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After the performance of the Paneurhythmy we gathered round the Master and He told us:


Hardships develop talents. All talents, which we have, have come when we were hard pressed. Some birds have hidden feathers in their tails and when an enemy comes near, they outspread their tails to frighten it and in the meantime they run away. They have developed this ability when they were hard pressed.


Lots of people look for the Kingdom of God. We will go out of the kingdom of efforts and enter the Kingdom of God. Fish have entered their kingdom of God - the air, when they went out their kingdom of efforts. Suffering stirs up to activity. There is something in man, which, if not stirred up, will decay. Sufferings are for airing. For example, you want to study, to deal with a problem, but a hardship comes and you say that you cannot study. And what you feel through that suffering is more important and better than what you have began to study. Suffering is a spiritual matter. It is one great thing in Life for the time being and evokes big stirring up of the powers in human organism, while they are balancing. Man shall look at things joyfully and optimistically. You have become inert. Your powers are stagnate and when suffering catches you, you begin to think, to talk, and when you see somebody, you smile a bit, become kind.


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