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Several brothers and sisters were received by the Master in his sitting-room. One sister said: "This morning You mentioned in Your lecture the reasons and the purpose of hardships. This evoked lots of new thoughts in us."


If you feel a pain, it will make you cure the wound. Hardships are blessings. Not the permanent ones, but temporary hardships are blessings. When they come, one, who has started badly, will finish well. In other words, the law is: one, who has ploughed the field, will harvest, and one, who has not ploughed, will not harvest. Somebody massages the legs of one, who is ill and cannot walk. The ill man feels pain from the massages and shouts: "Is that your love?". After a while, however, he can walk again. When the suffering comes, this means healing.


You have a big trouble in your life and it is very hard to believe that everything will turn into good. In that case, it is important to believe, to overcome the conditions; this is for strong souls. Everybody has obstacles, depending on the degree of his power. Some people have quite small obstacles, others - bigger. The more you rise, the more you suffer. The Great souls use the hardships. Everyone, who suffers, has gained something without knowing it. But you want to be happy at once. This is impossible. Sufferings prolong life. If you do not have sufferings, you will borrow sufferings. Life on Earth is not possible without sufferings for the time being; the Divine blessings come in this way. Sufferings are the roots of Life and if they are not fertilized, the Divine blessings cannot come. Suffering comes when a higher life connects to a lower one.


I carry a watermelon on my shoulder - it is a hardship, I put the watermelon down to cut it - it is joy. The damp weather is excellent for the gardeners, and it is the opposite for the tile- makers. When you suffer, you shall have the idea that somebody else is happy and be joyful for this happiness. You think that when you suffer, the whole world suffers, too and that everything is lost. And when you are joyful, you think that the whole world is joyful. Both are wrong.


One gardener met one poor man and threw a walnut at him. The poor man took offence and threw it back at him. The gardener threw the walnut to another poor man and he did the same. The tenth poor man broke the walnut and ate its content. Suffering is the shell. Wealth is hidden in suffering. When you break the shell, you will find the content. This is not an easy job. This is mastery.


Somebody was ill and after the illness he could not speak. He offered his services as a servant to a master. His master sent him for firewood. The forest-guard met him and asked him what exactly he was looking for, but the man was silent and he began to beat him with his stick and the man recovered his speech then: "Do not beat me!" So, in this case, that suffering had come as means for liberating from the illness. Hence, often, there are some artificial connections under the law of suggestion. Suffering tears these connections. It is a path from evil to Good. Suffering is studying. Sufferings are an open road for the big Divine blessings, which cannot be given to us in another way. When evil comes to you, if you believe, you will see that God will make evil work for good.


One brother was sentenced by the court to pay a considerable penalty - a pot of money. I said: "All is for good! This is how he will learn what he cannot learn in another way. He will have experience, which cannot be gained in another way. And this is the important thing. I see that this is the end of a karma, which is being liquidated. The invisible world will turn all that to good. His status will improve!" All hardships, through which you pass, are for Good. And if you realize that they are for good, they will be for good and in this will you will benefit. And if you do not realize that they are for good, you will not benefit. If you suffer, this is one condition for your happiness. And if you are joyful, you have a doubled acquisition. But if you are always happy, you will be unhappy and you will lose a lot. That is why it is not allowed you to be always happy on Earth yet. In order you to be able to bend a tree, it has to be put in water and heated a little. Hardships are a blessing for the one, who understands them. For example, you suffer when you carry four loafs of bread on your back. They are heavy, but when you bring them to people, suffering turns into joy. You make a favour to the others, not to yourself, and at the same time, you help yourself.


Heaven and hell are two contrasts. Joy is in Heaven, and sorrow - in hell. The inhabitants of the Heaven want to raise those, who are in hell, and the latter want to take down the others. We cannot deny that there are useless hardships. For example, you eat hardly digestible food, or you eat mushrooms- hydnums in the evenings. It is useless. You will hardly fall asleep.


When suffering comes, know that it will bring you the Divine blessing, because if it does not come, another misfortune will happen. A man complained to me: "I sprained my leg."; I told him: "It is good. You have decided to kill somebody, but be thankful, because now would not do this." He confessed: "Yes, that is so. Where do you know that from?" Sometimes suffering prevents from bigger troubles. Somebody intended to kill himself, but somebody else hit him with an egg on the forehead. It poured over his clothes and he said to himself: "That man totally spoiled my clothes!" He went to clean himself and his desire to kill himself disappeared. Hence, when man is in low spirits, a hardship occurs, which corresponds to the state, in which he is.


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