in order it to be useful. Only one in a thousand of all sufferings of the people are true. The others are fictive.


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